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5 (free) Tools for Writing Your Next Script Faster

By June 3, 2016No Comments

Here are 5 free tools that will help you write your next screenplay more efficiently. Not all of these are necessarily designed for screenwriters, but they can all help.

1.) Random Name Generator

No more wasting times coming up with character names, crank out a few names and pick your favorite – it's seriously magical. Try it out here.

2.) Online Outlining Software

Sure we all love doing our outlining on note cards that cover the kitchen table for weeks on end, but when your family or roommates are sick of eating around the second half of Act II it's time to move things into 2016. Gingko can help you do just that. There's a small learning curve, but then you can do everything you want and more online. It's a great way to improve your outlining.

3.) Answers to Every Question Ever

It's a lovely little place on the internet called Quora that has the answers to everything. It's easy to google "When did the French Revolution begin?" but it's a lot harder to get a good google result for "What's the most unnerving thing about being diagnosed with schizophrenia?" or "What's the worst thing you've ever seen as a nurse?". Quora has real people giving real answers – it's the best way ever to get into a character's head for free.

4.) Writing Software

This is an obvious one, but every week we get scripts submitted to WeScreenplay that were self-formatted. If you have money, go out and grab Final Draft or Movie Magic. If you don't, Celtx and Writer Duet both work great and are very inexpensive. You'l save tons of time and the final result will look better.

5.) PDF To Final Draft Converter

If you've ever lost a script or wanted to go back and edit an older draft, this is the most time saving tool ever. Take any PDF draft of your script and get it back into working order with this AMAZING converter from Writer Duet.

Bonus.) WeScreenplay

Ok, we're cheating on this one. But 72-hour coverage everytime? That's a great way to save yourself from waiting 3-weeks for some notes.