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Spring 2022 Diverse Voices Finalists

By January 14, 2022No Comments

Thank you to all of the incredible writers who entered Diverse Voices this year! Your dedication to storytelling, hard work, and talent, radiates through in the entries we received.

WeScreenplay believes that the best way for writers to grow is through feedback. That is why WeScreenplay puts feedback front and center by providing free, written feedback with every single competition entry.

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We are beyond thrilled to advance these following entries to the Finalist round. Top finalists will be considered by our industry jury which includes: Gisselle Ruiz (Head of Diversity & Inclusion for WME), Kelly Garrett (Executive Director of Original Programming at FreeForm), Katrina Mathewson (TV Writer, Co-Chair of the LGBTQ WGA committee), and Juan He (Literary Manager at Housefire Management).

Stay tuned for the Winner announcement on February 15th!

Without further ado, the Spring 2022 Diverse Voices Finalists can be found on Coverfly here or below.

A Nasty Habit Sadie Fearon
Ask Already Sandra Lince
Ben Johnson Day Kerena Marchant
Cayenne and Dee Laura LeeLun
Cream City Jeffrey James Keyes, Matt W. Cody
Daddy’s Little Girl Rob Poquez
Elevate Emma Bates and Dustin Castleberry
Eulogy Andi Avery
Five With A Bullet Christopher Isenegger
I am the Dragon King Michael Choi
L.A. Jillian Ibarra
Lucha Danny Cavada Montenegro
Made in USA Desdemona Chiang
My Best Friend’s Love Story Ushmey Chakraborty
My Daughter Maya Sarah McCulley
Mystic Cody Ashford & Eric Vue
Out Again Raye Schiller
The Adventures of Catfish & Zombie Tom   Evan Kuykendall
The Devil and Dick Gregory Sean Slater
The Vampire Prince Kyle Hinton
To Heck With It! Teddi Shaffer
We Good Keisha Prince
Weigh In Rudy Bamenga

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