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WeScreenplay Television Competition Winners

By October 13, 2017No Comments

We're excited to announce the talented winners of the WeScreenplay Television Competition! After five reads from five different judges, we shared the highest scoring comedy scripts with Daniel Wolfberg from Comedy Central and the highest scoring drama scripts with Ryan Mickels from Universal. Both executives were genuinely impressed by the talent, and have submitted their selections. We want to extend a very big thank you to our industry jury and mentors for offering their time and input to the contest.

The talent in television is growing by the day, and this year the competition was exceptional. The scripts were all strong, so narrowing it down wasn't easy. We want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who entered the competition and special congratulations to everyone who made it to the finalist level. Surely, some scripts that were cut will bring their writers success in the near future.

And now – the WeScreenplay Television Competition Winners:

Honorable Mention

Drama — Mount Pleasant by Cat Dale

In 1880s Oklahoma, Native American children are mandated to attend the Mount Pleasant Indian School by the US Government; but when Lola's brother does not return, she risks her life by leaving the Comanche reservation to find out what happened to him. 

Comedy — Ewe Stew by Dorothy Irwin

Fanny, a nine-year-old sheep farmer, and her faithful dog, Jiggs, use their wits and imagination to foil singing Coyotes and other fantastical villains.

Third Place

Drama — Small Town by Lachlan Marks and Ella Roby

A troubled policeman’s investigation into a possible murder brings a sinister underground society to the streets of a mountain-side town, unleashing a powerful new drug that offers users the chance to experience life as children.

Comedy — Pipe Dream by Daniel Housman and Matt Roshkow

When Cory Gilette, a 26-year-old, recently-paroled, reluctant crack dealer, finds a winning lottery ticket for 25 million dollars on a dead customer, he thinks his problems are over. But the good life may still have to wait, as Cory has to deal with a hawk-eyed drug lord, a principled parole officer, a loose-cannon ex-girlfriend, and what appears to be the lonely ghost of the crackhead.

Second Place

Drama — Vanishing Point by JJ Bailey

An hour-long drama about Colin Burk, a man hiding from his own dark past, who runs an off-the-books vanishing service to help those desperate enough to hire him disappear and begin a new life.

Comedy — Default by Hannah Rae Dillon

 In 2065, an artificially intelligent twenty-something juggles his relationship, his job, and his new role in the robot resistance. 

Grand Prize Winner

Drama — Panthers by Eric Glover

When Black Panther leader Huey Newton is approached by the mother of a slain, unarmed black man, he's inspired to take his fledgling group to new heights of public resistance–and as a result, elicits a decisive and dangerous campaign of repression from local police.

Comedy — Forever Alone by Tim Marshall and Luke Tierney

In a world where single people are second-class citizens, a newly widowed personal trainer must navigate her way through the horrors of single life, amidst single's rights activists, true love coaches, and some very desperate people… not all of whom are single.

Congratulations to all of our winners! We're excited to help share these amazing stories with producers, managers, and agents in the coming weeks. Also, if you have a feature screenplay, the deadline for the WeScreenplay Feature Contest is next week. For all writers with diverse perspectives, the Diverse Voices Competition's final deadline is on Sunday.