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Diverse Voices Fall 2016 Winners

By January 15, 2017No Comments

Once again, thank you to everyone who entered. You've supported Books for Kids with over $3,000 this year between the two seasons of Diverse Voices; we're extremely excited to support this amazing organization. We encourage everyone to check out this program and all they're doing.

This Diverse Voices contest has brought together so much amazing talent and so many incredible stories. Last season we saw one winner signed by a fantastic management company and another option a script to a production company – we can't wait for some fantastic success stories this year as well. We also asked all of the finalists to talk about diversity in entertainment and why it is important. We've compiled some excerpts from their thoughts, and they're really powerful. Check out the post here.

And now, the fantastically talented Diverse Voices Winners:

Grand Prize

THE LAST BOOKSTORE by Brook Purdy and Colette Freedman

When the technological age has brought humanity to its brink, it is, ultimately five kids, their love and a book that can save mankind.

Feature Winner

P.O. BOX 1142 by Lillian Wang

Inspired by true historical events, this is the story of a Jewish interrogator stationed in a U.S. Nazi POW camp who learns that she must extract information from the high-ranking Nazi responsible for the death of her parents.

TV Winner

PHOENIX by Natasha M Hall

An out-of-commission forensic psychiatrist and a connection-phobic novice must work together to determine their clients' true intentions while battling their own demons.

Short Winner


A small crime creates ripple effects in a neighborhood that brings devastating consequences, pushing race relations and expectations.

Please congratulate the winners here and on the Facebook Post. They worked so hard and writers don't always get the recognition they deserve.

Also, Diverse Voices Spring 2017 is now open for submissions. As always, we'll be donating $3 for every entry to Books for Kids. If you have a script with a new and unique voice for Hollywood, we'd love to read it. Enter now!