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Screenwriter’s Monthly: Spotlight on Black Writers What is a Beat Sheet? Screenwriter’s Monthly: Adventures In The Multiverse The Best Mobile Screenwriting Apps You Should Try How To Build Your Writing Community Through Screenwriting Labs How to Craft Your New Year’s Writing Plan (and Stick to It) 6 Things You Should Do After Placing in a Screenwriting Competition 5 Tips for Getting Your Script from First Draft to Done 3 Feature Screenplays to Read in Order to Up Your Writing Game Inclusive Writing: How to Craft Your Script About Marginalized Groups Why ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ is a Sequel That Slaps 8 of the Best Films to Watch on the 4th of July Movies and TV Shows to Watch this Memorial Day Weekend  5 API Filmmakers Changing Hollywood 7 of the Best Books About Screenwriting  7 of the Funniest Female TV Screenwriters Working Today 5 Things That Will Break Your Writer’s Block Right Now 4 Ways Screenwriters Can Conquer the Dreaded Blank Page The Characters We Love to Hate: How to Make Your Villain Shine 10 Ways to Create One-of-a-Kind Script Ideas How to Set & Keep Screenwriting Goals Why Are Christmas Movies So Popular?  How to Turn Your Life Story into a Compelling Feature Film What Feature Writers Can Learn from Hallmark Movies Why Films About War Continue To Be So Popular 3 Well-Written Female Characters You Can Learn From What Are Agents and Managers Looking for in Your Writing Portfolio? 5 Script Reader Pet Peeves (And How to Avoid Them) What the American Labor Movement Means for Screenwriters What TV Writers Can Learn About Comedy From ‘Parks and Rec’ Scribe Alan Yang 4 Screenwriting Podcasts You Need to Check Out Now Why You Should Be Writing Spec Scripts of Existing TV Shows 5 Things Screenwriters Need to Know About MFA Programs 4 Things ‘Minari’ Writer/Director Lee Isaac Chung Can Teach You About Screenwriting What I Learned From My Seed&Spark Crowdfunding Mentorship Navigating Your Career: Tips from 8 AAPI Screenwriters 5 Things Mindy Kaling Can Teach You About Writing Comedy 5 Best Colleges for Screenwriters 5 Things the Pandemic Taught Me About Writing During Adversity How to Avoid (or Cure) Screenwriter Burnout 5 Empowering Screenwriting Tips from Charlie Swinbourne  How to Give Your Characters a Distinct Voice in Screenwriting How to Analyze Your Own Script Why On-Screen Representation is So Essential for the Trans and Gender Nonconforming Community Literary Agent vs. Manager: Which is Best for Your Screenwriting Career? Top 10 Screenplays About Love  The Best Online Screenwriting Tools: Software, Notes, and Apps for Screenwriters 5 Ways to Make Your First Draft Better 5 Screenwriting Tips from Gina Prince-Bythewood How to Format Dialogue in Another Language Screenwriting Tips: Inciting Incident and Climax Writing Advice from ‘Tarzan’ Screenwriter Bob Tzudiker How to Become a Screenwriter: 5 Tips from ‘Insecure’ Producer Amy Aniobi HOW TO WRITE (AWESOME) FIGHT SCENES Screenwriter Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Every Budget How to Use Your Personal Experience to Write a Screenplay 5 Lessons Screenwriters Can Learn from NaNoWriMo How One Feature Script Can Change Your Life: Liz Hannah Women Who Write Action: 6 Top Female Screenwriters Jordan Peele’s Advice for Writing a Thriller The 5 Best In-Depth Screenwriting Infographics 4 Essential Elements for Your Screenplay’s Logline 10 Most Desirable Things Script Readers Want in a Spec Script 5 Pieces of Screenwriting Advice from Marvel Screenwriter Zak Penn The Two Most Important Elements in a TV Show How to Capture a Script Reader’s Attention with Minimal Dialogue The Best and Worst Ways to Make a First Impression with Your Script 6 Tricks Screenwriters Can Use to Make the Most of Their Limited Page Space How Analyzing Comics Can Improve Your Script Roll for Story Building – How D&D Can Improve Your Screenwriting Screenplays that Readers Love 7 Tips That Will Make You a Better Script Reader How to Give Better Screenplay Notes Submitting Your Screenplay for Coverage Checklist Breaking Down Our Screenplay Coverage Services 5 Kinds of Storytelling Structure for Screenwriters An Excellent Script Coverage Example 5 Reasons to Join a Writing Workshop 7 Pioneering Women Who Shaped Screenwriting History 4 Steps to Starting Your Screenplay 5 Ways Script Coverage Can Improve Your Screenplay Simplifying the Hero’s Journey These 5 Ingredients Make Up the Perfect Holiday Movie Recipe How Foreign Films Help Screenwriters with Originality Genre Taste Test – How Other Genres Can Improve Your Writing Why Socializing is Important For Screenwriters 4 Major Benefits of Personal Writing Projects Why Every Screenwriter Should Have a Notebook Celebrating #WritersWithDayJobs! How to Unlock Your Story Online Worldbuilding Tools for Screenwriters Film vs. Video Games From a Screenwriter’s Perspective How to Embrace Themes to Improve Your Screenplay How to Make Historical Fiction Visceral Interview with WeScreenplay Co-Founder Mark Stasenko 4 Ways to Set Up a Twist Like JANE THE VIRGIN’s Shocker Should I Get Script Coverage? – Helpful Tips for Screenwriters By the Numbers: Day Four at the ScreenCraft Writers Summit in Atlanta Fighting Anxiety on Your First Pitch: Day Three at the ScreenCraft Writers Summit in Atlanta 4 Lessons from Day Two at the ScreenCraft Writers Summit in Atlanta Day One at the ScreenCraft Writers Summit in Atlanta Social Media and Networking for Writers 2017 WeScreenplay Drama TV Pilot Winner J.J. Bailey Signs with Heroes and Villains Building Characters with Lajos Egri 6 Easy Steps to Using Proppian Analysis for Your Screenplay Expanding Horizons: How Experiences Shape Your Writing Hone Your Screenplay Skills by Reading Books Borrowing vs. Stealing: Giraffes and Dinosaurs are Not the Same How Your Script can Benefit from Video Games How to Begin: 5 Ways to Start the Story of Your Screenplay New Year, New Music 6 Ways to Head into 2018 with a Writing Plan that Works 6 Ways Playwriting Can Improve Your Screenwriting

Top Coverage Articles

Script Coverage Ratings Explained Understanding the Different Types of Script Coverage Ask a Script Reader: What Does a Good Story Concept Look Like? Ask a Reader: What’s One Note Readers Give the Most During Script Coverage? 3 Things You Should Think About When You Get Notes, Feedback, & Script Coverage New from WeScreenplay — Script Coverage by Format! Ultimate Guide to Script Coverage: Price, Coverage Types, and How to Use Feedback & Notes How to Handle Script Feedback: 3 Ways to Use Notes in Your Rewrite How Coverage Can be a Screenwriter’s Best Friend The Marketing Blueprint An Update to Our Feedback Options How to Hook Your Audience from Page One 10 Things I Learned From Doing 1,000 Script Coverages Biggest Red Flags for Script Readers Screenplay Elements that Script Readers Can’t Get Enough Of How to Write Script Coverage – Helpful Tips for Readers What is Script Coverage?

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28 Movies You Should Watch During Black History Month 6 Major Takeaways from the 2022 Spring WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Lab 11 Inspirational Quotes From LGBTQIA+ Screenwriters 4 Lessons Sian Heder’s CODA Teaches Us About Great Storytelling 3 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From Shaka King’s ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ Top 10 Films About Queer Love How to Diversity Test Your Screenplay 6 Movies by Indigenous Filmmakers You Should Watch Right Now 6 Things ‘The Farewell’ Script Can Teach You About Screenwriting How to Bring Diversity and Representation to Your Script Fall 2021 Diverse Voices Winners Not a Monolith: The Emerging Diversity of Latinx Experiences in Film Showrunner Moisés Zamora on How He Staffs a TV Writers’ Room How Screenwriting Competitions are Making Hollywood More Diverse “Run Towards Your Fear” & Other Advice for Screenwriters Everything You Need to Know about Literary Agents What Writers Can Learn from #MeToo, BLM, and a Global Pandemic How Diverse Latinx Inclusion Benefits Everyone in Hollywood Timeless Advice from 8 of the Oldest Screenwriters Still Alive 11 Essential Diverse Voices to Stream 5 Ways to Stay True to Your Writing-Self from Showrunner Tanya Saracho 5 Screenwriting Lessons from Guillermo del Toro & THE SHAPE OF WATER Top 10 Groundbreaking Queer Films

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Inspiring Takeaways from the 2022 WeScreenplay Feature Screenwriting Lab 3 Sundance Films That Started Out as Shorts 4 Things to Consider Before Turning Your Short Film into a Feature or TV Pilot 3 Things That Will Help You Get That Feature Script Completed 2021 WeScreenplay College Student Competition Semifinalists 3 Things the ‘Sound of Metal’ Screenplay Does to Bring Us into Ruben’s World 6 Best Movies About College 3 Films About Veterans Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice 6 Things You Can Learn from Oscar-Nominated Filmmaker Chloé Zhao 5 Things Oscar Winner Emerald Fennell Can Teach You About Screenwriting 5 Empowering Lessons from “Writers In Their Prime: Navigating a Screenwriting Career At Any Age”  6 Lessons from Action Screenwriter Jane Goldman

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What is a Script Outline and Should You Use One? The 10 Best Sitcoms of All Time (And Why They’re So Important) How To Get a Job Writing for TV 10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab 5 Writing Lessons From Hit Netflix Show ‘Wednesday’ Amazing Pilot Script Breakdown: ‘The Walking Dead’ This Is How a Writers Room Punches Up Comedy According to ‘New Girl’ Showrunner Top 5 Unconventional Thanksgiving TV Episodes 5 of the Best Halloween TV Episodes Ever Top 5 Dysfunctional Duos on TV Right Now 5 Career Success Strategies from ‘Queen Sugar’ Showrunner Monica Macer Single-Cam vs Multi-Cam: Formatting and Style Differences What Buyers Are Looking for in a Comedy Pilot 6 Helpful Career Tips from ‘Hawkeye’ TV Writer Katie Mathewson 3 Ways to Keep Your Period Drama Script from Feeling Dated The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Fantasy TV Pilot 5 Pieces of Career Advice from Nickelodeon Exec Austin Bedell 4 Festive TV Episodes for the 4th of July 4 LGBTQIA+ TV Shows You Should Check Out this Pride Month 5 Screenwriting Tips from ‘Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai’ Creator Tze Chun Schitt’s and Giggles: 3 Comedy Lessons to Learn From ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Top 5 Screenwriting Tips from black-ish Creator Kenya Barris What Degree Should I Have for Screenwriting? 8 Ways to Get Things Moving In Your TV Pilot 3 TV Comedies That Shifted Their Premise

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Why You Need to Know about Film Finance if You’re Writing a Short Film Script Watch Now: 10 Great Sundance Short Films Should You Write A Short Script? 5 Lessons I’ve Learned About Writing Short Scripts from Watching Shorts at Film Festivals What I Learned About Writing Shorts from Film Festival Rejections 2021 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Winners 2021 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Finalists 5 Steps for Turning Your Short Film into a Feature 2021 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Semifinalists Dissecting The Perfect Short Film 6 Career Tips from Oscar-Nominated Producer Maria Gracia Turgeon 6 Great Short Films You Can Watch Online Right Now What Makes Short Films So Special? An Interview with Oscar Nominated Filmmaker Vincent Lambe Oscar Qualifying Festivals You Should Consider for Your Short Script

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Pride Month: 10 LGBTQIA+ Screenwriters to Watch How Long Should Your Feature Script Be (And Why)? An Academy-Approved Watchlist for Women’s History Month Movies 12 Alternative Christmas Movies to Spice Up Your Holiday Season 15 Great Movies to Watch During National Hispanic Heritage Month 5 Lessons I’ve Learned About Screenwriting from Directing My Own Film 5 Takeaways from the Worst Reviewed Films of All Time 5 Multi-Hyphenate Women Filmmakers Making It Happen What the Oscar Nominees for Best Screenplay Have in Common The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Short Film 6 Screenwriters That Got Their Start in Short Films 10 Pixar Shorts Every Screenwriter Needs to Watch  9 Female-Centric Movies to Watch for International Women’s Day Top 5 Diverse Holiday Screenplays to Download Screenwriting Advice from Lynn Chen: How to Know When Your Script is Ready 6 Screenwriting Lessons from Spike Lee Killer Career Advice from Screenwriter & Director Ava DuVernay How Taika Waititi Writes a Script: 5 Screenwriting Tips How To Write a Contained Screenplay: 8 Great Scripts With One Location Why Screenwriters Should Watch Films for Kids How Musicals Can Help Harmonize Your Script Parenting in Film is on the Rise 4 Reasons Why Urban Fantasy May Not Survive Film Character Choice Is Everything 6 Factors to Rewriting Right Top 7 Screenplays by Diverse Writers 3 Ways Disney Tells a Story Through Song

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Fall 2023 WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Lab Quarterfinalists 2023 WeScreenplay Feature Lab Winners 2023 WeScreenplay Feature Lab Finalists The Ultimate Guide to Screenwriting Labs 2023 WeScreenplay Feature Lab Semifinalists What To Look For in a Screenwriting Lab Spring 2023 Diverse Voices Winners Who Are Screenwriting Labs For? 2023 WeScreenplay Feature Screenwriting Lab Quarterfinalists 2023 WeScreenplay TV Lab Winners Spring 2023 Diverse Voices Finalists Screenwriting Labs vs. Competitions: Is There a Difference? 2023 WeScreenplay TV Lab Finalists Spring 2023 Diverse Voices Semifinalists I Was a Diverse Voices Finalist. Now My Script Signed Under a Shopping Agreement Spring 2023 Diverse Voices Quarterfinalists 2023 WeScreenplay TV Lab Semifinalists What Exactly is a Screenwriting Lab? 2023 WeScreenplay TV Lab Quarterfinalists 2022 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Winners 2022 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Finalists 4 Things to Look for in Screenwriting Competitions Take a Peek Inside the 2022 WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Lab Fall 2022 Diverse Voices Winners 2022 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Semifinalists 2022 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Quarterfinalists Fall 2022 Diverse Voices Finalists An Inside Look at the 2022 WeScreenplay TV Writing Lab Fall 2022 Diverse Voices Semifinalists Fall 2022 Diverse Voices Quarterfinalists 2022 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Winners A Screenwriter’s Guide to Writing Strong Essays for Application Submissions 2022 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Finalists 2022 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Semifinalists Spring 2022 Diverse Voices Winners 2022 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Quarterfinalists Spring 2022 Diverse Voices Finalists 2022 WeScreenplay TV Contest Winners Spring 2022 Diverse Voices Semifinalists 2022 WeScreenplay TV Contest Finalists Spring 2022 Diverse Voices Quarterfinalists 2022 WeScreenplay TV Contest Semifinalists 2021 WeScreenplay College Student Competition Winners 2022 WeScreenplay TV Contest Quarterfinalists 2021 WeScreenplay College Student Competition Finalists ANNOUNCING: Moving Forward, WeScreenplay Competitions Are All Labs! Fall 2021 Diverse Voices Finalists 2021 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Quarterfinalists Fall 2021 Diverse Voices Semifinalists Fall 2021 Diverse Voices Quarterfinalists 2021 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Winners 2021 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Finalists 2021 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Semifinalists 10 Screenwriting Programs for Diverse Writers 2021 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Quarterfinalists Spring 2021 Diverse Voices Winners 2020 WeScreenplay TV Contest Winners Screenwriting is a Long Game: Tips from Screenwriter Camille Tucker How to Set Screenwriting Goals & Stay Motivated in the New Year 2020 WeScreenplay Year in Review Announcing the 2021 WeScreenplay Contest Schedule 2020 WeScreenplay TV Contest Finalists Spring 2021 Diverse Voices Finalists Screenwriting Career Advice from Legendary Producer, Jon Levin 2020 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Winners 2020 WeScreenplay TV Contest Semifinalists Spring 2021 Diverse Voices Semifinalists 2020 WeScreenplay TV Contest Quarterfinalists 2020 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Finalists There’s No Such Thing as Bad Script Feedback 2020 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Semifinalists 4 Screenwriter Career Tips from Powderkeg VP of Development, Kesila Childers 3 Tips for Writing the Perfect Query Letter 5 Ways to Lean into Latinx Inclusivity in Screenwriting 7 Ways to Make Your Dialogue Shine Three Tips for Screenwriters from Zero Gravity Management’s Jermaine Johnson 2020 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Quarterfinalists 6 Diverse Writers, Creators, and Filmmakers to Watch 5 Essential Tips from WeScreenplay’s Industry Panel on Diversity in Hollywood 6 Insights from Issa Rae’s Creative Process Cultural Appropriation and Mindful Screenwriting Wrote a TV pilot? Here are 7 things you can do next. TOP 5 TIPS FROM SHOWRUNNER ERIN CARDILLO Do Your Opening and Final Screenplay Scenes Tell a Complete Story? Spring 2020 Diverse Voices Winners “Diversity” Vs. “Inclusion”: Why the Difference Matters 5 Genius Writing Tips from Phoebe Waller-Bridge 6 Steps to Incorporating Feedback into your Rewrite WHAT CAN A SCREENWRITER DO ABOUT INCLUSION? (ANSWER: A LOT!) Top 6 Reasons to Write A Short Film Spring 2020 Diverse Voices Finalists 10 OPPORTUNITIES FOR BLACK SCREENWRITERS TO BE READ NOW Spring 2020 Diverse Voices Semifinalists The Best Screenplay Competitions with Feedback Included for Free Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay Feature Competition Winners 7 Short Films That Every Screenwriter Should Watch Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Finalists Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Semifinalists Announcing the Fall 2019 Diverse Voices Winners Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Quarterfinalists Announcing the Fall 2019 Diverse Voices Finalists Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay TV Winners Announcing the Fall 2019 Diverse Voices Semifinalists Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay Shorts Winners Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay TV Finalists Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay Shorts Finalists Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay TV Semifinalists Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay TV Quarterfinalists Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay Shorts Semifinalists Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay Shorts Quarterfinalists Announcing the Diverse Voices Fall 2019 Jury Announcing the Diverse Voices Spring 2019 Winners Announcing the Diverse Voices Spring 2019 Finalists Congratulations to the Finalists of the Stowe Fellowships Presented by Diverse Voices Congratulations to the Semifinalists of the Stowe Fellowships Presented by Diverse Voices Announcing the Diverse Voices Spring 2019 Semifinalists Announcing the 2018 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Winners Announcing the 2018 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Finalists Announcing the 2018 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Semifinalists Announcing the 2018 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Quarterfinalists WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Fall 2018 Winners Announcing the Diverse Voices Fall 2018 Finalists Announcing the 2018 WeScreenplay Television Winners Announcing the Diverse Voices Fall 2018 Semifinalists Interview with WeScreenplay TV Pilot Winner Eric Glover Announcing the 2018 WeScreenplay Television Finalists Announcing the 2018 WeScreenplay Television Semifinalist Announcing the 2018 WeScreenplay Television Quarterfinalists 2017 WeScreenplay Feature Winner Erica Tachoir Attaches Producer to Winning Script WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Screenwriting Contest is Now a Lab! 4 Things You MUST Include in Your TV Pilot WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Spring 2018 Winners Fall 2017 WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Grand Prize Winner Amanda Bermudez Signs with Gotham Group 4 Ways to Create a Community in Your Pilot Announcing the Spring 2018 Diverse Voices Finalists Announcing the Diverse Voices Spring 2018 Semifinalists Announcing the 2017 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Winners! 2017 WeScreenplay Diverse Voices TV Pilot Winner Natasha Hall Signs with Industry Entertainment Announcing the 2017 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Finalists Announcing the 2017 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Semifinalists Writing with Perspective: Diverse Storytellers at Sundance 2018 Announcing the Diverse Voices Fall 2017 Winners

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Writing Rituals of the Most Successful Writers in Hollywood 2021 WeScreenplay College Student Competition Quarterfinalists Lessons from the Summit: How To Discover Your “Voice” as a Screenwriter The Market and the Myths: A Data-Driven Dissection of Why Diverse Stories Sell Virtual Event, Real Success: Why You Should Enter the Diverse Voices Lab Advice for Writers from a Literary Manager How to Build Your Screenwriting Network How to Find a Literary Manager: Tips for Writers from Tracy Kopulsky 5 Things Every Literary Manager Wants to Hear Six Things Agents Want on Page One of Your Script 5 Best Written TV Shows that Were Cancelled Announcing Our New Marketing Services! Gender Inequality in Hollywood: The Numbers Don’t Lie We’re Proud to Sponsor the Alliance of Women Directors at the Sundance Film Festival 2018 Announcing the 2017 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Quarterfinalists 5 Ways to Analyze Your Own Script Diverse Voices Fall 2017 Finalists 6 Ways to Conquer the Dreaded Voice Over Holiday Gift Guide: What to Get the Screenwriter in Your Life How to Make the Most Out of Your Treatment The Importance of Reversals Diverse Voices Fall 2017 Semifinalists How Writing Comics Can Improve Your Screenwriting 5 Ways to Turn Ideas into Screenplays 10 Cinematographers to Follow on Instagram WeScreenplay Television Competition Winners 6 Reasons Why Every Writer Should Study Mysteries Character Inconsistencies and How To Fix Them How to Deal with the Stress of Writing and Deadlines Dan Harmon’s 8 Step Algorithm For Telling a Story WeScreenplay Television Competition Finalists No Fear Notes: How to Process Feedback That Which Will Not Be Named: Conquering The Flashback 10-Great Books for Screenwriters Not About Screenwriting Why All Writer’s Should Take Up Acting Screenwriting Wisdom from Rick and Morty How to Name Everything in Your Screenplay – From Titles to Characters WeScreenplay Television Competition Semifinalists How Westworld Cracked Hollywood’s Video Game Adaptation Curse 14 Ways to Jumpstart Your Inspiration Why the World Needs Your Original Screenplay Screenwriting Experiment: Two-Sentence Storytelling How to Use Self-Awareness Correctly in your Script WeScreenplay Television Competition Quarter Finalists Focusing the Mind’s Eye – How to Avoid Camera Directions 7 Ways to Stay Healthy While Writing 10 Ways to Enhance Your Writing Portfolio The Art of the Twitter Story – Featuring Sam Skyes and Chuck Wendig The Best Online Tools for Screenwriters 9 Films to Watch for a Dialogue Bootcamp How the Real World Stifles Creativity – An Uplifting Award-Winning Short Film Why All Writers Should Give Comedy a Try Are Cinematic Universes Worth the Trouble? Diverse Voices Spring 2017 Winners 4 Reasons Video Game Adaptations Fail Q&A Podcast: 10 Screenwriting Lessons from War Machine’s David Michôd The 20 Most Misquoted Movie Lines of All Time The Best Music to Write to (By Genre) Learning From the Masters: Ten Incredible Screenwriting Videos Why a Reader Passed on Your Script: Three Common Mistakes to Avoid Diverse Voices: Joel Edgerton to Direct BOY ERASED Starring Lucas Hedges, Russel Crowe, and Nicole Kidman Short Film Fund Recipient Diverse Voices: What The Book of Henry Means for Star Wars An Exercise For Finding Your Screenwriting Voice Diverse Voices Spring 2017 Finalists 5 Reasons Why Rotten Tomatoes is Great for Screenwriters Quentin Tarantino’s Favorite Films Since the Release of Reservoir Dogs The Encyclopedia of Common Screenwriting Mistakes 5 Essential Screenplays by Akira Kurosawa Diverse Voices: Aziz Ansari On Why He Doesn’t Do Accents Netflix Teams with Ava DuVernay, Rihanna, and Lupita Nyong’o for Caper Flick Inspired by Viral Sensation 5 Questions to Ask Before You Write Your Short Why Contests Matter Even When You Don’t Win The Eleven Best YouTube Channels For Screenwriters The Most Expensive Spec Scripts of All Time WeScreenplay Short Film Fund Finalists Diverse Voices Spring 2017 Semifinalists Screenwriting Wisdom From The Lego Movie’s Chris Miller and Phil Lord Ranking The Best Filmmaker Apologies of All Time Writing the Human Experience across Film, Television, and New Media WeScreenplay 2017 Short Semi Finalists WeScreenplay Grand Prize Winners on the Importance of Structure and Deadlines Orson Scott Card on Novels and Hollywood WeScreenplay Feature Winner on Voice in Writing WeScreenplay Feature Winner on Amazing First Acts WeScreenplay Feature Winner on the Vulnerability of Characters WeScreenplay 2017 Short Quarterfinalists The 2016 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Winners When Orson Scott Card Entered the WeScreenplay Feature Contest WeScreenplay Feature Contest Finalists Diverse Winner on Seeing Things from a Different Perspective Diverse Voices Winner on the Power of Story The WeScreenplay Feature Contest Semi Finalists The Diverse Voices Feature Winner on Full Immersion Writing Diverse Voices Winners on What Drives Them and Affording Whole Foods Diverse Voices Fall 2016 Winners Writing the Wider Human Experience WeScreenplay Feature Contest WISC 2016 Quarter Finalists Diverse Voices Fall 2016 Finalists The Diverse Voices Fall 2016 Semi-Finalists The WeScreenplay TV Competition (WeTV) Winners 5 Great Tips from 5 Great Writers WeTV Semi-Finalists Announced Nail Your Pitch WeTV Quarter-Finalists Announced Web-Series Winner on Small Successes that Turn Big 5 Novels That Will Make You a Better Screenwriter Diverse Voices Feature Winner Talks About the Power of Stories Diverse Voices Short Category Winner on Writing and Perspective Diverse Voices Grand Prize Winner on her Successes and Learnings The Story Behind the Success of Diverse Voices TV Winner Diverse Voices Winners Swiss Army Man Review Diversity in Entertainment What is Script Coverage? Announcing Percentiles, Follow-up Questions, and Updating Drafts The Diverse Voices Finalists A Damn Good Reason to Write a Horror Spec The Diverse Voices Semi-Finalists 5 (free) Tools for Writing Your Next Script Faster Revealing the Meaning Behind Your Scores “Making it” Means Making Magic Interview with WISC 3rd Place Winner Craig Peters Seven Topics of Scene Construction Interview with WISC Grand Prize Winner Jessica DiGiacinto The WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition 2015 Winners