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2023 WeScreenplay Feature Lab Winners

By June 1, 2023No Comments

Thank you again to all of the incredible writers who entered the WeScreenplay Feature Lab this year! We are excited to announce this year’s Winners and Honorable Mentions. A huge congratulations to all of you!

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Without further ado, the 2023 WeScreenplay Feature Lab Winners can be found on Coverfly here or below.

Goodbye Everybody by Benjamin Lewis

As the entire world population begins to suddenly vanish into thin air one by one, a reclusive biracial man in his late 20s decides to finally come out of his shell to party and bond like there’s no tomorrow, before he possibly disappears forever.

Ibu (Mother) by Friakanya Iwana

The death of the patriarch reunites four complicated, estranged women who must pick up the pieces on the already shattered floor.

Kiss of Darkness by Michael McClung

As the Cold War rages in the Congo, a journalist finds himself embroiled in nefarious covert ops as he begins a stormy love affair with a biracial interpreter, herself in the throes of a personal apocalypse. Based on a true story.

Rosebud by Kayla Hardy

When an ex-confederate soldier and runaway slave woman are forced to head west to try their luck as settlers, they must contend with the wild dangers of the frontier: racists, prowling wolves, and their own broken pasts while trying to grow the scarcest crop of them all on their new land—their forbidden love.

Thaw by Alex Bush

While isolated on a remote farm for the winter, two friends begin to switch genders.

We’d also like to spotlight some really strong Honorable Mentions:

Luminous Bodies by Alethia WardDaniel Carroll
The Crimson Pool by Daniel Beals
Love is Simple by Nick Perlman
Keeper by R.L. Hooker

Congratulations again to all these writers. We are so excited for all the year has to offer.

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