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How can we help you market your projects?

All packages include a 72-hour turnaround time at no additional charge.

Treatment/Pitch Coverage

Notes on your pitch


  • 2 pages of detailed notes on your treatment, series bible, or pitch document
  • Notes focused on characterization, tone, voice, market, and theme
  • Qualitative scores to compare progress between revisions
  • 72-hour turnaround time
  • Intended for treatments and pitch docs under 20 pages or 12,500 words

Thorough proofread


+ $1/PAGE

  • Thorough scrub of your screenplay for typos, spelling, and grammar errors with annotations noting any unconventional or unprofessional formatting
  • Notes intended to make the script polished and professional for distribution
  • 72-hour turnaround
    note* – All fixes/suggestions are made with annotations, and no edits are made directly in your PDF. Only valid for screenplays that are written in standard screenplay format. Not a rewrite service.

Marketing One-Sheet


  • This service is a simple, one-page synopsis that summarizes the tone, themes, plot, and characters
  • This is more polished, professional, and tonally consistent with your writing than synopses included in coverage — the intent is to help develop your pitch
  • The live document of the synopsis upon request
  • 72-hour turnaround
- Treatment or Pitch coverage will be charged an extra $1 per page over 20 and Marketing One-Pagers will be charged an extra $2 per page over 120 pages.
- Rush coverage (24-hour turnaround time or less) is available for an added fee.
- Please allow an extra 24 hours if you request a specific reader.
- While we always attempt to fulfill our promised turnaround times, and succeed in doing so more than 99% of the time, occasionally heavy traffic, staff holidays, or uncontrollable events prevent the coverage from being returned within the promised turnaround time. Coverage delayed less than 24 hours is not subject to any refund or compensation. Thank you for your understanding.

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