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Short Film Fund Recipient

By June 20, 2017No Comments

The inaugural season of WeScreenplay’s Short Film Fund was such a great success. We want to thank all the writers who shared their work with us, and we want to extend a particularly special thanks to all the finalists. Your work was so fantastic and your visions for the projects are all so unique and powerful. It was extremely hard to determine the winner.

After five rounds of judges reads and multiple reads from the WeScreenplay team, we’re excited to announce that BORDERS OF THE IMAGINATION will receive the grant this year! This is an inventive and thematically relevant story about a rampantly xenophobic America, where a rookie guard at an internment camp for “Imaginals” (children’s imaginary friends come-to-life) must navigate the surreal moral terrain of his new job as his brutal gunslinging partner initiates him into its darkest realities.

The funding from the WeScreenplay grant will go to helping with the VFX costs for bringing these Imaginals to life on the screen. The vision of writer Ben Friedman is truly explosive – it’s unlike anything we've read and is sure to be unlike anything we’ve seen.

Join us in giving a huge congratulations for this project! We can’t wait to keep everyone updated as it comes to life. Make sure to follow up on Facebook and Twitter for updates about this project, other contests, and next year's film fund.