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The WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition 2015 Winners

By March 8, 2016No Comments

Before we announce the winners, we want to let everyone know of two other fantastic contests with industry reads and $1,000 cash prizes that are currently accepting entries:

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Angela Bourassa is the founder and editor-in-chief of LA Screenwriter, a leading source of advice and insight for writers around the world. She will be helping all WISC winners craft an attention grabbing logline.

The talent among this year's entrants and winners is outstanding. So many amazing writers entered the competition that we truly feel excited for the future of cinema and storytelling.

Please join us in congratulating our extremely talented WISC 2015 Winners in the comments below and on the Facebook Announcement!

The winners will receive over $10,000 in cash and prizes, reads from industry members, pitching practice, a mentorship from Douglas Saylor Jr., and much more.

Let's give it up for the amazing WISC Winners:

Grand Prize Winner

GIVING UP THE GHOST written by Jessica DiGiancito
This beautifully crafted horror film is about a pair of estranged siblings with the ability to talk to the dead. They are forced to face a dark family secret when they return home to save an innocent boy from a demonic force. The script is as horrifying as it is heartbreaking — a truly compelling and unique story in the horror genre.

2nd Place Winner

THE ESCAPIST written by Darren Teo
This story is a truly touching tale about a washed-up magician who must stop his new assistant from destroying him, and everyone he loves, in the pursuit of fame and glory. The script is both funny and devastating as it tackles the themes of addiction and glory.

3rd Place Winner

THE 49th DAY written by Craig Peters
A young girl’s imaginary friend starts killing her family off, one by one. But what can you do when you’re only nine, and Death wants to play? This dark tale of love and loss through the eyes of a child is both haunting and emotionally uplifting, a validation of life in its purest, most sacred form.

Honorable Mentions

THE DRAGON RIDER written by Geoff Holder
Genre: Sci-Fi
Logline: When the aliens invade, a disaffected psychic finds herself chosen as the telepathic link between today’s air force and the mythical guardian of Earth – a great Dragon.

RANGER CREED written by Travis Opgenorth
Genre: Action/Thriller
Logline: When his half-brother is taken hostage by extremists in North Africa, a wayward and guilt-ridden former Ranger reluctantly seeks the help of his estranged father, a decorated Ranger veteran.

In the Top Ten

ANKLEBITER written by Andy Jones
Genre: Comedy

FURTHER FROM HERE written by Anthony Mezza
Genre: Drama

SCREAMING MY HEART OUT written by Janyce Lapore
Genre: Drama

VICTOR written by Tony Heaver-Wren
Genre: Drama

THE LODGER written by June Escalante
Genre: Thriller

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