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Diverse Voices Spring 2017 Winners

By July 15, 2017No Comments

Once again, thank you to everyone who entered. You've supported Books for Kids with almost $3,000 this season of Diverse Voices; we're extremely excited to support this amazing organization. We encourage everyone to check out this program and all they're doing.

This Diverse Voices contest has brought together so much amazing talent and so many incredible stories. The contest has grown quickly, and with it's growth we've seen more amazing scripts each season. The contest has also grown in awareness with the industry — more companies than ever before are reaching out to read the winners. Right now, last season's winners are taking meetings and being read. There is demand for new and diverse perspectives in Hollywood.

And now, the fantastically talented Diverse Voices Winners:

Grand Prize

THE SAUDI by Moutaz Jad

When a Saudi lands at LAX with a false identity, an investigation by the FBI leads to a cover up of America's role in the Middle East conflict rather than averting a terrorist plot.

Feature Winner

THE LAST FALL by Cate Honzl

In the wake of society's collapse, one woman must protect her precocious niece on the last days of autumn before a dangerous winter.

TV Winner

MAD LIKE ME by Melinda Maerker

After a major breakdown, a psychologist loses her job in academia and in an effort to reboot her career, finds work as a therapist in the mental hospital where she was committed. 

Short Winner


A mother is distraught when her gay son comes out to her as a drag queen.

Please congratulate the winners here and on the Facebook Post. They worked so hard and writers don't always get the recognition they deserve.

Also, Diverse Voices Fall 2017 is now open for submissions. As always, we'll be donating $3 for every entry to Books for Kids. If you have a script with a new and unique voice for Hollywood, we'd love to read it. Enter now!