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Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay Shorts Finalists

By October 2, 2019No Comments

The WeScreenplay Shorts Competition is dedicated to connecting talented short film writers with Oscar-nominated short film directors and creators for advice on how to create emotionally impactful storytelling in short-form content. These finalists represent the top 4-5% of all entries after multiple reads from multiple readers.

They will be read once more and the top scripts will be read by our Oscar-Nominated and Oscar-Winning Jury:

Serena Armitage
Won Academy Award for her short film STUTTERER, and currently heads her production company Red Breast Productions.

Reed Van Dyk
Academy Award-nominated for his short film DEKALB ELEMENTARY before signing with his reps at Writ Large and CAA.

Vincent Lambe
Academy Award-nominated for his short film DETAINMENT and went on to sign with ICM.

A sincere congratulations to the writers who are advancing.  Please make sure to congratulate these writers on the Facebook announcement and Twitter announcement — they deserve it!

We want to thank every entrant for submitting their work. And if you’d like alerts when this contest re-opens, sign up via Coverfly here.

And now, the 2019 WeScreenplay Shorts Finalists:

A Crown for Queenie written by Tiffany Lin
A F*cking Starbucks on Bleecker Street written by zack r. smith
Ava written by Angelique Wilson
Constellation written by Anne Dagenais
Cream, No Sugar written by Alaina Pinkney
Death Sentence written by Kristen Joy Bjorge
deepwater written by Linda  H.  Codega
Floss written by Alexander Gustaveson
Ghosted written by Leah Wood
Greg the Puddle written by Shaun Radecki
Juana Pelos  written by Maria MEALLA
Kid Midnight written by Mychal Sargent
LIBERTY written by Nikhil Kamkolkar
Lucky  Kitchen written by WEI LIU
Making Up written by Ryan Paige
Mover: Loosely Based on an Alternatively Factual Account of My Life as a Data Trafficker written by Gerry Walker
Other People’s Lives written by Montgomery Burt
Possum written by Lyndal Simpson
Red House written by Holly Sereni
Reel Life written by Jeremy Span
Reset written by Emily McDermott
Say Yes written by Gabe Berry
The Astronaut written by Joey Connolley
The Cricket written by Gabe Berry
The Last Creation written by Brad Cooper
The Light written by Tony Ferrendelli
The Prospector written by Ross Denyer
This Land written by Riley Madincea
Winemaker  written by Miriam Rahimi-Cholensky

We want to thank every entrant for submitting their work. And if you’d like alerts when this contest re-opens, sign up via Coverfly here.

Congrats to all these fantastic writers! All placements have been updated on Coverfly.

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