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2023 WeScreenplay TV Lab Quarterfinalists

By November 1, 2022November 18th, 2022No Comments

Thank you to all of the incredible writers who entered the WeScreenplay TV Lab this year! Your hard work, talent, and dedication to storytelling shines through in the entries we received.

WeScreenplay believes that the best way for writers to grow is through feedback. That is why WeScreenplay provides free, written feedback with every single competition entry. We are glad to hear from so many of you how helpful the notes were and excited to see WeScreenplay writers are improving all the time!

If you are interested in hearing the next time this lab opens, subscribe for updates here.

We are thrilled to advance entries to the Quarterfinalist round for another read. A huge congratulations to every writer advancing. Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on November 21st!

We also want to acknowledge all of the strong scripts that did not advance. If your script is not on this list, it does not at all mean that our judges didn’t enjoy the read – in fact, we’re confident some of the scripts not advancing will bring their writers success in the very near future. Thank you for entering your script and always keep writing.

Without further ado, the 2023 WeScreenplay TV Lab Quarterfinalists can be found on Coverfly here or below.

10 Kate Harpootlian
1L’s Marcus Perkins
45 STORIES Eric Berg
A Hero’s Job Hannah Lewis
A Teacher’s Story Zachary Brenner
After Power Vinnie Mancuso
Agency of Record Episode 1 “Nuts!” Donald McKinney
Alienated Sarah Burton
All That Is Seen and Unseen Laura Becker
All’s Right in Jackson Heights Ben Bagli
Alphabet City Josh Bromfield Davis
Always A Bridesmaid Cynthia Mersten
An Untitled Future Jesse Harris
And There Was Evening, And There Was Morning, The Eighth Day… Stephen Laughton
Angel of Skid Row (Pilot) Aaron Michael Bailey
Anthony & Miguel – “Pilot” Trevor Brown
Are You Wild Like Me? Ep. 1: Dirt Universe William Nawrocki
ASHOKA THE GREAT Abitha Ramachandran
ASOMNIA – TV Pilot Stuart Creque
Assisted Living Charlie Griffin
AXP Aldous Davidson
Bad Blood David Vieux
Bad Fairy Steve Holbert
Bad Influencer Caroline Connolly
Baggage Rachel Relman
Barklyn Marcus Perkins, Jess Newman
Basilica Seamus Heffernan
Beast by Beast Shakthi Jothianandan
Belladonna Danielle Tjoelker
Biogenesis Robin Fusco
Black Lung Doug Mallette
Black Mormon Eric Stroud, Rory Kulz
Broken Arrow Tommy Tang, Emma Van Slyck
Brother’s Keeper David Zeltser, Joseph Greco
Business As Usual Ryan Cunningham
BUTCH Rae Binstock
Bye Lines Annie C. Wright
Cabbagetown Confidential Erik Long
Camera Obscura Ian Baaske
Camp Creep Sarah Ward
Cancelled Emily Tannenbaum
Carpetbaggers Matt Thomas
Cassie The Witch Steven Rawski
Chivalry James Yantko
Chosen Fam Ben Locke, William Rose
Church Boy David Chang
CIRKO Des Burnison
Clean Living Seth Birkan
Confidential Lindsay Gartner
Cooked Jacob Andrews
Cricket Club of Canon High Priya Mohanty
Crips Brian Koukol
Cult Town Katie Crone
Cutthroat Diana Glogau
D1 Eli Stern
Damsels and Dragons avery koenig
Dan Patrol Casey Jones
Daughter Theresa Izak Rappaport, Theresa Picciallo
Deadweight Rachel Imbriglio
Demented Tristan Mercado
DEPENDENTS Brandon Cohen
DESERT RATS Ken and Juan Pablo Arquelio and Arias Muñoz
Devil Good Goldie Jones
Diss Hit Crazy Brandon Morganstein
Dog Spelled Backwards Sammy Leach
DON’T SAY GAY! Kyle T. Cowan
Door-to-Door Murders Gina Batzia
Downtown Brian Stone
Emerging Nia Robinson
Empty Lots Matt Clemons
Eon Marine Mondelot
Erased Midlander Holly Holdsworth
Eugene Derek Arnold
Every Man for Himself Mike Johnston
EXPOSURE Michelle Aldridge
F*CK CANCER Mary Ashley Burton
Fairview Mia Volta
Fakes Jessica Jiji
Far from the Tree Leticia St Remy
Fear Family Craig Hillman
Firecrackers Kelly Tang
Flad Daniel Doczi
Founders Linda Denson
Free Spirits Katharine Densmore
Genius High Nadia Osman
Ghost Quest Hilah Johnson
GHOSTING Daniel Vignolo, Matthew Harrison
GOLD REIGN Tanita Ross-Cady
Golden Triangle Dennis Chong
Grant Me The Insanity Casey Costello
GreyHats Alia Zeid
Grifters Weslie Lechner
Grover’s Corners MJ Weerts
Hail Mary Michele O’Connor
Hair, Nails and Murder John Luke
Hanging Around Natalie Wood
Happy Heart Kona Isabel Thottam
Holistic Admissions Laurie McKinsey
If I Were You Ellen Barry
Impossible Jigsaw Patrick Skeyhill
Impregnation Lauren Certo
In Dreams Haley Dercher
In Judgment Anne Easton
In Rod We Trust Christos Poulos
Indigo Valley Ashley Parker
Influenced Lauren Certo
Influencza Dave Horner
Into The Ether Steve Brown, Robert Rogers
Invisible Jodie Anders
Jake Sandberg Michael Tannenbaum, Andrew Nadeau
Jericho Jackson: Private Eye Josiah Edwards
Jim’s Town AJ Ramson
Kaiju Stepson Minda Wei
Kickback Tom Kavanagh
King of the Moon Tyler Landis
Kiss & Makeup Catherine Durickas
Kosmos Alex Blumberg
LAURELS Sara Kiener
LEAP OF FAITH Adam Hiebeler, Carl Lauricella
Let Me Out Devin Berg, Jake Skillings
Liars Liz Biscevic
Life Goes On Damian Barray
Line of Scrimmage Rachel Thundat
Looking for Love in the Rearview Mirror Christa Butler
Lovesick Sabrina Lu
Mad Nellie Bridget Visser
Maidens Megan Robinson
Max! Scott Boxenbaum
Medium Young Erin Carter
Midnight Cinema Jon Davis
Mineral Peak: Pilot Rick Kinnebrew
Misery Man Harrison Myles, Rob Dionne
Miss Bigley Matt Yulish
Missing Trace Ryan Atimoyoo
Morlock Anthony Povah
Mostly Virgin Baldvin Kari, Ana Lazarevic
Mr. Pleasure Nicole Kemper
My Father The Sociopath Charlotte Miller
My Roommate’s A Ghost Adam Myers
My Very First Mid-life Crisis Nadeen Currie
Myths & Legends Andrew Nadeau
Nancy Boys Jay Pichardo
New Olympus Matthew Nicholson
Nice Jewish Boys Robert Axelrod
No Place For U.S. Amanda Minchin, Chris Danuser
North Fork Remy Barnes
Northport Nannies Brittany Worthington
Not Super Legal Carrie Fishbane
NUBARIUM Marcus Tappan
O, Father Briana Haynie
Okay, OK Laura Walters
Oneiros Anson Brasher
Orphan Brotherhood Celina Dobson
POSSESSED! Jacob Harpel
Pot Life: a Pilot A.J. Leonard
President of Earth Matthew Montgomery
Presto Change-O Michael Tannenbaum, Andrew Nadeau
Proxima Darren Joe
PROXY Kelly Kennemer
Purdy Lindsay Levy
Purim Shpielers Tallulah Bark-Huss
Quantum Corps George Makrinos
Quantum Entanglement KC Kramer
Queen Mary Kate Imy
Queen Street Kristina Mazzarelli
Queenie David Huang
Raising Fern Natalie Wood
Reaching for Rye Andrew Guerrero
Red Dawn Kathryn Loveless
Red Hook Records Jared Hada Smith
Red Shift Stephen Scarlato
Restavek Regine Mont-Louis, Obiajulu Chibututu
Reynmar Kaith Karishma
Riptide Jimmy Marble
Rustic Arlene Bogna
Sacred Heart Madeline Scholl
Sacrilegious (Pilot) ALEXANDRA STONE
Saltville kristen tepper
Samoan / American Taylor Foreman-Niko
Say Uncle Larry Collins
Screwed Siena Streiber
Shady Retreat Barry Leach
Sheriff of Sturgill Monis Rose
SHOWBIZ Max Kliman
Side Quest Michael Tannenbaum, Louie Aronowitz
SIMORGH Farzin Farzam
Six. Triple. Eight. Krystal M. Harris
Son of a Mother K.Page Stuart Valdes
South Side Story Stan Moroncini
Space Shannon Sipher
Speaking Spanish Alejandro Ramirez
Spokes Savannah Lucas
Star Ducks Jake Lynch
Steamtowne Mischa Pfister
Supported Rick Cisario
Sweet Little Unforgettable Things VP Anderson
Sweet Spawn of Mine Jacob Harpel
Take Two Natalie Wood
Tamber Dawn Benjamin Lewis
TEMPERANCE (and other Virtues) Alexandra Hayes
Terror and Virtue Ernest Pysher
THE AGE OF DESIRE Suzanne Griffin
The Antipodes Brenda Clarke
The B-Team Heidi Lux
The Divinity Cycle Nelson Downend
The Family Adam Gozdanker
The Friend Group Jessica Friedman
The Gang Gets Diverse Jordan Champagne
The Golden Age of Television Tobiah Black
The Goodbyes – “Pilot” ALEXANDRA STONE
The Goon Show Daniel Contreras
The Great Big Quest Eliot Fish
The Greens Ned Dougherty
The Heat Ben Carter Olcott
The Hole in the Woods Rachel Greenhoe
THE HOUSE OF TANG (f.k.a. Empress) Lisa Iannini
The Lavender Jungle Jon Davis
The List: A Single Lady’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Baby Daddy Brit Cowan
The Molly Maguires Colin Ryan
The New Hospital Kelsey Llewellyn
The People Team Jonathan Weisbrod, William Stribling, Russ Nickel
The Pod Diogo Beltran
THE PROGENY – “I Know Who You Saved Last Summer” (pilot) Christopher Isenegger
The Protégée Sean Fitz-Gerald
The Remaining Michael Greenwald
The Resurrectionists Jon Wierenga, Jay Thomas
The Seaward Benjamin Lewis
The Severing Ash Lazer
The Troubles Tom Kavanaugh
The Untimely Demise of that Awful David Schwartzman – Pilot “Where the *%@# is Phil?” Rudi O’Meara
The Vegetarian Zombie Jake Lynch
The Very Gay Bookstore CK Kimball
The Wild Unknown Sam Robotham
The Wrong Candidate-Pilot John Ravitz
The Year Before It All Ends Aaron Clippinger
Thick Skin Robert Axelrod
This Is My Brother Brent Minderler, Jesse James Dean
Thistle & Sage Tara Le Reynolds, Benjamin Phelps
Those People Andrew Zeoli, Christian Wagner, Greg Stevens
Threestyle Matt C. Dawson
Tiger Child Angela Cavallin Chantria Tram
Time Janitors Ryan Manns, Jocelyn Manns
Toledano Arnon Shorr
Transcendent Shadows Stephanie Brandolini
Trigger Objects Nik Perring
Two Birds Isabel Weiner
Under Developed Sabrina Lu
Under The Influence Carleigh Foutch
Unsinkable Kate Imy
Upstaged Jenna St. John
USA Jesus in Space High School Cody Peterson
Vera Shannon Brady
Water & Power Andi Delott
We’re in a Cult Drinking the Kool-Aid Greg Gleason
Wernher Jason Ward, Kevin Ward
What the Actual Shona Tuckman
When Joey Met Gemma Britt Wilkinson
White Gold Benjamin Del Vecchio, Jair Kornegay
White Rabbit Alexandra Knies
Wonder Boys Pab Sungenis
Writer’s Block Elisandro Gonzalez
X Eli Stern
You Must Be This Tall Randall Reese

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