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2022 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Quarterfinalists

By August 1, 2022October 5th, 2022No Comments

Thank you to all of the incredible writers who entered WeScreenplay Shorts Contest this year!

As you know — WeScreenplay believes that the best way for writers to grow is through feedback. That is why WeScreenplay provides free, written feedback with every single competition entry. We are glad to hear from so many of you how helpful the notes were and excited to see WeScreenplay writers are improving all the time!

We are thrilled to advance entries to the Quarterfinalist round for another read. A huge congratulations to every writer advancing!

Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on August 25th! If you are interested in hearing the next time this competition opens, subscribe for updates here.

We also want to acknowledge all of the strong scripts that did not advance. If your script is not on this list, it does not at all mean that our judges didn’t enjoy the read – in fact, we’re confident some of the scripts not advancing will bring their writers success in the very near future. Thank you for entering your script and always keep writing.

Without further ado, the 2022 WeScreenplay Shorts Contest Quarterfinalists can be found on Coverfly here or below.

/Haaw/ Joey Scoma
AMERICAN ASIAN Dillon VanOort, Kat Ahn
Bah Humbug Michael (Mike) Ede
Beatrice Is Not Her Name Kimberly Carvalho
Blood Thirsty Brandon Bentley
Changes Martyn Eaden
Choosing Bree Joenique C. Rose
Chrome Plated Sarah Ward
Church Bells Abigail Sharp
CLAP CLAP Sarah Ward
Copy Cat Vanessa Branch
Deliverance Olga Holtz
Distressed Loic Pichot
Dogwalker Jason Stratton
Dolls in the Walls Matt McCarthy, Katherine Cox
Dolores Nichole Luna
Dona Sebastiana Patricia Chavez
Dream Lover J.L. Reed
Eden Tiyan Newman
Edgar and the Undead Montgomery Burt
Exhumation Steven Stiefel, M.E. Ellington
Exile Renan Amaral Andreão
Exile Renan Amaral Andreão
Family Business Callum Henderson
Fun Fact Quinn Katherman
Gearjammer Branko Maksic
Gender Reveal Party Alison Parker
George Washington Slept Here! Sam Robotham
Golden Garden Takeout Maggie Wong
Harold, Electra and our Lord, David Attenborough Kirsty Zane
Have a Mint Taylor McTague
Heartstrings J.D. Zelman, Matthew Dushkes
Henry The Head I. S. Gianello
House Keeping Leanna Adams
I Hope This Email Finds You Well Quinton Buxton
Inside Martin Tylicki
Joey Learns To Fly Tamara Jensen
JOSE Andre Cherry
Kate’s Ballad Rory O’Connor
Laissez-Faire Evasion Alejandro Castillon
Life Is But A Dream Janelle Tweed
Lou Irene Tobias Wahlstedt
Man, Interrupted Vanessa Agnelli
Maureen Olivia Owyeung
Meat Wagon Jeff Speed
My Friend Moon Stephanie Kalota
NONSELF J. J. Hillard
Of Heroes and Villains Kylin Hunter
Only Child Blues Addison Egan
Out of View Dustin Hendrick, Nathan Pacyna
Oversight Morgan Nikola-Wren
Paper Son of Angel Island Howard Hong
Passengers David-Matthew Barnes
Pebble Oliver Giles
Pension Plan Natalie Hunter
Personal worth a.k.a The Untitled Female Founder Project Vanessa J. Scull
Pick One Matthew Serrano
Pistachio Dorothy Nguyen
Possum Lyndal Simpson
Prince Jessica Rowlands
Pullin’ It Together Joenique C. Rose
Rain Out of Season Deja Bernhardt
Red Gulch Peter Forbes
Saint Ezekiel Michael Tannenbaum
Say Something Chelsea M Matthews
Say Yes Gabe Berry
Second Time Around Jude Leese
St. NICKED (Based on True Events) Jake Halliwell
STOOL Gavin Carlton
Survive The Night Richard Hohenrath
Symbiotic David Irvine
Telethon: The Quest to Save Grease 2’s Reputation Sav Rodgers
The Bina Situation Noel Sunny
The Blouse Ksenia Avonavi
The Door in the Mirror Geoff Murillo
The Frightened Lorna Norrise, Lauren Rosson
The Ghost of Pembroke Lodge Olga Holtz
The Ghostodians Leila Murton Poole
The Last Day of May Dalia Caudle
The Last Fax Ever Steven Demmler
The New Moon in the Old Moon’s Arms David Sanders
The Perfect Love Story Nathan Hallauer, Thomas May
The Selfie Chad Wellinger
The Untamed Olga Holtz
There’s a Frog on Mars (It’s True!) Shaun Radecki
Under The Same Sky Paul Fischer
Up-Down-Left-Right Mike DiSalvo
Voilà! Mark Pomerville, Patricia Leejohnson, Analise Porter
WAHALA Sunny King
Welcome to Chinatown Benjamin Pollack
When the Watch Stops Working Coleman Andersen

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