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Diverse Voices Winners

By July 15, 2016No Comments

The mission of Diverse Voices is to provide a contest that is purely focused on promoting and encouraging diverse voices and stories. The contest's hope was to find stories that are told from perspectives – through the author and/or characters – that are often underrepresented in Hollywood today. We're so happy to say that the response to this contest was unbelievable.

This inaugural Diverse Voices contest has brought together so much amazing talent and so many incredible stories. After 4 rounds of reading, the winners of this contest stood out in every way possible – brilliant concept, complex characters, tense plots, clear vision. The winners have been exclusively announced by IndieWire:

IndieWire Diverse Voices Announcement

We also want to extend a sincere congratulations to everyone who entered and especially to our top 25 finalists. Please make sure to congratulate these writers on the Facebook announcement — they deserve it!

The Fall Season of Diverse Voices is now open! Also, don't forget to check out two of our contests currently accepting submissions – WISC, our fantastic feature contest, and WeTV, a contest specifically for TV writers.