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Announcing the Fall 2019 Diverse Voices Finalists

By December 15, 2019No Comments

Diverse Voices is a screenplay contest and lab that strives to encourage stories that are told from perspectives that are often underrepresented in Hollywood today. This includes writers of color, women writers, writers with disabilities, writers over 40, writers in the LGBTQ+ community, and any other voices that have historically been ignored by Hollywood.

We want to thank everyone who entered and helped us raise money — since Diverse Voices’ inception, we’ve raised over $20,000 for nonprofits in film and education!

The Diverse Voices competition includes an in-person Screenwriting Lab experience in Los Angeles. Four winners will be flown out to LA for mentorship and meetings with industry professionals.

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And now, the Fall 2019 Diverse Voices Finalists:

A Need to Kill  written by Mark Pettit & AJ Jones
A Turban & A Beard written by Jaskaran Singh
Across The Neon Hours written by J. Malia Miranda
AKUNGA written by Olivia Biffot
All Is Calm written by Matthew J. Beier
Birdsong written by Jennifer Dunn
Blue Comedy written by Vincent Accettola
Chrysalis written by Bethany White & Patrick Crellin
Chualar written by Ann Marie Pace
Definitely Not a Monster written by Brea Angelo
Fabulosity written by Jesse Klein
Forty Elephants written by Emily Aspland
Game On written by Ariel Wilkins & Avian  Wilkins
Gamer written by Mark Williams-Abrams
Giftless written by Dan Hass
Girl Afraid written by Christopher Guerrero
Going Brogue written by Samantha Martin & Greg McQuaid
Good Mother, Lavender Vine written by Stacey Pierce
Greensboro’s Own written by Courtney Powell & Tate Nova
Havenwood written by Jai Brandon
Jackson Wong’s Game of Pong written by M Lee Speyer
Jocko written by Derek Vitatoe
King written by Stephane Cantave
Lucky Kidney written by Nelson Knight
Mother-Daughter written by Tricia Lee
New America  written by Kirk John-Williams
Officer X written by Michael Joiner
Powerless written by Jess Harris-DiStefano
Present Tense written by J Stifle
Queen written by Jeff Reyes
Ready When You Aren’t  written by Brittany Ashley
Sanctuary written by Darryl Wimberley
Sausage & Sushi written by Dale Winton
Snitch written by Anthony Cuffie
SPIC written by Johnny Sánchez
Spotless written by Diogo Beltran
Stormtrooper written by Mario Rivas
Strange Desires written by Douglas Allen
Sundown written by Wilbert Stanton
The American Way  written by Jai Jamison
The Bubble written by Dustin Clendenen
The Cricket written by Gabe Berry
The Evening written by Alan Harrington
The Fall written by Tamra Teig & Michael Lipoma
The Orphaned written by Brian Beatty
The Salmon written by Valentina  Avayu
The Well written by Raza Rizvi
Untouchable written by Dhruv Kanungo
Vampire Strippers Must Die! written by Keith Hartman
Yung written by Kyle Kubo & Fatima Liaqat

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