WeScreenplay is dedicated to helping screenwriters like you advance their careers.

Writers we’ve helped:

Teresa Jusino 

After placing as a Finalist the Spring 2021 Diverse Voices competition, WeScreenplay provided career consulting and got Teresa’s work read at numerous management companies, resulting in her signing with a literary manager at Heroes & Villains Entertainment.

“Honestly I was floored when WeScreenplay reached out to me as a Finalist in the Diverse Voices competition saying that they also work with finalists to get their work seen and help their careers. I didn’t expect that anyone other than those selected for the lab would have gotten that kind of help. Sarah Eagen graciously met with me to offer loads of great career guidance. It’s a real testament to WeScreenplay that they go so out of their way to help all the writers that come into their orbit. I couldn’t be more grateful!”

Kelechi Urama

Kelechi won the WeScreenplay TV Pilot Competition in early 2021, and her winning script landed a deal with Party Over Here and CBS Studios! Congratulations, Kelechi!

After winning, I got connected to the amazing WeScreenplay team who’ve worked hard to champion my work. I was also contacted by some production companies and even had interest from a manager! I had absolutely no expectations when I entered, but it turned out to be a great opportunity that’s created some incredible relationships.

Alex George Pickering & Matthew Breault

After placing as top Finalists in the 2021 WeScreenplay Feature competition, Alex George Pickering & Matthew Breault signed with a literary manager at ATN Entertainment after WeScreenplay introduced them.

“The Head of WeScreenplay, Sarah Eagen, connected us with numerous management and production companies. As a result, we had the wonderful privilege of interviewing with several managers. In the end, Mike Diaz of ATN Entertainment left a strong impact on us, with additional support from manager Ben Pitts and ATN CEO Jennifer Aurianne DaRe. Today, we are excited to say that we are now signed with ATN Entertainment!”

Brittany Suzanne Kelly

After winning the Spring 2021 Diverse Voices competition, Brittany took meetings with literary reps and production companies WeScreenplay set up as part of the Diverse Voices Lab. She signed with literary managers at Thoro Artists, and is in development on two features.

The WeScreenplay team is fantastic, their feedback is thorough and extremely helpful. I’ve done a few labs with other competitions I’ve placed in and the Diverse Voices Lab was by far the most engaging, useful and inspiring I have taken part in. They really believe in the program they have created to uplift diverse and underserved narratives.

Brandon Burkhart

After taking 2nd place in the WeScreenplay TV Pilot competition in early 2021, WeScreenplay set Brandon up with several meetings with literary managers and production companies. He signed with AF Entertainment, and a production company is pitching his script around town!

WeScreenplay was very proactive in getting my script read by managers, and I had meetings with a couple of them. WeScreenplay also shared my script with a production company that is currently pitching my script around town. This was a huge leap forward for my writing career and industry connections. I’ve entered dozens of contests and WeScreenplay was definitely my best experience. Their notes alone make the entry fee worth it!

Soma Helmi

After placing as a Finalist in the Spring 2021 Diverse Voices, WeScreenplay pitched Soma to several managers, garnering multiple meetings and offers. As a direct result, she signed with Josh Goldenberg at Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment.

Considering entering a WeScreenplay competition? “Absolutely go for it! You can get invaluable feedback to polish your script and it’s an amazing opportunity to get your work in front of reps. I’d like to say a big, heartfelt thanks to WeScreenplay for helping me connect with representation. Sarah Eagen was the epitome of professionalism and courtesy. I don’t doubt that I would be much further behind in my journey to find representation if it weren’t for her help.

Elise Brown

After winning the Fall 2020 Diverse Voices Competition, WeScreenplay set up Elise with a general at UCP. Shortly after the Diverse Voices Lab, Elise got staffed on CANDY for UCP/ Hulu, starring Elisabeth Moss.

Diverse Voices was an incredible experience, and one that I’m very happy to have had. Sarah Eagen and the staff at WeScreenplay put a lot of (very appreciated) work into creating a lab that would prepare us for the next step in our careers, while encouraging us and doing anything they could to help move us forward. Once you’re part of the WeScreenplay family, it feels like they are truly rooting for your success and do what they can to help you achieve it. 

Tricia Lee

After winning Diverse Voices and participating in the WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Lab at the end of 2020, Tricia was recommended for and then hired as the creative showrunner of an animated anthology series!

The WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Lab, was so informative, and we met some great execs who are supportive of diverse voices.  I loved meeting my peers and creating a community that will grow together in our careers.  Giving and getting notes from my fellow writers was a highlight.  And following up with the executives, and creating relationships is exciting.

Eric Anthony Glover

After winning the WeScreenplay TV Pilot competition and placing as a Finalist in the Diverse Voices competition, Eric worked with WeScreenplay to secure representation. Most recently, Eric signed with Echo Lake Entertainment, and his graphic novel was published by Abrams ComicArts!

“You’re not just entering a WeScreenplay contest for a chance at a lab or representation. Should you place well, the people at WeScreenplay will still be invested in advancing your career well after a given competition’s end. It’s remarkable how kind, generous, and determined they are to help, even years after my initial contact with them.”

Jai Jamison

Jai Jamison won the 2020 WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Competition with his race-bending Superman pilot THE AMERICAN WAY before getting staffed on the new CW show SUPERMAN & LOIS.

“Submitting to contests is a great way to make sure your writing is sharp and clear before you send it out to the industry. Winning the Diverse Voices Lab was great because it put me on the radar for a lot of folks and introduced me to the great team at WeScreenplay who have been fantastic (and very patient) resources for me. I’m now staffed on SUPERMAN & LOIS and signed with great managers at Kaplan / Perrone!”

Shaun & Jay Perry

After placing as an Honorable Mention in the 2020 Shorts Contest, WeScreenplay connected Shaun & Jay with an Oscar-nominated short filmmaker and prepped them for meetings with reps. They’ve signed with one of the top agencies in Australia, and their short is now in pre-production!

“The WeScreenplay team deserve a round of applause for everything they are doing. Our conversations with Sarah especially were always fruitful. Not only is she incredibly friendly, but she has a wealth of industry knowledge. She educated us on agencies, managers, writing query letters and generally how to get our foot in the door. She’s also responsible for setting up a meeting with Oscar nominated writer/director Vincent Lambe, who has since become a great contact for us – and led us to a meeting with Profile Creative. The rest is history, we signed with our agent, and we also have a producer for our short film.

Junot Lee

After winning the Fall 2020 Diverse Voices Competition, WeScreenplay set Junot up with numerous meetings with literary reps. After fielding multiple offers, he signed with manager Cameron Cubbison at Zero Gravity and agent Halle Mariner at APA!

“WeScreenplay gave me inspiration and encouragement. It just takes one person to believe in you to help you get a running start. WeScreenplay filled those shoes, and I’m grateful. The world is hungry for fresh news in the form of story, and you as the artist are their chosen messenger. Your story and voice are worth it. WeScreenplay treated us all with care, support, and insight. My first reader’s notes  were the most helpful, actionable notes I’d ever received. “

Jason Forbach

After winning the Fall 2020 Diverse Voices Competition, WeScreenplay set Jason up with numerous meetings with literary reps as part of the Diverse Voices Lab. After fielding multiple offers, he signed with manager Allison Hartel at 3Arts, and his winning pilot BROOKLYN PANSY is currently being packaged and produced by Zero Gravity.

“I didn’t know if I or what I had written was ‘enough’.  I had never taken a meeting.  I had no idea how to package and present myself.  I was 100% a total newbie and the Lab changed all of that.  I can’t thank WeScreenplay enough. Your supportive, individualized care and attention toward each writer is unique and incredibly special.  It has absolutely changed the course of my life and career.”

Phylicia Pearl Mpasi

After winning the Fall 2020 Diverse Voices Competition, Phylicia worked with the WeScreenplay team to target reps and prep for specific meetings, landing literary rep with Issa Rae’s new company ColorCreative!

“My time as a WeScreenplay Diverse Voices fellow has informed my writing and who I am as a person so much. Being a part of this community has opened my eyes to the magic that can come from collaboration and how powerful you can become when other people are supporting you.”

Sam Josephs

Fall 2020 Diverse Voices Finalist, Sam Josephs, has signed with a Literary Manager at Stride Management. They placed as a finalist with their one hour pilot PANSY CRAZE.

“I know my work isn’t for everyone, so I wanted a contest that was looking for fresh bold voices. I was looking to put my work out there to get some feedback and hoped for the best for anything else. That’s why I submitted to WeScreenplay!”

Samuel Thompson

After placing in the 2019 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest and being encouraged to adapt the short into a feature script, Sam Thompson signed with a manager at AK Management.

“What drew me to WeScreenplay was their fast turn around on note services, and the quality of the readers. A few years ago, I was writing an early draft of the first feature I had ever written, and they were the first service I turned to for notes. To this day, those notes still rank among the best notes I’ve ever gotten. I entered a short script of mine to their short screenplay contest, and the reactions to it were eye opening in a good way. This pushed me to adapt the short to a feature script, and that script ended up getting me my manager.”

Evyn Williams

Evyn Williams won the 2019 WeScreenplay TV Contest with her pilot ALTERED before working with WeScreenplay and signing with manager John Bauman.

“I’m amazed at how much WeScreenplay champions their writers. After I won the pilot competition, they jumped right in to support me with amazing advice, resources, and career chats. They have consistently been there to cheer me on.”

Brianna Adams

Congratulations to Diverse Voices Fall 2020 Finalist, Brianna Adams, for signing with Literary Managers at Echo Lake Entertainment. She placed with her one hour pilot THE BLACK WALL STREET.

“There is not one way to break into this industry. So try everything. Apply to festivals and fellowships, reach out to alumni, friends, friends of friends. Your third cousins’ sister-in-law. There are multiple paths to this industry, which can be a blessing and curse.”

Dallas Rico

After winning the Spring 2019 Diverse Voices contest, WeScreenplay worked with Dallas Rico to set up meetings with execs and managers before he was staffed on an HBO series.

The feedback has been incredibly insightful and validating. I got a meeting with a manager through WeScreenplay who I really dig and who is considering signing with me. It has made a significant difference already because of the relationships I’ve made. I’ve become legit friends with high-level producers and writers who continuously vouch for me to showrunners and execs. “

Stephanie Stanley

Stephanie Stanley won the 2019 WeScreenplay TV competition with her pilot THE RADICAL. WeScreenplay introduced her to manager, Jermaine Johnson, of Zero Gravity Management, who signed her as a client.

Since placing, the amazing folks at WeScreenplay have been incredibly supportive and enthusiastically active with helping me transition the placement into industry representation. Yay! Their connections and insights have been invaluable for me to take the next step forward. I feel so lucky and grateful to be a part of the WeScreenplay family now, and I sincerely can’t say enough nice things about them as professionals and as individuals.”

Gaby Berry

After placing as a finalist in the 2019 WeScreenplay Shorts Competition, Gabe Berry’s script caught the attention of a Canadian producer. They began working together, and Gabe has officially been hired to write a new script as part of their collaboration.

Don’t hesitate to enter. WeScreenplay provides feedback on every single script entry. That in itself is worth the cost of submission. Additionally, if your script places, it can give you a boost in the exposure department. I earned a writing assignment from a complete stranger – a producer/director in Canada.

Jim Maceda

After winning the 2018 WeScreenplay feature competition with his spec, LAST TO FALL, Jim Maceda worked closely with WeScreenplay to develop his materials and take studio meetings before landing a paid feature writing assignment.

After winning its 2018 Feature runner-up award, WeScreenplay’s staff took me under its wing and hooked me up with successful pros, guiding me through the maze. WeScreenplay has been instrumental in my career. Its coverage gave me the confidence to get my stuff out there, and to place in a number of screenwriting competitions.  Earlier this year a production company hired me to script and consult on a Cold War docudrama. After four years of staring at the door, I’m finally in the room. What a thrill… thanks in no small part to WeScreenplay.”

Chase Kroll

After placing as a top Finalist in the 2016 WeScreenplay TV Contest, Chase Kroll worked as an assistant for years. As a result of working with the WeScreenplay team in 2020, he signed with two amazing managers at Kaplan / Perrone and is taking writer meetings for highly sought-after IP.

“WeScreenplay made sure they moved the needle in my career. Just this year, four years after submitting, Sarah Eagen and their industry liaison team were instrumental in helping me strategize how best to get in front of potential reps. It wasn’t overnight, but she followed up, stayed with me, and didn’t stop until I signed.”

Nevil Jackson

Nevil Jackson was a Spring 2018 Diverse Voices finalist with his comedy pilot THE HILL. After placing as a finalist, he signed with Zero Gravity Management after WeScreenplay introduced them.

I think one of the things standing between many writers and their goals is access. There’s plenty of talented writers who’ve yet to get their shot because they can’t get their work in front of the people making the decisions. Entering WeScreenplay got me my management.”

Amanda Bermudez

Amanda Bermudez won the Fall 2017 Diverse Voices contest and was connected to a literary manager at Gotham Group, who represent clients like Steve Buscemi and Freida Pinto. She went on to sign with Gotham and is working on both features and television.

Erica Tachoir

Erica Tachoir won the Fall 2017 Feature contest and was connected to Hollywood producer Melissa Azizi, who was a juror on the contest. They met to discuss the project and after working on it together, Erica has officially attached Melissa as a producer on the project.

Faisal Azam and Erica Velis

Faisal Azam and Erica Velis were winners of the 2018 WeScreenplay TV Pilot Competition with their riveting script H8. WeScreenplay introduced them and their writing to Zero Gravity Management, and they’ve signed with a team there.

Elise D’Haene

After placing as a Finalist in the 2017 Diverse Voices competition, Elise signed with The Gersh Agency and Marc Pariser Entertainment Group.

As a queer woman, I wanted to tell stories about women and the LGBTQ+ community. So, when I saw that WeScreenplay had a diverse voices competition, I didn’t hesitate to enter. The feedback I received from the judges was invaluable. WeScreenplay is managed by seasoned professionals who actually care about writers, who reach out and make themselves available to discuss just about anything. I never feel like just another writer in another competition.”

Justin Moran

After Winning the 2018 WeScreenplay TV Contest, Justin Moran had his pilot optioned by FutureFrame, had a meeting with HBO, and has been hired to write a musical feature.

WeScreenplay offers the best thing that a contest can offer: if you place high enough, they can get some people in the industry to look at your script — and what happens after that depends on their taste and the quality of your writing. That’s the biggest win any new writer can hope for. I got multiple meetings from my WeScreenplay win, each leading to great relationships and industry connections.”

Matthew Roshkow

After Winning in the 2017 WeScreenplay TV Contest, Matthew Roshkow signed with NYC manager Mike Sword at Sword Entertainment. He has multiple projects with high level attachments and a pilot with Mike Karz Productions at Warner Brothers.

I was feeling stuck, so a writing partner and I wrote something we were really attached to, but that wasn’t an easy sell. The freedom WeScreenplay gave me encouraged me to do that. The project that came out of that has the most amount of heat and is a personal project — we got some serious reads from a few big agents – like ICM. WeScreenplay allowed me to focus on writing something I was passionate about.”

Cara Winter

Cara was a finalist in the 2017 Diverse Voices Competition before signing with literary rep at Bohemia Group, which led to her interviewing for a job in the QUEEN SUGAR writers room and pitching her original TV show to Lionsgate.

I entered WeScreenplay hoping to connect, learn, and get feedback. When something resonates with a judge or reader, that’s important information for me. It means, keep going, you’re on to something.”

Bandar Albuliwi

Congratulations to 2017 Diverse Voices winner, Bandar Albuliwi, whose feature film, TWELVE HOURS, began production in New York in January 2021. Bandar writing, directing, and producing the project. He previously signed with a Literary Manager at Luber Roklin.

“WeScreenplay provided me with amazing coverage on the project and helped me realize that the project isn’t a comedy as originally intended, but rather a drama with a dark comedic tone.”

J.J. Bailey

J.J. Bailey, the 2017 WeScreenplay Drama TV Pilot Winner, signed with Heroes and Villains earlier this year with his TV Pilot script Vanishing Point.

Kenlon Clark

Kenlon Clark won the 2017 WeScreenplay Feature Screenplay Contest and was connected with Literary Manager Le’Ander Nicholson at Believeland Management who went on to sign Kenlon.

Leon Chills

Leon Chills, the Spring 2016 Diverse Voices Feature winner, signed with a literary manager at Heroes and Villains. Recently, Leon got a staff writing job on an upcoming Netflix show!

Natasha Hall

Natasha Hall, the 2017 Diverse Voices TV Pilot Winner, signed with Industry Entertainment with her pilot script PHOENIX.

Dominique Holmes

Dominique Holmes, the Spring 2016 Diverse Voices TV Winner, signed with a founding partner at Heroes and Villains Management and is in active development on TV and feature projects.

Odin Ozdil

Odin Ozdil, a 2014 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Winner, went on to sign with Pollinate Entertainment.