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Announcing the 2018 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Semifinalists

By February 12, 2019May 16th, 2019No Comments

Thank you to all of the writers who entered the WeScreenplay Feature Competition this year! Your hard work, talent, and dedication to storytelling shines through in the entries we received.

From over 1,000 entries, we are thrilled to advance 53 entries to the semifinal round for another read and further consideration. A huge congratulations to every writer advancing — it is incredibly difficult to stand out at this level.

We also want to acknowledge all of the strong scripts that did not advance. It does not at all mean that our judges didn’t enjoy the read – all of the quarterfinalists scripts were strong writing samples and great stories. Thank you for entering your script and always keep writing.

Without further ado, the 2018 WeScreenplay Feature Contest Semifinalists:

MANIFESTO written by Khaila Amazan
Good Mother, Lavender Vine written by Stacey Pierce
Fiber written by Lukas Valderrama
Little Bird written by Thomas Downs
Man’s Lost Friend written by Anthony Mazzarella
The Witch of Dresden written by Tim Fasano
The Hawk of Quraysh written by Laila  Ujayli
Flight Behavior written by Amelie Yeager
Rebuild written by Paul  Santana, Tate Ammons
The First Law written by Jack Christian, D. J. McPherson
Turnabout written by Bill Hanan
THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME written by Alexander Vargas
Tres Banditos written by Thomas Leupp
Last to Fall written by Jim Maceda
Buried written by Karen Frank
Bounce Back written by Alex Perez
Traumatized written by Kris Lippert
Fireflies written by Tyler Welch
Escape Pod written by Eugene La Haye, Buster La Haye
The Superb Lyrebird and Other Creatures written by Wendy Young
Childproof written by Michael Noonan
A War on Terror written by Peter Haig
Guilt written by Jamie Severson
Orion written by Sebastian McGrogan
Cake and Candles written by Sally Fitz
Trashed written by Samuel Brett Williams
Glow written by Lee Burgess
BLOOD-LINK written by Michael Prosser
Oliver’s Sea Monster written by Michael Gibney
The Moment Between the Blink and the Pull written by Lori Bowen
JUNK written by Doug Mallette
Lost Coyote written by Gustavo Freitas
Full Take written by Morgan Lariah
The Car Thief written by Mark Bethune
The Emperor of Wyoming written by Michael Hamblin
Ms Greer written by Alica Gwinner
What’s Mine written by Asya Perkins
Lemons and Things written by Tilda Fay
The Devil, a Rebel, a Fool written by Clayton Fusco
STRAWBERRY BITCH written by Patrick Poff
Blood and the Rye written by Rajiv Shah
Susan the Spy written by Alva Moore
Karmarama written by Russell Smith
Winter Jasmine written by Jennifer Cooney
The Fool’s Errand written by John Murphy, Chris Bramante
BLOOD IN THE WATER written by Laura Gillis
Forty Winks written by Andrew Stein
Ersatz written by Charles Ancelle
Zharkov’s Masterpiece written by Elizabeth Samaroo
The Memory Bank written by Daniel Cooper, Adam Cooper
The Last Frontier written by Holly Holstein
Distortion written by Travis Opgenorth
The Boy with the Pink Triangle written by Amy Reedy

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