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Announcing the Diverse Voices Spring 2019 Semifinalists

By May 15, 2019September 16th, 2019No Comments

Before we announce the semifinalists, we’re very excited to announce that everyone who submitted their work helped WeScreenplay raise $3,096 for the ARRAY! Founded by Ava DuVernay, Array is an independent film distribution and resource collective comprised of artist advocacy organizations, and maverick volunteers worldwide. Their work is dedicated to the amplification of independent films by people of color and women filmmakers globally. Since Diverse Voices has launched in 2016 we’ve raised nearly $20,000 for charity.


The mission of Diverse Voices is to encourage stories that are told from perspectives that are often underrepresented in Hollywood today. This includes writers of color, women writers, writers with disabilities, writers over 40, writers in the LGBTQ+ community, and any other voices that have historically been ignored by Hollywood.

There were many talented writers who did not advance. The competition was fierce and just because a project may not have advanced doesn’t at all mean that it isn’t a fantastic story. In fact, we’re certain that some scripts not advancing will bring their writer success in the very near future.

We also want to extend a sincere congratulations to the writers who are advancing. If you are advancing it means that after two reads, your judges agreed that this is a stand our story that needs to be told. Please make sure to congratulate these writers on the Facebook announcement and Twitter announcement — they deserve it!

Finally, click here to receive a notification via Coverfly when Diverse Voices re-opens later in the year.

And now, the Diverse Voices Semifinalists:

A Note from an Old Acquaintance Bill Walker
A Turban & A Beard Jaskaran Singh
Aces Derrick Vaughan
Adulting Suhashini Krishnan
Ahura Atefeh Nouri
Ajay Wants a Circumcision Arvin Crowell
All The Way Happy Melinda Hicks
American Psyche Richard Nguyen & Vinita Mehta
Amok Leanne Mangan
Another Day Norman  Hill
Another Gay Laramie Romance Richard Morell
Arranged Felicia Ho
Badass Kelly Beck-Byrnes
Bark Club Kathleen Eccles
Better Left Unsaid Laurie Mona
Bill Lucas Miller
Black and Blue LaKesa Cox
Black Boys Learn To Speak No Evil Ali Askari
Black White Blue Murry Peeters
Blessed Nick Ellis
Blood Sisters Jasmin Tenucci
Blue Comedy Vincent Accettola
Book of Morgan Darla Phillips
Breaker Cats Reynard Alli &. Patrick  Foy
Caledonia Daniel Snoddy
Camden Valesca Van Rees
Captain C! John Paul Su
Cards to Die For Derrick Coy
Carpe Diem Peter Gazdag
Catching the Bus Rebecca Wackler & Eddie Levi Lee
Changing Views Kari Mote
Chenille Amy Pankenier
Cherry Hill Blues Shay Ball
Circle of Illumination Trisha DiFazio
Cold and burning Daniela Rodrigues-Henry
Conundrums Loop Sam C.y. Yu
Corportate: The Musical Kerry Ann  Reid
Cost of Austin Jocelyn Manns & Ryan Manns
Cultured Eddie Leavy
Danika Brewster Heather Spiegel
Death Cult Peter Gazdag
Derobees Myra Taylor
Desert Eyes Michael Kallal
Disenfranchised Edith Cheng
Disfluency Anna Baumgarten
Dragonfly Julia Morizawa
Dream Trevin Hartwell
Emergency Nicole Shante White
Emery Tanya Lemke
Every Inch a King Kristina Poe
Exposed Martina Chaconas
Fabulosity Jesse Klein
Fempires Michelle Gilson
First Gem Kim Tran
Flying Lessons Sarah Waldron
For Pete’s Sake Katterina Powers
Forbearance Sophia Castuera
Freedom Soldier Armelle Lajus
Freefall Denise Meyers
From the Wilderness Christina Tucker
Funny Accent Barbara  Shulgasser-Parker
Game Life Odin Ozdil
Gbenga Adesola Thomas
Ghettocyrano Marcia McNair
Girl Trouble Devi Snively
Goodbye Iraq Anonymous
Got Your Back Katy Dore
Growing Up Crazy Peters Jane
Gun, Fire Miriam Rahimi-Cholensky
Harold’s Harbor Kyle de Villafane
Heaven Oleguer Homs
Henrietta Harry Aspinwall
Hex Joey Capuana
Holding On To You Anich D’Jae
Homegrown Ahmed Glover
Hush, Little Baby Sh’Kia Augustin
In Eden Holly Beck
Incarnations Albert M. Chan
Jackpot Christina Ye Rim Jun
Jackrabbit David Schlow
June In Autumn Wendy Okoi-Obuli
Lady Mozart Michelle Sarkany
Life Forces Marcia Buhler
Little Black Doll Danielle Holman
Long Haul William Welles
Loop Steve Miranda
Lords of the Second Sphere Angela Jorgensen
Love’s Story Estefania Pineres
Luna Dana Verde
M-otherland Emily Ross
Mad City Amelia Swedeen
Malick Armelle Lajus
Marred Dallas Rico
Master of Ceremonies Lane Lyle
Matriarchs Tiffany Black
Meet Me in a Dark Alley Jessy Lauren Smith
Men in the Water Kathleen Caslin
Men Who Love ME Monica Lucas
Mermaid Slayers Tiana Warner & Stephanie Warner
Michigan in Me Mark Rashid
Mischa Darko Antic
Mission Colle Jasmine  Leyva
Mizrahi’s Party Palace Lindsey Dier
Modernists of Matchbook Art Calvin Beckett
Mommin’ Ain’t Easy Imani Lukunku
Monique Kelly Investigates Christopher Aronsten
Morning Glory William R. Winston
Mosaic Blues Danielle Tillman
Motel Verse Dallas Rico
My Father’s Dream Iyanna Terrell
Nancy Boys Nicholas Fernandes
Need To Time Travel? Michael Kuya
Ness Elizabeth Pfeiffer
New Deal Road Mark Rashid
Nobody Gives a F**k Valeri Lilov
NOVA: First Flight Rachel Farrell Fischer
On Tour Jocelyn Manns & Ryan Manns
Once Upon Ever After Wendy Okoi-Obuli
Orphan Brotherhood Celina Dobson
Outlaws J Stifle
Over It Joy Goodwin
Pachuke Kendra Arimoto
Passing Ships Andrew Quailes
Patient No More Mugs Cahill
Peculiar Animals Obiageli Odimegwu
Petty Crime Helen Yenser
Phallacy Tasha Cerny
Pharma Dori Zavala
Polaroid Erica Mountain
Prae For The Dead Ryan Porter
Praise to the Man Drew Toop
Prosperous Jorge Zuniga
Quicksand Jennifer Bianchi
Racket Adam Sleper
Red Flag Suzanne Slack-Smith
Redcoats on the Hudson Carole Ryavec
Robert Smalls John Harris
Rubber Room Jason Nieves
Sanctified Bryan Days
Santa Claus Incorporated Arun Narayanan
Savage David Schlow
Saved Julian Renner
Scuppernongs Lynne Ashe
Seen, Unseen Anita Palathingal
Self-Help Me! Carolyn Tetaz & Charlie Turner
Sex & Death Thomas Thonson
She Touched Me Timothy fFolsome
Show Me the Heat Richard Pacia
Sinclair Teresa Duran
Sins of Our Fathers J Stifle
Sister Rosalee Jones Asya Perkins
Skin David Chang
Small Kine – 1X01 Samuel Nuñez
Space Homey William  Maxwell
Steve Jay Furby
Str8 to the Altar Devin Lotfi
Strange Magic Wendy Urrico
Street Lights Terrence Thompson
Stretched: A Year Inside jamal dedeaux
Student Body Helen Yenser
Stuffed Laurie Magers
Sundown Maggie Colligan, Jessica Cloud & Patrick Gough
Super Hot Girl Margaret Kaminski
T&T Power Arthur Glenn
Ten Daze in LA David Aguilar
That Sister Thang Dale Winton & Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen
That’s Our Girl Dante Orange
The Accessory Joe Borg
The Apostle John Martins III
The Birdhouse Maker Dale Janda
The Bullring Luke Garza
The Canary Code Suzanne Mattson
The Choice Image Richard Winzeler
The Consumed Dania Bennett
The Cost of Liberty Stacy McDonald
The Cowbird Keith and Cassie Hayasaka
The Delivery Gil Seltzer
The Forgotten Skeleton Dilpreet Kaur Walia
The Fourth Psalm John Martins III
The Girl in the Navy Blue Sweater Laura Carrione
The Harvest Doua Moua
The Homestudy Derek Nicoletto
The Kidnap LaTorie Martin & Shane Mcclendon
The Late Night Creep jamal dedeaux
The Lobbyist Brent Lewis
The M&M Boys Gino DeMarco
The Muckrakers Luis de Leon
The Myrtles Diana Zollicoffer
The Nug Hilah Johnson
The Peragro Project Nabil Chowdhary
The Pugilist Margeaux Francois
The Queen Of Caspary Laura Solow
The Reckoning Jocelyn Osier
The Resurrected Kim Garland
The Road out of Afghanistan Artur
The Slave and the Prophet Jawaad Mohiuddin
The Summer of a Thousand Weddings Aditya Joshi & Sidharth Gopinath
The Waltz Patrick Morgan
The White Mouse: Witch Heather Farlinger
The Wonder Pill Jacqueline Rodriguez
Thornbush Ivo de Jager
Those We Leave Behind Will Stewart
Those Who Hear It Charles Hopkins
Tinder No Filter Mal Merpi
To The End Chris Hicks
Traveling Light Melanie Williams
Uncatchable Kofi Oliver
Untouchable Dhruv Kanungo
Unvali-Dated Joe Borg
Uprising Derrick Vaughan
Valid Sefi Atta
Variant Molly Vogel
Vault Roni Brown
Veils of Justice Tita Anntares
Veldt Madison Flannery
Vizion Angelica Weaver
Wake Up Becky Jorge Barboza
Walk Into My Parlour Myra Taylor
Warrior Girl Laurie Whitaker
White Lie Wedding Whitney Powell
White Walls Ivo de Jager
Wilcox Park Omar Willis
Without Apology Jackie Hedeman, Molly Olguín
Wonderful World Melissa Kong
XX Miriam Rahimi-Cholensky
Year Without Summer Amanda Caitlyn Eberhardt
Yule Logs & Snow Balls Don Ammon

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