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Announcing the Diverse Voices Spring 2019 Winners

By July 19, 2019No Comments

We want to thank all entrants for helping WeScreenplay raise $3,096 for the ARRAY!  Since Diverse Voices has launched in 2016 we’ve raised nearly $20,000 for charity. WeScreenplay wants to take a moment to recognize all the fantastic finalists. Everyone at this level should be proud — you wrote moving, compelling stories that our judges loved.

We want to extend a sincere congratulations to the winners of the competition – it was incredibly fierce with over 1,000 entries.  The industry jury this year had an incredibly difficult job of picking the tops scripts. The winners will participate in the Diverse Voices Lab — a 5 day Los Angeles lab where they will workshop their script with working writers, meeting with managers, development executives, and producers, and network with the fellow winners.

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And now the winners of the Spring 2019 Season of Diverse Voices:

Best Short Screenplay

EMERY written by Tanya Lemke

Addy, a young teen raised by her morally-flexible stepfather in an isolated rural landscape, is forced to use some of the tricks she learned at his side when their tenuous peace is threatened.

Best Television Pilot

MARRED written by Dallas Rico

Betrayed by his boyfriend and neglected by his best friend, a depressed black nerd hires a hitwoman to end his miserable life.

Best Feature Screenplay

THE NUG written by Hilah Johnson

After a coffee creamer explosion burns their club down, two dancers set off for California, chasing the promise of an inherited prospector map. With the bad guys hot on their heels, our heroins stop at nothing — except the famous Squirrel City roadside attraction — to reach their destiny.

Grand Prize Winner

MISSION COLLEGE written by Jasmine Crestwell

A young girl struggling with racial identity at a predominantly white institution, gets a hold of magic pills that allow her to travel back and forth between her regular life and an alternate universe where she attends a historically black college.


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