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WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Lab

Diverse Voices Lab

Regular Deadline on March 15th, 2024

Diverse Voices has a proven track record of helping elevate stories that are told from perspectives that are often underrepresented in film and TV today. This includes writers of color, women writers, writers with disabilities, writers over 40, writers in the LGBTQ+ community, and any other voices that have historically been ignored by Hollywood.

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Free written feedback. Included with your submission, you’ll receive actionable feedback from a professional reader to help elevate your work.

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Interactive Labs. Our virtual labs put you and your work front and center, so you can receive the hands-on opportunity to learn and connect with working industry professionals.

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A team that cares. The WeScreenplay writer development team supports lab winners with ongoing mentorship and guidance - all based on your specific goals.

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Past Lab Successes

Desdemona Chiang

Signed with a manager at Tulsea

I LOVED my time with the WeScreenplay Lab-- it was such an honor being amongst such talented writers telling unique and exciting stories. It was a space where I felt that everyone was an advocate for my work. That was hugely important for me, as someone who was essentially doing a mid-life career pivot--to know that I had the goods for this.

Kelechi Urama

Script landed a deal with Party Over Here and CBS Studios

After winning, I got connected to the amazing WeScreenplay team who've worked hard to champion my work. I was also contacted by some production companies and even had interest from a manager! I had absolutely no expectations when I entered, but it turned out to be a great opportunity that's created some incredible relationships.

Mark Sposato

Signed a shopping agreement

The biggest obstacle I encountered early in my screenwriting career was finding a platform to share my ideas. It’s one thing to write in a vacuum, but in our business, the experience of a reader and eventual viewer, is an integral component. WeScreenplay helped The Eremite in two important ways: first I received excellent notes on a previous draft, which I think helped to focus and sharpen my themes. It’s a big story with a lot going on, so further revisions after my WeScreenplay coverage had some much needed streamlining and clarity. I eventually entered the feature contest, and the revised script was a shortlisted finalist. I think this accolade really helped catch the attention of the producers I Iinked up with. It was a way of validating the writing abilities and project viability of an unknown/emerging writer.

Gabe Berry

Hired for a writing assignment

Don’t hesitate to enter. WeScreenplay provides feedback on every single script entry. That in itself is worth the cost of submission. Additionally, if your script places, it can give you a boost in the exposure department. I earned a writing assignment from a complete stranger – a producer/director in Canada.

Aiko Hilkinger

Signed with a literary manager

Things take time and you shouldn’t force anything to happen on your time. It’s important to understand that Hollywood moves at its own pace and trying to fight the current will only burn you out faster. While it’s important to write and be as productive with your time as you possibly can, it’s also important to rest and remember that rest is progress too. WeScreenplay has been an integral part in the process of signing with a manager. While they didn’t directly make the introduction, it was through meeting someone at the TV Pilot Lab that I learned about my manager and felt empowered and brave enough to contact her.

Elise Brown

Staffed on CANDY for UCP/ Hulu

Diverse Voices was an incredible experience, and one that I’m very happy to have had. Sarah Eagen and the staff at WeScreenplay put a lot of (very appreciated) work into creating a lab that would prepare us for the next step in our careers, while encouraging us and doing anything they could to help move us forward. Once you’re part of the WeScreenplay family, it feels like they are truly rooting for your success and do what they can to help you achieve it.

Shyam Popat

Signed with literary agents at Independent Talent Group

Placing in one of the WeScreenplay competitions was a great boost for my confidence and led me to taking the pitching the project to industry figures.

Alex George Pickering & Matthew Breault

Signed with a literary manager

The WeScreenplay Team, connected us with numerous management and production companies. As a result, we had the wonderful privilege of interviewing with several managers. In the end, Mike Diaz of ATN Entertainment left a strong impact on us, with additional support from manager Ben Pitts and ATN CEO Jennifer Aurianne DaRe. Today, we are excited to say that we are now signed with ATN Entertainment!

Eric Anthony Glover

Signed with a manager at Echo Lake

You’re not just entering WeScreenplay for a chance at a lab or representation. Should you place well, the people at WeScreenplay will still be invested in advancing your career well after a given competition’s end. It’s remarkable how kind, generous, and determined they are to help, even years after my initial contact with them.