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2023 WeScreenplay TV Lab Winners

By February 1, 2023No Comments

Thank you again to all of the incredible writers who entered the WeScreenplay TV Lab this year! We are excited to announce this year’s Winners and Honorable Mentions. A huge congratulations to all of you!

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The Winners were selected by our industry jury that included:

Sydney Blanke (Literary Manager, Fourth Wall Management), AE Jones (Literary Manager, Stagecoach Entertainment), Brandy Rivers (Literary Manager, Industry Entertainment), Mike Griffin (Manager/Producer, Make Good Content), Rebecca Windsor (VP, Current Programming, and Head of Warner Bros. TV Workshop), Lucy Luna (TV Writer, ALL RISE, TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORY), Neil Thomas (Executive Director, TV Development, MRC Entertainment), and Jason Hafford (Agent, Global Television, CAA).

Without further ado, the 2023 WeScreenplay TV Lab Winners can be found on Coverfly here or below.

Alienated by Sarah Burton

A struggling first-time mother is convinced there is something weird and wrong with her new infant son. All signs point to postpartum depression – that is, until an eccentric female Geek Squad employee takes a look at her baby monitor footage, and explains that the strange frequencies being heard might actually be signs of alien communication.

Black Mormon by Eric Stroud, Rory Kulz

When a repressed, mixed-race Mormon is promoted to head the Church’s Black outreach, his racial awakening provokes him to live without inhibition, fraying his relationships with his family, his work, and his God.

Butch by Rae Binstock

In this unique twist on the urban-noir thriller, a butch lesbian private investigator must take on the filth, glamour, and corruption of 1970s New York City while hunting a murderer targeting the city’s newly radicalized gay community, even as she wrangles with the bigotries of both the police and her own tribe.

Crips by Brian Koukol

When a disabled man discovers that his long-time girlfriend and caregiver has been cheating on him, he must decide where to draw the line in this comedic tale of life, love, and progressive neuromuscular disease set in the un-accommodating world of suburban Los Angeles.

Laurels by Sara Kiener

Overwhelmed but determined to succeed, Sheila Chambers is the newly appointed executive director of a massive film festival that sits at the center of a multi-billion dollar industry. Movies, celebrities, politics and money…it’s all in the crosshairs of this provocative, funny series centered on the cinephiles and megalomaniacs that keep the High Falls Film Festival afloat on the shifting tides of America’s culture wars.

Northport Nannies by Brittany Worthington

Veronica Mars meets Mary Poppins– A kickass nanny-in-training goes in search of her missing best friend, only to discover the dark secrets of child care for the New York elite.

We’d also like to spotlight some really strong Honorable Mentions:

Miss Bigley by Matt Yulish
Lovesick by Sabrina Lu
Soul Searching by Vee Saieh
Tiger Child by Angela Cavallin

Congratulations again to all these writers. We are so excited for all the year has to offer.

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