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Announcing the 2019 WeScreenplay TV Semifinalists

By October 2, 2019October 9th, 2019No Comments

The WeScreenplay TV Competition is dedicated to discover and expose new talent to the entertainment industry. This competition strives to provide industry exposure and support to television screenwriters who are looking to have their stories told. We have past winners signed and staffed.

We want to thank every entrant for submitting their work and congratulate everyone who already made it to the quarterfinals. All of the scripts at the quarterfinal level were so compelling — the judges had a tough time narrowing it down further. However, after additional reading, we were able to curate the top 84 scripts for the semifinalists.

A sincere congratulations to the writers who are advancing. Please make sure to congratulate these writers on the Facebook announcement and Twitter announcement — they deserve it!

And if you’d like alerts when this contest re-opens, sign up via Coverfly here.

And now, the 2019 WeScreenplay TV Semifinalists:

Altered written by Evyn Williams
Apache written by Cameron Barsanti
Archenemy written by William McGhee
Back-Alley written by Young Eun Kim
Birdsong written by Jennifer Dunn
Blackish: Keepin’ It Real Estate written by Tammy Caplan
BRUTE written by Brian Johnson
Change Your Mind written by Mexi Gremillion
Christian Mothers written by Elise Sievert Bhushan
COUP D’ETAT written by Leslie To
Danika Brewster written by Heather Spiegel
Disappear  written by Chris  Snyder
EMPATH written by Rom Lotan
Family Style written by Frank Cappello
Finding Satoshi  written by Shruti Saran
Follow ME written by Rodney Bradley
Fornicators: Pontius Pilot written by Zoe Louisa Lewis
Gentrified written by Claude Atcho
Glorious! written by Nicole Reddy
Go Ahead, Houston written by Michael Pollock
Good Enough written by Josh Sullivan
Halloween Team written by Danny Baram
Hardwood written by Elissa Klie
Her First Kill written by NIKE KADRI
Holy Fire written by Kristiana Roe & Mike Roe
Hominine written by Heather Farlinger
Houston’s Finest written by Kim Tran
Identity written by M.D. Walton
Jackson Wong’s Game of Pong written by M Lee Speyer
Little Isle of Alcatraz written by Kelly Gregorio
Losers written by David Zee
Lost in the Flood written by Sean Collins-Smith
Lucha Lopez: Illegal Alien written by Sandra Hamada
Macabre written by Kelly Krause
Mawashi Man written by Joshua Sackheim
McQueen Is King written by Matthew Pfeffer
Missouri Shepherds written by Dani Milton
MONSTER TOWN written by Garrett Vander Leun
Murder-Go-Round written by Phillip Hardy
My Best Friend Satan written by Zak Bezdeka
Noctem  written by Kayla Knutson
Olympia written by Aaron Edwards
ONEIRIKA written by Eleonora Mignoli
Oreo written by Aleisha Hull
Permutation written by Marcus Russell
Pest Control written by Sam Ferguson
Piccadilly Circus  written by Will  Cameron-Lewis
Pipeline written by Brian Golden
PROXY written by Alison Lani
Pure Gold written by Brooke Hendricks
QUEENSIDE written by Federico Manachino & Jessica Romagnoli
redflags written by Nathan Patton
SIERRA AND FRIENDS  written by Clayton Samuels
Sleepaway written by Sam Rosenberg
Sleepy Town High written by Patrick Blair
Spin Cycle: The Documentary  written by Meredith Hambrock
SPOTLESS by Diogo Beltran
State Control written by Dylan McDonough
STAYING IN AMERICA written by Rishabh Bhavnani
SUMMER written by Julian  Miller
The Curious Cases of Melanie Jackson written by Travis Kehoe
The Dying Road written by Alex Ovadal
The Eye  written by Allen  Edwards
The First Lady written by Mika Frank
The Line written by Jeff Bower
The Little Death written by Baldvin Kari & Ana Lazarevic
The Lobbyist written by Brent Lewis
The Narrow Land  written by Hussain Pirani
The Peragro Project written by Nabil Chowdhary
The Perg written by Luke Penn
THE QUEEN OF MAGIC written by Roxanne Beck
The Radical  written by Stephanie Stanley
The Red White & Brutes! written by Alex M Langenfeld
The Shift written by Chloe Holmes
The Worst Of Times written by Sophie Armatas
Trade written by Dallas Rico
Unconditional written by Amadou Diallo
Under The Influence written by Alyssa Biller
Up the Hill Backwards written by Shelley Macbryde
Uprising written by Kenneth Fultz Jr.
VICEROY written by Patrick Hayle
W.A.T.T.S. (We Are Taught To Survive) written by Manfred Moore
Warrior Warrior written by Brian Michaels
Westside High written by Jacqueline  Berkman
Women & Violence written by Samuel Lukas

Congrats to all these fantastic writers! All placements have been updated on Coverfly.

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