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Fall 2021 Diverse Voices Quarterfinalists

By June 15, 2021June 16th, 2021No Comments

Thank you to all of the incredible writers who entered Diverse Voices this year! Your hard work, talent, and dedication to storytelling shines through in the entries we received.

As you probably know — WeScreenplay believes that the best way for writers to grow is through feedback. That is why WeScreenplay is providing free, written feedback with every single competition entry. We are glad to hear from so many of you how helpful the notes were and excited to see WeScreenplay writers are improving all the time!

If you are interested in hearing the next time this competition opens, subscribe for updates here.

We are thrilled to advance entries to the Quarterfinalist round for another read. A huge congratulations to every writer advancing. Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on July 7th!

We also want to acknowledge all of the strong scripts that did not advance. If your script is not on this list, it does not at all mean that our judges didn’t enjoy the read – in fact, we’re confident some of the scripts not advancing will bring their writers success in the very near future. Thank you for entering your script and always keep writing.

Without further ado, the Fall 2021 Diverse Voices Quarterfinalists can be found on Coverfly here or below.

“Single A.F.” Tosin Morohunfola
“The Pulpit” Tosin Morohunfola
(No) Sex Required Mexi Gremillion
A Second Short Patrick McGrath
A Beautiful Brother Lance Marshall
A Better Chance L.T. Woody
A Day Closer to Sunday Kiersten Villanueva
A Fair Fight Peter Gazdag
A Family Reunion Xavier Burgin, Thomas Wright
A Mystic Fog I Carry Yen Huang
A Storybook Ending Lanre Olabisi
Across The Hudson Alia Ashkenazi
Admissions Delani Wolf
Alien of Extraordinary Ability Rishan Dhamija, Sola Fadiran, Edwin Joseph
All Art Oscar Lemus
Alone, Together Marcus Stricklin
Amadi Karl Sanders
American Doctor  Veronica Reyes-How
American Fluid (E1 “Jason”) Gabriel Sunday
Americano James Tison, Gus Constantellis
An End to the Means Martha Dunne
And A Child Will Lead Jamil Akim O’Quinn
And One Reno Ursal
Anila & Jay Neha Aziz
Ann Arbor Trevor Zhou
Ann Lowe Rodney Wilkins
Anthony & Miguel Trevor Brown
Arcana Chandler Patton
Argos Ellen Shanley
Arlis Zoë Hodge
Arrangements Sarah Casey
Ascend. Quincy Ledbetter
Astronomica Matthew Wollin
Awakening Zaelyna Beck
Babel: Pilot Patty Carey
Bacchae (The) Jake Neville
Backbone Annette Cohen
Bad Mango! Meghan Weinstein
Ban Bahar Ataai
Band Of Misfits Manny Fonseca
Bandit House Kiley Rothweiler
Beasts Of Nowhere Vishwas Vishwas
Below The Fold Kevin Wolfe
Besharam Luveza Mubashar
Big Mama V2 Clara Martínez-Lázaro
Binding Mike Sheriff
Bitter “WakeUp!” Cashmere Jasmine
Black Box Alexandra Shields
Black Kaleidoscope Alison Rayner
Black Men Waiting John Lowe
Black Santa Parco Richardson, Aiden Chapparone
Blood and the Rye Rajiv Shah
Blood Rush Norman Yeung, Darragh McDonald
Blowback Eric Murphy
Blue Ridge Rhapsody Rod Moore
Booted Lisa J Dooley
Borders Frank Velasquez
Broken House Christos Anastasopoulos
Bucky Johnson James Barnes, Garrett Vanderwielen
Built By Hart Alison Bonn
Butch Holly Austin, Zoe McDonald
Butthole Avenue Maya Vyas
Cambados, NJ Thomas Rivera Montes
Cambridge Marilyn Hegefeld
Can You See Me Yen Huang
Captain F*ck It Melanie Holmes
Castro Street Monica Farrell
Caveat Emptor Ray Goldberg
Chain Free N A Williams
Chancleta Jorge Rivera
Chasing Fathers Marc Henderson
Chasing Honey Laura Shamas
Cheaters Brittany Harris, Caitlin Gallo
Chilmark Stephen Nolly
Chokepoint Tamra Teig
Circle of Illumination Trisha Difazio
City of SKOL  Jason Cho
Closet Hearts Kyle T. Cowan
Cody David Smith
Color Blind Mier Liu, Tamela D’Amico
Colour My Love Starlett Hill
Coming of Age – Feature Film Karin De La Peña Collison
Commonwealth Jared Hardy
Concrete Evidence Paul Clarke
Confection Christa Boarini
Confederate Ghoul Mark Solomon
Conquer the World Gary Champagne
Control Z Jorge Pulido
Copper Ridge Rebecca Ghusn
Corporal Reed Tess Rutherford
Cricket Song Evelyne Werzowa
Crowded Cori Woods
Curfew Rodolfo Pereira
Cursed Lands Lore V. Olivera
Cyberpink P.A. Lopez
Daddies Ramon Watkins
Dark Magnolia Sam Overton
Dawn Of The Apocalypse Bret Grafton
Defunded Ruby Smith
Dentata Shakthi Jothianandan
Descent Carmen Fulton
Día de las Carpas Marina Kato
Dog Mom Tamra Teig
Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow Matt McKinzie
Don’t Leave Me This Way Elise D’Haene
Don’t Worry, It’s Nothing Flossie McKnight
Double Negative Kelsea Mayfield
Dreamgirl ’87 Y.S. Kim
Ectogirls Elena Perez
El Coyote Mehul Shah
El Negro Que Tango Ian Jackson
El Otro Lado Jianna Maarten Saada
Ela Antonio Aguinaga
ELiRiUM Nikhil Kamkolkar
Elsie Fernanda Cardoso
Endling Fiona Luong
Enter the Kingdom David Chang
EOS10 Justin McLachlan
Exhale Charlie Tidmas
Exodus Shyam Popat
F1rst Adriana Alexandrova
Fatherland Billy Rose
Feebee Frankenstein David Siegel
Fight For Life Melvin Webb
Firebird David Jones
Five Swords Under Heaven Logan Shaw
Fly Girl Christine Hoang
For When You Can’t Find Me Theo Luoma
Forbidden to See Us Scream in Tehran Farbod Ardebili
Fragments Reyam Rammahi, Lawrence Rothfield
Freak Amir Ohebsion
Free Huey Phillip Alan
Freedom’s Slave Linda Bosteels
Full Disclosure Zachary Pen
Gail’s Classic Video Harrison Pierce
Garment Shannon Amborn
Generationals Suhashini Krishnan
Get Diva Laid Jack Tracy
Ghost Dreamers Angela Iranna Perkins
Glorious Empire Amanda Eberhardt
Gloryland Lauren Ferebee
God’s Country  Shar Carter
God’s Own Heart Preston Fox
Gods Of Rock Bryce Hatch
Goliath June Carryl
Grunt Work Sal Bardo
Hank and Larry Hilari Scarl
Happy Campers Sarah Tither-Kaplan
Hatch Karim Khan
Heart Strings Jasper Chen
Help Yourself Helen Fernandez
Her Mortal Remains Tracy Clifton
Here and Now Chandler Hubbard
Here Tomorrow Jongson Park
Hero Nandini Bapat
Hey , Wait A Minute! Michael-Leon Wooley
Hoe-Mission Eric Pou
How I Became a Vengeful, Psycho Killer Laura Becker
How to Make it in Hollywood Beatriz Celani de Macedo
Huseins’ Hut Mariyam Mahbub
Hypefeast Sid Patwa
I Enjoy Being a Girl! Brandon Krajewski
I Love You, Margot Robbie Sav Rodgers, Taylor Gates
I Wear Black Shania Banton
Ideal Man Jimmy Clabots
If I Didn’t Love You Melinda Maerker
Immunity Bryan Chesters
Incarnations Albert M. Chan
Inconceivable Lindsay Levy
Infinity Plus One Stefani Zabner Fink
Iniquity R.J Mendez
Intended Joe Vallese
Into the Silk Jaclyn Parker
Jaded Sid Patwa
Join The Club Waleed Mansour
Joon Michael Shayan
Journey to Othello Charline St.Charles
Journey to the Enchanted Inkwell LD Green
Just Us Mexi Gremillion
Kick Push Coast Hannah Meyer Wong
Lady Libertine Lina Khan
Leatherette Michael KY Yip
Leche Gabriella Moses
Legacy Kellen Hertz
Legend of Siren Island Drina Connors Kay
Legends Suhashini Krishnan
Less Actives Daniel Spencer
Life During Wartime: Nowhere Fast Mark Bowes
Life’s Unfair Tray Epps
Lift Allison Orr Block
Lift Off W.E. Richardson
Lightning Ridge Lana Slezic
Long Shot Ariel Goldberg
Long Way Home Jamaal Pittman
Lottery Entanglement Michael Casey
Loyal Americans Margaret Dane
Lucky Number 7: Another Possession of Another Emily Jessica Coleman
Mabel Elisa Manzini
Made Guy Christopher Vallario, Grace Foster
Major Hacker’s War Steve Blame
Mama Bares Jennifer Paz, Deedee Magno Hall
Mary Mallon Anna Vecellio
Me Me Me! Renata Martins
Midnite America Antonio Battle
Miles Apart Bobby Ray Cauley, Jr.
Miles Away From Home Brit Cowan
Miss America’s a Cannibal! Amanda Scherker
Miss Fortune Breeze Vincinz
Miss Shepherd Alison Headrick
Model Minorities Delon Villanueva
Modus Operandi Shannon Vaughan
Monastic Diana Aydin
Motherload Layla Soileau
Murder on the Tranquil Row Wayne Middleton
My Best Friend’s Ashes McKenzie Moser
My Better Half Naomi Lorrain
My Girl Crystal Rudds
My Girl Kyle Allison Masloske
Myth Squashers Molly Vogel
Nanking Road Joanna Pickering
Nekkid William Gammon
Night Life Ben Leary
Night vs. Day Lele Park
Nightcapped JJ Tyson
Nip It in the Bud Elissa Hunter
No Good Deed Heather Farlinger
No One Lives Here Justin Bonilla
No Post Code Richard Nyeila
No Traveler Returns Randall Thom
No Weddings and a Funeral Patricia Serrano Chungsathaporn
Noble Intentions James Turner
Nonexistent Mrittika Sarin
Noob Zina Kresin
Noor Ryan Lynch
NPC Kenneth Pulgar-Vidal
Obviously I Love You, Mexico Mohja Rhoads
Ode to Orange Catherine Delaloye
Off The Field Jormond Thompson
Oh Country David Yoon
Ok, Bye Pamela Reis
Olivia’s Diary Devorn Hannah
On The Boundary Sejal Pachisia
One Night in Tulsa Drew Robinson
Onny – Pilot Nonie Shiverick
Original Tru Adam Huss
Our Story Nondumiso Tembe
Our Town Talya Klein, Emmett Anderson
Out/Sourced (Pilot: “Stranger Than Fiction”) Noa Aimeé, Wesley Tysdale
Outspoken Matthew Ward
Outspoken – The Untold Story of Helen Keller Kathryn Fox
P***Y Connie Shi
Panspermia Mason O’Sullivan
Panza Loca Rodrigo Moreno Fernandez
Parallel Stefanie Gray
Park Versus Patel Sarovar Banka
Party Crashers Laura Mannino
Party-L Fielding Freed
Patty Cake Shay Ball
Peckerwood Clayton Rye
Pendulum Dae Dunn
Perdido Eduardo Maytorena
Picture Book Perfect Gian-Paul Bergeron
Pig Lake Joslyn Jensen
Pigpen Maud Ferrari
Piss Tank Kathryn Mockler
Play Gurrrls Olaiya Olayemi
Plum Town Kelly Yu
Pocho Marco Patino
Point Game Wayne Phillips
Pole Moles David Morris
Popous Pane Derrick Anthony
Positive Lee Dale Winton, Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen
Predatory Ashley Rose Wellman
Prosciutto Princess Demi Ellis
Proud Marys Jennifer Paz
Pulling Seedlings Eris Qian
Queen of the Amazons JL Ivory
Queens Anika Shakir
Raison D’etre Noni Salma
Ralph Derek Nicoletto
Rebranded Caro Ribeiro
Reconblue Elena Perez
Recovery Chain Quamé Hamlin
Rendez-Vous Coxy Rodoni
Represent Susan Cinoman
Resilient: Below Poverty Tommy Watson
Righteous Kathy Patterson
Root Katherine Street
Rum Dandy Daniel Carroll
Sacred Shapes Anastasia Le Gendre
Salt Holly Sereni
Sanctum Chad Alexander
Saturday Night Lesbian Tracie Laymon
Sauced Janet Quinonez
Say What? Stuart Forrest
Seahorse Aisha Evelyna
Second Numbers Eulonda Lea
Secondhand Miracles Jared Pascoe
Separately And Together Shane O’Neill
Séverin Maggy Torres-Rodriguez
Sexy Asian Man Jarrett Jung
Sheep Michele Mathis
Shiny Things Shelby Doubek
Sk8er Boiz Christopher Sullivan
Slaughter Lane Charlie Ainsworth
Snow Globe Sheikh Jallow
So, Where Is the Skull? Richard Marcum
Soar Becca Mann
Sojourning Lamar Legend
Solidarity Alison Townson
Soul Samurai Dennis James Clarke
Soul to Squeeze Alex Arabian
Sounds of Cars Nancy Gamino
South Central L.A Brenda E. Alvarez
Southern Hospitality Kate Harbert
Sovereign “The Usual” Jekeva Phillips
Speechless Molly Gerth
Spirit In The Dark Daniel Lopez Kaufman
Spoken For Micki Colker-Pearlman
Steel Cutter Claire Tran
Stella Juan Topete
Stepping On Dad Alexander Troxler
Submission Yolanda Hellmanns Carvajal
Suburbahood Danielle Holman
Summer Of Scott Tom Holowach
Sun Woman, Moon Man Lyndal Simpson
Sunset Alley Sam Watson
Sunshine Shifts Rebecca Davis
Suspended Animation Jay Thompson
Swimming in Cuba Josie Melendez
Switch! Brent Lewis
Tasteless Lottie Finklaire
Technicolor Noir Madison Sean Flannery
The Academy Brit Cowan
The Age of Desire Suzanne Griffin
The Author J.P. Pressley
The Beauty Hunter Emily Rose Laochua
The Book of David Cindy Heath
The Chaser Equation Sunna Bee
The Clocktower Tammy Olsen
The Darkest of Souls D.E.S Collins
The Devil Jennifer Hawkins
The Fishbowl Effect Megan Plank
The Full Moon Beer Drinkers Club Katie Hennicke
The Girls & Rodney (Script) Lawrence Wallace
The Gravedigger Lyndal Simpson
The Heroine of Wrangel Island Aaron Michael Bailey
The Home Efrain Aldaco
The House in Coyoacán Lore V. Olivera
The Italian Lover Suzanne Griffin
The Jet GM Woodruff
The Jewel Box Justin Anthony Long
The Last Day of Paradise Kiki Denis
The Last Drop A. D. Smith
The List: A Single Lady’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Baby Daddy Brit Cowan
The Lost Sons Renate Grassmugg
The Mender R.B. Ripley
The Midnight Train Helen Kwok
The Mural Carolyn Bradley
The Observatory Erin Macdonald
The Only Safe Place Left Is The Dark Warren Wagner
The Open Window Marcia McNair
The Other Half Stephaan Harris
The Othered Minh Anh Vo Dinh
The Present Chris Givens, Mark Becker
The Privateers Whitney Hamilton
The Procreators Daniel Grove
The Purpose of a Lighthouse Gabe Berry
The Radical Bandar Albuliwi
The Savior Marie-Louise Elia
The Sea Takes Care of Her Own Ellie Anthony
The Sensualist – A Woman in Black Suzanne Griffin
The Things I Cannot Change Aaron Lomeli
The Track Margaret Lebron
The Trade Winds Christina DeHayes
The Triangle Lizbeth Finn
The Up & Up Steve Robillard
The Vet Karan Talwar
The White Mouse: Witch Heather Farlinger
The Work Adelita E. Lopez, Amanda Lopez
The Wrong Kind of Man Mira Baz
They Got You Marlon St.John Green
Thicker Than Water Buki Koshoni
This is Happening Shannon Herbert
Three Dimensional Melissa Remy
Tierra Paz (A Pacified Land) Eugene Michael Santiago
Tiger Sea Suki Kaiser
Tiny-Time Hustlers Yvette Wren
To Secrets Melisa D. Monts, Shereen Lani Younes
Trolling Connor Colebrook
Twin Talons Lady Society for Acceptable Women Alex Otis
Twisted Dreams – When Dreams and Reality Collide Yvette Patton-Walters
Untitled Detroit Project Josh Gibert, Charlie Newhart
Untitled Penpal Project Haley Daniels, Owen Thiele
Urban Ed Wade Wofford
Verity’s Game Jennifer Giacalone
VODOUN series Stuart Creque
Waltz of the Shadows Ellie Anthony
Wanderland Blake Williams
Wasteman Joe Leather
We are the Jungle Josh Bourne
Web Warriors Joanna Beveridge
Wendy the Domme Rachel Music
What Happened to Johanna? Gabe Braxton
When In RŌHM Vanisha Renee Pierce
Where Nobody Knows Her Name Gabriel Vallejo
Whirlwind Monika Moreno-Lapp
Whispering Canyons Kris Crenwelge
White Belt Samuel Oh
White Terror Philip Lyu
Wilderness Stephen Czerwinski
Wilderness of Mirrors Tahir Jon, Thomas Dolan-Gavitt
Wildfires Eudie Pak
William Sarah Wolf
Wingman Andrea Apuy
Wings Vítor Kappel
Winston Aashish Gadhvi
Wrong Place, Wrong Time Fernando Segall, Joao Segall
X Estevan
Yagit Mark Labella
Yellow Fever Winnie Kemp
Yorkville Robert Landau
You & I Nilendra Fonseka

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