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Spring 2022 Diverse Voices Winners

By February 15, 2022No Comments

Thank you again to all of the incredible writers who entered the Spring Diverse Voices Competition. We are excited to announce this year’s Winners and Honorable Mentions. A huge congratulations to all of you!

Interested in submitting to our Fall 2022 program? You can view our deadlines and review our new jury lineup here.

The Winners were selected by our industry jury that included:
Gisselle Ruiz (Head of Diversity & Inclusion for WME)
Kelly Garrett (Executive Director of Original Programming at FreeForm)
Katrina Mathewson (TV Writer, Co-Chair of the LGBTQ WGA committee)
Juan He (Literary Manager at Housefire Management)

Without further ado, the Spring 2022 Diverse Voices Winners can be found on Coverfly here or below.

Five With A Bullet by Christopher Isenegger
When the head of their record label dies, five of the world’s biggest rock stars are invited to his Malibu mansion to pay tribute…but find themselves on a very different kind of hit list!

I Am The Dragon King by Storm Choi
An elderly Korean shaman recalls memories of his youth as he attempts to re-connect with his estranged family.

L.A. by Jillian Ibarra
After Novia, a medical student, living in L.A., with her undocumented father, Jose, a doctor from Mexico now a Paletero man, helps an injured non-citizen, they discover the desperate need for medical help in their largely uninsured community and open an undercover medical center.

Made In USA by Desdemona Chiang
When a mild-mannered casino executive is fed up with being overlooked and underappreciated, she turns to the underground world of birth tourism to uncover her ambition and power.

The Adventures of Catfish & Zombie Tom by Evan Kuykendall
In pursuit of becoming nothing like his alcoholic deadbeat father, Diego works to become a superhero but finds that he can unfortunately only access his superpowers while drunk.

The Vampire Prince by Kyle Hinton
After centuries of navigating a world that wants him dead, the estranged son of Dracula goes from spending his nights as a sex worker in modern-day Chicago to becoming entangled in a supernatural war over God’s crown.

To Heck With It! by Teddi Shaffer
When a young Mexican-American Mormon girl, Brighten Smith, discovers she has 6 months to live, she runs away to Sin City to execute a bucket list of sins that will ensure she is never “sealed” to her oppressive family in the hereafter.

We Good by Keisha Prince
A divorced, pastor’s ex-wife eases into single-motherhood with the help and trolling of her foul-mouthed, walking Twitter-feed of an adult daughter.

We’d also like to spotlight some really strong Honorable Mentions:

A Nasty Habit by Sadie Fearon
Polydactyly by Joni Rodgers
Ben Johnson Day by Kerena Marchant
Mystic by Cody Ashford & Eric Vue
Cayenne and Dee by Laura LeeLun
Lucha by Danny Cavada Montenegro
My Best Friend’s Love Story by Ushmey Chakraborty

Congratulations again to all these writers. We are so excited for all the year has to offer.

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