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Announcing Our New Marketing Services!

By February 7, 2018February 12th, 2018No Comments

WeScreenplay is excited to announce the addition of our Marketing Services page, which includes three brand new packages for writers and filmmakers. We understand the challenge of getting your work out there, and marketing your project can often go beyond the story itself – everything from a great pitch to a professional looking script can make a big difference. It’s always a challenge to get positive attention on your project, but WeScreenplay introduced these packages based on customer requests to help you in the best ways we can. We are now offering Treatment/Pitch Coverages, Detailed Proofreading, and a Marketing One Sheet.

To be clear — these packages are intended to be used as a tool for writers to help market their projects. The writer will still have to get their story out there; we’re just one last set of eyes to make sure that what goes out is professional and polished.

Treatment/Pitch Coverage

Most managers and producers would love to read every script that appears in their inbox, but it’s unlikely, if not mathematically impossible. Almost all of them, though, have time to read a brief pitch or well-written treatment, often times on their phone between meetings.

An effective pitch goes beyond simply summarizing what happens in a story. A treatment should encapsulate the emotional journey of the film from the perspective of the audience.

Our Treatment/Pitch Coverage will not only help hammer out the details of the story but help your treatment capture the experience of the audience while reading the script.


It’s happened to every writer at some point in their career. You submit a copy of your script to a contest or send along to a producer only to find a glaring typo or formatting error. While all writers do their best to proofread their own material, there is no comparison to getting a fresh set of eyes on a script to dot those i’s and cross those t’s.

This package is designed for writers with a final draft script that needs the screws tightened just a little more. We recommend against using on your first draft, as you continue to edit more typos may appear. Send it to us right before it goes out to the world.

Marketing One-Sheet

Anyone who has submitted to a film festival pitched to a producer, or dealt with financiers or distributors has likely been asked for a “one-sheet.” A one-sheet is a single page document designed to sell a project and its writer.

Working like a highly-concentrated treatment with some muscle, a one-sheet should describe the project but also convey the tone and voice of the writer. This is the writer’s chance to sell themselves as much as their work. Ultimately, it has to be the voice of the writer, but WeScreenplay’s readers will dissect your script and create a one-sheet that matches the tone and style of the writer’s voice.  We’ll also send you the live text document so you can add this to the top of a pitch or tweak with your own voice and thoughts. The idea is that we provide a great jumping off point and you take it home.

Please feel free to reach out to with any questions or feedback about any of these packages.