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10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab

By February 16, 2023April 13th, 2023No Comments

10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab_FeaturedWe are in a golden age of television with plenty of great shows to choose from on several streaming platforms. And guess what comes with great television — great TV pilot scripts, many of which are available online to download.

Why is that a big deal? Well, one of the best ways to write a strong pilot for your own series is to read and dissect the plot and structure of other great television shows. But where do you find these scripts and how much is it going to cost?

The Script Lab is a great resource for finding amazing pilot scripts and television episodes, and guess what… it’s 100% free!

Let’s uncover some of the best TV pilot scripts on The Script Lab.

WeScreenplay TV Pilot Screenwriting Lab

Fleabag (2016)

Written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge

10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab_Fleabag

Fleabag (2016)

This half an hour British series put Phoebe Waller-Bridge on the map as both writer and performer. The way she breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience directly as a way for us to get inside her title character’s head was so powerful and effective that it resonated with viewers all over the world.

Read the script to see how it’s done on the page.


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Wednesday (2022)

Written by Alfred Gough & Miles Miller, based on characters created by Charles Addams

10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab_Wednesday

The latest installment of The Addams Family saga is a perfect example of building on existing intellectual property, capitalizing on the beloved characters, and creating a tone. It pays homage to the previous iterations of The Addams Family by painting a modern-day perspective on the classic, original series.

Wednesday’s dialogue has a unique flavor to it, using wordplay and spot-on performances. But before Jenna Ortega could make her version of Wednesday as relevant as ever, that character had to exist on the page.


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I May Destroy You (2020)

Written by Michaela Coel

10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab_I May Destroy YouI May Destroy You (2020)

This show found different ways to talk about consent in sexual relationships, the gray areas of sexual assault, and the ramifications of being on the receiving end of the assault. Within I May Destroy You, they are not afraid to ask difficult questions and paint characters in a not-so-great light.

Essentially, there is no perfect victim and no perfect villain. Everyone lands somewhere in a shade of gray when it comes to sex and relationships here. And that’s what makes this show so compelling. 


Insecure (2014)

Written by Issa Rae & Larry Wilmore

10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab_Insecure

Insecure (2014)

Insecure is an interesting case study since it started as a web series created by Issa Rae called “Awkward Black Girl.” Reading the pilot after catching episodes of the web series is illuminating. It can help a writer figure out how to expand a character or skits into a larger, more developed story.

Both television and web series have their unique voice and style, but the main character remains the same.

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Severance (2022)

Written by Dan Erickson

10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab_Severance

Severance (2022)

The TV show ‘Severance’ poses an intriguing question: what if your professional and personal personas were kept completely separate?

In the series, the company mandates that its employees maintain two distinct identities with no overlap between their work and personal lives. This results in two people coexisting within the same body, a concept that is explored in a unique and fresh way with a hint of science fiction. \


Pose (2016)

Written by Steve Canals

10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab_Pose

Pose (2016)

This in-depth look into the world of 1980’s Ballroom drag shows in New York City. Before Madonna struck a pose, these drag queens and kings perfected the art of Voguing.

Steve Canals created a world full of color and life. And before Michaela Jaé Rodriguez could become the first trans woman to win a Golden Globe for playing this compelling character, Canals had to breathe life into these characters on the page.


Abbott Elementary (2021)

Written by Quinta Brunson

10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab_Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary (2021)

The heartwarming half-hour comedy series centers around the staff of an underfunded elementary school who have good intentions. The show is presented in a mockumentary style that incorporates talking heads and self-awareness of the camera crew.

Observing the techniques used in the interview format could be a valuable learning opportunity for writers.


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Yellowjackets (2021)

Written by Ashley Lyle & Bart Nickerson

10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab_Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets (2021)

The premise of the TV series involves a group of teenage girls who find themselves stranded in the wilderness following a devastating plane crash, adding to the already challenging nature of adolescence. The show utilizes two distinct timelines, established within the pilot’s first few pages, providing a valuable lesson in storytelling structure.

It’s worth noting that there are two versions of the pilot, and comparing the differences between the two can offer valuable insights.


Black Mirror – Ep. 304 – San Junipero (2017)

Written by Charlie Brooker

10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab_Black Mirror

Black Mirror – Ep. 304 – San Junipero (2017)

Despite not being a pilot due to the anthology format of Black Mirror, this particular episode is arguably more impactful than one.

San Junipero has become a fan favorite thanks to its poignant portrayal of a queer love story interlaced with 1980s nostalgia and its thought-provoking exploration of mortality and the concept of eternal life in a virtual world.


Squid Game – Ep 09 (One Lucky Day) (2021)

Written by Hwang Dong-hyuk

10 Best TV Pilot Scripts on The Script Lab_Squid Game

Squid Game – Ep 09 (One Lucky Day) (2021)

While it is not a pilot, the final episode of the first season of this show stands out as another exceptional script. The episode contains several powerful revelations and an intense showdown between rival characters, which makes it a standout in the series.

With each episode more shocking and surprising than the last, the entire first season serves as a masterclass in building suspense and delivering on the promises made to viewers. In this show, there is no easy way out of the challenges presented in the Squid Game.


These TV pilot scripts not only make for great reads but also offer valuable lessons in writing for the screen. By studying these scripts’ structure, character development, and dialogue, aspiring writers can learn to develop their own distinct voices and style.

Each of these stories presents a unique and intriguing world that captures the reader’s imagination, showcasing the medium’s limitless potential. We encourage anyone looking to break into screenwriting to use these scripts as a source of inspiration and motivation for their own writing projects, with the hope of seeing their stories brought to life on the small screen in the future.

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