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The Diverse Voices Semi-Finalists

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Before we announce the semi-finalist, we're very excited to announce that Diverse Voices and WeScreenplay raised $1,437 for the Books for Kids Foundation!  Thank you to everyone who entered and we're extremely excited to support this amazing organization. We encourage everyone to check out this program and all they're doing.

The mission of Diverse Voices is to provide a contest that is purely focused on promoting and encouraging diverse voices and stories. The contest's hope was to find stories that are told from perspectives – through the author and/or characters – that are often underrepresented in Hollywood today. We're so happy to say that the response to this contest was unbelievable.

This inagural Diverse Voices contest has brought together so much amazing talent and so many incredible stories that we've doubled the size of our semi-finalist group to 100 scripts, because it was impossible to cut down the list to 50. However, there were still so many extremely talented writers who did not advance. The competition was fierce and just because a project may not have advanced doesn't at all mean that it isn't a fantastic story. In fact, we're certain that some scripts not advancing will bring their writer success in the very near future.

We also want to extend a sincere congratulations to everyone advancing. If you are advancing it means that after two reads, your judges agreed that this is a stand out story that needs to be told. Please make sure to congratulate these writers on the Facebook announcement — they deserve it!

And now, the Diverse Voices Semi-Finalists:

147 written by  David Baugnon
'Til We Meet Again written by  Russell Chan
48 States of Grandpa written by  Paul Jury
A Gentleman of Good Hope written by  Christina Hulen
A Hundred Realities written by  Karel Coates
Allahu Akbar written by  Joe Leone
Ana Limic: A "True" Story of Silence written by  michael pica
Another River written by  Kimba Henderson
B.F.F. (or Lil' Wang) written by  Sean Ericson Quetulio
Becoming Quanah Parker written by  Steve Warren
BIG FIRE written by  Daniel Judson
Black-Hearted Bitch written by  Lynn Kear
Bobby written by  Edwin Sánchez
BODEY'S BANNER written by  Ernestina Juarez
Bog Walk written by  Dominique Holmes
Borderline written by  Philip Tarl Denson
Brave Hearts written by  Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel
Burn the Floor written by  Chloe Weinberg
Butterfly Children written by  Melanie Schiele
Buzz Cut Season written by  Tatiana Bears
CHASING RAINBOWS written by  Micah Cohen
Chennai 2040 written by  Vishnu Sekar
Children of the Gods written by  Barbara Chepaitis
Civilian written by  Gina Scanlon
Cured written by  Joe Osborn
Darling written by  Aaron Yeung
DEAN THE DRUMMER written by  Tannaz Hazemi
Dietrich Danzig written by  John Pisano-Thomsen
DIVORCE PARTY written by  Lauren Manes
Don't Call Me Sir written by  Bo Svenson
EVE written by  Micah Cohen
EZEKIEL SCROOGE: An American Christmas Carol written by  Bob Canning
Finding Jane written by  Virginia Shaffer
Foxy Naught written by  Karen Rouse
Frankie saves the World written by  Christine McVie
Gauguin's Garden written by  Brandon Rosin
God's Three Tricks written by  stefano bozzo
Going Home written by  Nir Shelter
Grace in the West written by  Odin Ozdil
GRANT'S CROSS written by  Ernestina Juarez
Harboring written by  Russell Nichols
Heaven's Mistake written by  Brandon Montgomery
How to Date Couples written by  Sunny Monroe
In-Between written by  Sandra Smith
Isabelle's Family written by  Sid Pand
It Gets Worse written by  Samuel Spitale
IT TOLLS FOR THEE written by  Tommy Clohessy
Je Fait written by  Edward Jordan
Lakota written by  Alexander Major
Little Kid, Big Fears written by  Kentrell Liddell
Lost & Found written by  Jabari Howard
Love Supreme written by  Kimba Henderson
MARS written by  Tara Pinley
MERCY written by  Amanda Norman
MoneyGripp written by  Addison Bhuyan
Mr. Anchovy written by  Angela Page
MY STARDUST written by  J.J. Hillard
My Stupid Libido written by  Mel DuPont
Never Leave Your Vehicle written by  Paul Clarke
NIGHT CLAN – "Identity" written by  Felicia Ansty
O, Inc. written by  Tim Prott
Olé: Rising Above Mith written by  kelly karam
PATCHWORK SOLDIERS written by  Geoff Holder
Pocono Heaven Lodge written by  T Gordon Stanley
Powder Burns written by  T Watkins
Power & Light written by  Mark Jones
RAGHEAD written by  Tom Coash
Rainy Season written by  Vanessa Wright
Rooms Of Experience written by  Steffany Lohn-Sommers
San Francisco Sandinista written by  David Cupples
SECOND WIND WOMAN written by  Edwin Turner
Shooting Stars – "Play With Fire" written by  Jorge Perez
Singing in Shorthand written by  Wayne & Terry Baltz
Stone Woman written by  Veronica Tabares
Stone's Compass written by  Ramona Taylor
SUPREMACY written by  Rosalyn Rosen
The Body Electric written by  Amy Thorstenson
THE CLERIC written by  Tim & Martin Marks
The Golden Age written by  Jon Davis
The Hunter written by Angela Berliner
The Interview written by James M. Freeman & Karsten Freeman
The Lavender Mafia written by  Luke Yankee
The Local written by  Christina Pamies
The New Mrs Campbell written by  Paul Mahoney
The Other Woman written by  Elizabeth Dwyer Sandlin
THE RELUCTANT PROPHET written by  Edwin Turner
The Talented Uncle Julien written by  SiewFeng (Kaede) Loh
The Tear Collector written by  Linda Niccol
The Trill Nikkia written by  Leon Chills
The unheard flute written by  Paul Gross
The Want Ads written by  Michael Rhodes
TIES written by  Joanne Brouard
To Walk Among Wolves written by  Carol Hoffman
Union Station written by  Sid Pand
Warrior written by  Aimee Dansereau
White Lily written by  Preston Poulter
White Sage written by  Sean Freelon
With All Deliberate Speed written by  Marcus Herzberg
You're My Best Friend written by  Karol Ruth Silverstein

Congrats to all these fantastic writers!

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