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Lightning Fast Turnaround.
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Now is the time to polish your personal project, get professional feedback and elevate your screenplay!

All coverage packages include a 72-hour turnaround time at no additional charge.

Get screenplay feedback based on format and script readiness. Our professional script readers are here to help you get from the first draft to the final one, give specific in-line suggestions or even suggest how to position your project for the marketplace. There’s something for screenwriters of all levels and screenplays at all stages of revision. Plus, we’re the fastest, most affordable service around!

Rush coverage (24-hour turnaround time or less) is available for an additional fee during checkout.


Starting at $59.99

You love movies. We love movies. If you’re looking for professional feedback specific to your next feature script, you’ve come to the right place! Our readers have experience working for studios, agencies, and feature film production companies — they’re excited to share their expertise with you!


Starting at $49.99

Writing a pilot is the first step toward creating a great show. Whether it’s an original pilot or a spec of an existing show, make sure your script stands out with our TV script coverage! Our readers have worked for networks, streamers, and agencies — they know television and are here to help.


Starting at $39.99

Short scripts are a fantastic way to get your screenwriting feet wet, try a new genre, hone your craft, and get noticed. Put your best short script foot forward by getting notes from our professional readers who have produced short content and are passionate about short form storytelling.

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