Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers (hopefully).

Do I need to register with the WGA?

Your script is safe with us – all of our readers sign a contract form that serves as an NDA for you. However, in general it is good practice to register your script with the WGA.

Can I send in hard copies of the script?

Sorry… We’re green and quick. Online submissions are faster for you and better for the environment.

Can I get the same reader if I like him/her?

Of course. Choose your analyst during checkout and we’ll ensure they cover it. Reader requests add an additional $15 to the cost of the coverage.

Why is there a higher charge over 120 pages?

120 pages is the industry standard for maximum length of a spec script. If you are over this, you may want to first trim it down anyway. If your story demands more pages, we charge a small fee to compensate your reader for the extra investment in time.

What if I don't like the coverage?

If the coverage is not up to your and our expectations, we may give you a completely new reader and new review. Understand that a review you don’t agree with is not necessarily a bad one, your work may just be interpreted differently by different readers. However, we promise to work with you if you ever feel like a reader didn’t do his/her job to your standards.

Why should I pay for a reader if I can have a fellow writer read it for free?

There are three great reasons:

Our readers all have industry experience. There’s advice you get from writers and there’s advice you get from producers. Ultimately, you need to please the producers.

Our readers are relentless and unbiased. Your friends are hopefully OK, but they’re always going to be a little nicer.

The more eyes and the more perspectives you can get on your script, the better.

Are my script and ideas safe?

100%. Your script is never shared with anyone. Our readers must all sign the same terms and conditions as you. And a record of every reader who evaluates your script is stored permanently. Your security is our priority.

Can I find out who your readers are?

For our readers’ privacy and protection, we don’t release their names or contact information. However, we do share background information about their work experience to give you some context around your coverage. This information is included at the end of each coverage.

What is Script Coverage?

When you submit your script to a producer or agent they have a first line of defense against amateurs. That first line of defense is called a Script Reader. These Script Readers read your script and the provide the producer/agent with a “coverage report”. It is usually a detailed synopsis of the screenplay and some comments, what worked and what didn’t. Finally they brand it with a rating: Pass, Consider, Recommend. Usually any script that doesn’t get a Recommend won’t move up the ladder.

Why is Script Coverage useful?

Agents and Producers are only going to give your script to their readers once. That’s where we come into play. Instead of having the first external look of your script come in the form of a PASS from some agent, send it to us and get a detailed report about what worked and what doesn’t. Our coverage isn’t some skimpy 2 pager, we’ll give you a minimum of 5 pages of comments with our smallest package. Not only will you know if your script is ready, but if it’s not, you’ll have a solid set of advice on how to get it ready.

What rating will my script get?

And why does it matter?


95% of scripts we read will get this rating. It’s not the end of the world, but you’ll need to take some of the advice and amp up your script.


4% of scripts we read will get this rating. This is great news. Usually this means you are basically there, but you have one or two small problems to fix up.


1% of scripts we read will get this rating. You’re ready to go! Start sending this script out.