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Announcing the 2018 WeScreenplay Television Finalists

By October 12, 2018January 14th, 2020No Comments

Thank you to all the talented writers who submitted to the 2018 WeScreenplay Television Competition. We received over 1,000 entries that made us laugh, cry, and read on the edge of our seats. Most importantly, so many of these projects had such important messages about the world and the human condition. Narrowing these projects down was incredibly difficult, and everything at this stage has been read by at least 4 judges.

After these reads and internal deliberation, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 25 finalists.

We want to sent a huge congratulations to everyone advancing and recognize once more everyone who advanced to the semifinals even if they didn’t make the next round. Please congratulate these finalists for their accomplishment!

These finalists will be read by our readers once more and then the top scripts in each category will by our industry jury to choose the winners. The jury includes network executives and literary managers from Comedy Central, Heroes and Villains, and MANAGE-MENT.

And now, the finalists in the one-hour category:

Cold War Charlie written by Cheryl Gallegos Agbunag
Migra written by Christine Torres
parts written by Craig Page
City of Gold written by Daniel Fisch
H8 written by Faisal Azam, Erica Velis
Oak Tree Country Club written by Geoffrey Garza
Broke(n) written by Jackson Groom
RUST written by Justin Moran
Quartermaster written by Karl Archer
Death Divided written by Kenny Wong
The Haight written by Kimba Henderson
Chalk written by Nick Jones
Collateral Damage written by Robin Fusco
Thick as Thieves written by Sam Ferguson
Fifty Thousand written by Sonali Mehta
GANJA BAY written by Tony Hendriks, Gillian Royes
Doomed Journey written by Vincent Vargas

And the finalists in the half-hour category:

Playing the Palace written by Alex Williams
You Are Special written by Jess Hendel
n00bs written by Jonathan Murnane
Super Drunk Girl written by Julia Wackenheim-Gimple, Ryan Gowland
GUTS ‘N’ GLORY written by Kat Sieniuc
SERVED written by Shain Brenden
Sprinkles and Buttons written by Steve Miranda
The Last Abortion Clinic in Kansas written by Tammy Caplan

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