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Fall 2022 Diverse Voices Winners

By September 1, 2022No Comments

Thank you again to all of the incredible writers who entered the Fall Diverse Voices Competition. We are excited to announce this year’s Winners and Honorable Mentions. A huge congratulations to all of you!

Interested in submitting to our Spring 2023 program? You can view our deadlines and review our new jury lineup here.

The Winners were selected by our industry jury that included:

Gabrielle E. Utsey and David Ruby of HBOMax, literary manager Kristen Jacobson of Good Fear Content, Neo Li of Starlight Media Inc., manager Maya Rodrigo at M88, manager Patrick Strapazon of Stellar Entertainment, Ilayda Yigit of MACRO, and Amanda N’Duka of Yoruba Saxon.

Without further ado, the Fall 2022 Diverse Voices Winners can be found on Coverfly here or below.

Moonrise by Rebekah Mueller
When an ambitious scientist uncovers the barbaric truth behind a promising vampire DNA therapy, she must choose between curing her father’s illness and destroying her employer’s cruel vampire-industrial complex from within.

Ovum by Cidney Hue, Shunori Ramanthan
In a not-so-distant America, a woman is forced to watch her unborn child grow up over and over again before she can get a life saving abortion.

Princes of Maryland by Richard Scott
Following the unexpected death of a state senator, two lovers: a beguiling political heiress and a credulous outsider with no political savvy, battle in the vipers nest of state politics to stake their claim as the leader of Maryland’s next generation of politicians. Can they find their way into office, and into one another’s hearts?

Shentu Across the Ages by Allen Wu
Beginning in ancient China, an immortal warrior-healer rabbit girl outlives her loved ones again and again on her centuries-long quest to recreate the elixir of life.

Sky Trolley by Sam Krauss
Three guys in wheelchairs/walkers navigate dating and sex in San Francisco.

The Invisible Boy by Arun Narayanan
Faith and family ties are tested in small-town Maryland when a pre-teen girl announces that she’s pregnant– and that the father is her imaginary friend.

The Second Sex by Sarah Chang Tadayon
A wide-eyed Iranian Jewish woman experiences a sexual awakening when she moves to Nazi occupied Paris to study under a famous existentialist philosopher. This one-hour historical drama is inspired by the intimate life of Simone De Beauvoir.

We’d also like to spotlight some really strong Honorable Mentions:

Suicide Sam by Nicholas Oceano
School Story by Jit Fong Oon
Aeon by Anil Jacob Kunnel
Suckers by Elena Welles

Congratulations again to all these writers. We are so excited for all the year has to offer.

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