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The WeScreenplay TV Competition (WeTV) Winners

By November 4, 2016No Comments

We're excited to announce the very talented winners of the WeScreenplay Television Competition (WeTV). These scripts stood out through 5 rounds of reading and a jury panel that included industry veteran Bill Taub. Bill has written on so many TV shows, including CHiPs, Magnum PI, Dallas, and dozens more.

We also want to extend a sincere congratulations to all of our finalists, semi-finalists, quarter-finalists, and entrants. The scripts were all so strong that narrowing it down wasn't easy, and we're excited to hear about success stories from writers who made it to all levels of this competition.

Finally, this competition is possible because of our wonderful sponsors who have donated time, resources, and energy to helping the contest and rewarding the winners with resources. Please check out their websites, and consider supporting them back:

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And now, here's the winners of the WeScreenplay TV Competition:

1-Hour Drama Category:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER – Buscón written by Jeffrey Storms

Buscón takes place in a gritty world where everyone wants a piece of the hottest young Dominican baseball prospects. The story follows a sports agent who is quicker to use his gun than he is his pen. The dark atmosphere Storms created is familiar, but with a completely new twist. The pilot pulls you into the story and never lets go, holding the audience tight with complex characters and a tense plot.

SECOND PLACE WINNER – Metro Girl written by Jennifer Jackson

Metro Girl is a tonaly unique story that follows a superhero in her twenties who wants to retire from the life of crime fighting. Somewhere between GIRLS and JESSICA JONES, this pilot was touching, funny, and exciting all at the same time.

THIRD PLACE WINNER – Crazy Girls Club written by Megan Metzger

A heartbreaking story that follows a psychiatrist fighting her own demons.

HONORABLE MENTION – King of Bandits written by Chase Kroll

1/2-Hour Comedy Category:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER – 48 States of Granddad written by Paul Jury

48 States of Grandad follows a a recent high school graduate hits the road with two friends to spread his recently deceased Granddad’s ashes aross the continental United States. This is a new breed of sitcom, something with enough emotion and thematic relevance to carry itself, and yet still laugh out loud funny throughout. Paul caught WeScreenplay's attention with his webseries of the same title, but the full length TV version really pulled at the heartstrings.

SECOND PLACE WINNER – New City News written by Eric Lee & Alex Forstenhausler

After an embarrassing news report goes viral, an aspiring journalist has no choice but to move back home and take a job at the local community news station. New City News one of the funniest 30 pages our team of judges has ever read. This pilot has more jokes per second than a FAMILY GUY episode, but still managers to tell a really compelling story about growing up.

THIRD PLACE WINNER – The Set-Up Men written by Josh Bradley

The Set-Up men follows the changing social dynamics of a Major League bullpen at the arrival of a young superstar from the minors, who pushes a lazy, sarcastic reliever to take his job more seriously. With a unique, contained concept and great jokes, this script resonanted with our judges in a big way.

HONORABLE MENTION – Wake Up Call by Alan Porter

Another massive congrats to our winners and a thank you to everyone who entered this year. Stay posted for the upcoming success stories and the call for entries for next year's WeScreenplay TV Competition.