Announcing the 2017 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Semifinalists

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Thank you to the nearly one thousand writers who entered The 2017 WeScreenplay Feature Contest. Your hard work, talent, and dedication to storytelling shines through in the entries we received. We’re so honored to be entrusted with your work which is why every entry is read at least twice and we make all scores transparent to the writer.

This year we’re advancing the top 50 entries to the Semifinalists round for a 4th read. If your script is advancing, it means that your first three judges agreed that this is an excellent screenplay that deserves to be seen. Crafting a script that impacts three readers is extremely impressive, and we’re so excited for these writers! They’re on the path toward amazing mentorships with our incredible panel of judges. We are also giving away over $20,000 in cash, prizes, coverage, and more. Make sure to say congrats to the semifinalists on Facebook and Twitter!

However, there are excellent scripts that didn’t advance. Just because your script isn’t on this list doesn’t at all mean that our judges didn’t enjoy the read – in fact, we’re certain that many scripts not advancing will bring their writer success in the very near future. Thank you for entering your script and always keep writing.

And now, the 2017 WeScreenplay Feature Contest  Semifinalists:

“Don’t Tread On Me” Ronald Kelly
2000 Miles Leanora Vernon
50 Miles From Boomtown Flo Baumann
A Better Place Katterina Powers
A Witch In Salem Patrick Lewis
All The Fish In The Sea Will Goodfellow
Blue on Blue David Dasilma
Butterfly Children Melanie Schiele
Children of the Dust John McCarney
Dannemora Matt Williams & Andrew Griffiths
Dark Ritual Kevin Kneupper
David’s Rite Tammy K. Gross
Death of a Fool Ismael Gomez III & Joe  Leone
Deep Water Blues Richard  Guimond
Finding Beauty George Anson
Fire on Ice Courtney Suttle
Game-Changer Patrick Sherman
Honey Boy Shia Labeouf & Otis Lort
I’m Not the One You’re Looking For Jim Jackson
In Chrysalis Nelson Downend
In My Life Mark Rosman
Lies in a Bottle Devin Ershow
Little Earthquakes Todd Bird
Love Nation Katherine Carter
Mr. Moon Michael Langer
On the Black Kristen Mack
Orwell’s War Larry Bogad
Plan B Paige Gresty
Rational Panic Robert Rhyne
Remote Marc Roussel
Roger Brendan  Cleaves & Stuart  Foreman
Scattering Jake Erica Tachoir
Separate Journeys Maureen O’Grady
Snowblind Dan Maurer
Some Bad History Amanda Norman
The Bandit Who Stole Education  Kashon Coleman
The Cannibal Trial Edward Anderson
The Cavalier Chris Dennis
The Crossing Joshua Bartolome
The Hardest Hit Sam Juergens
The Heart of a Tiger X SreyRam Kuy
The Memphis Mafia Jason Williams
The Savage Land Jesus Celaya
The Sound of Everything David M. Hyde
The Sweethearts Gang James C. Schlicker
Those Who Hear Jerome Velinsky
Tinian Jon Davis
Valentyne Dashiell Finley
Wild Horses Brian Kowalchuk
Wrecking Ball Gus Avila