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WeScreenplay Television Competition Semifinalists

By September 1, 2017No Comments

We're excited to announce the very talented semifinalists of the WeScreenplay Television Competition. After three reads from three different judges, these are the scripts that stood out.

The writers advancing represent approximately the top 5% of all entries — quite an accomplishment. The talent in television is growing by the day, and this year the competition was incredibly fierce. The scripts were all strong, so narrowing it down wasn't easy. We want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who entered the competition. Surely, some scripts that were cut will bring their writers success in the near future.

For those advancing, a massive congratulations. You're closer to being read by Universal and Comedy Central. Plus, our winners will be sent to managers, agents, and television producers across Hollywood. We can't wait to be a part of these writers' successes!

And now – the WeScreenplay Television Competition Semifinalists:

Bakerstreet High Pilot written by Tanny Nanda
Blood Vengeance written by Ian Murillo
Brody written by Pardeep Aujla
Chasing Colour written by Cathy Strickland
Default written by Hannah Rae Dillon
Department of Ghouls written by Jeremy Dorfman
Dosed written by Dane Phillips
End Of Life written by Sean Collins-Smith
Ernest written by Jeremy Holland
Ewe Stew written by Dorothy Irwin
Forever Alone written by Tim Marshall
Graymail written by Tiffany Ho
Guts written by Lizzie Simon
Hank & Martha In the Basement written by Kate Langsdorf
Insurrection written by Simon Bowler
Ocean's 14 Minus 8 And George Clooney written by Matt Flynn
It's Boring Being a Hitman written by T.J. Peters
Lacuna – Hanna written by Ella Roby & Zahid Gamieldien
Life Bites written by Polina Ffrantsena
Mad Like Me written by Melinda Maerker
Misadventures written by Laura Gillis
Mount Pleasant written by Cat Dale
Nobody's Perfect written by Emme Rummery
Offspring written by Melanie Schiele
On The Hudson written by Marie Robinson
Panthers written by Eric Glover
Pipe Dream written by Daniel Housman
Production Choice written by Carolyn Hoke
Punchbags written by Steven Snell
Raging Fury written by Gerard Brancato
Related written by Brandon Feldman and Ben Argon
Small Town  written by Lachlan Marks & Ella Roby
Spitfires written by Brandon and Casey Botta
Stranger in Paradise written by Michael Davis
The 2nd Law written by Kenny Heidt
The Life written by George Perez
The Wall written by Dominic Carver & Anne-Marie Caluwaert
Therapeutic written by Craig Berger
Third Day written by Melissa Wallace
Vanishing Point written by JJ Bailey
White Space  written by Christopher Thoms