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ANNOUNCING: Moving Forward, WeScreenplay Competitions Are All Labs!

By July 27, 2021November 16th, 2022No Comments

WeScreenplay is all about changing the game to do better by writers.

When coverage was too expensive and took weeks to receive – WeScreenplay changed the game and created affordable notes with 72 hour turn-around. When most writers were entering competitions without ever hearing from the readers — WeScreenplay flipped the script and offered free notes for EVERY entrant of EVERY competition.

And now we’ve seen that most competitions name a winner, but don’t provide the critical networking, coaching, and Industry meetings necessary to turn a contest win into career success.

So we’re doing it again! Starting in 2021, every single WeScreenplay Competition launched will culminate in a dynamic lab experience. 

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

That’s right, folks! After our wildly successful Diverse Voices Labs have helped launch dozens of careers, we decided to expand this type of programming to every WeScreenplay competition.

We know writers are tired of spending money they don’t have to submit to competitions that don’t do much for them. (Which is why we give 1 page of feedback from our paid, professional readers  to every competition entrant!) And while adding an accolade to your resume is nice, it’s too often unclear how winning screenwriting competitions help move your career forward.

We know that what is really critical to writers is the value of real life meetings, hands-on workshops, and once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunities.

The Best Lab Experience

So, what do WeScreenplay labs get you? While each lab is tailored for each competition, they include:

  • Personal connections with industry leaders
  • Getting your burning questions answered
  • Learning directly from working writers
  • Practice pitching yourself as a writer
  • Feedback
  • Peer mentorship
  • Clear next steps
  • …and more

All of these things make labs more powerful resources than just another screenwriting competition.

While writing a great script is an essential step to becoming a working writer, it’s also true that so much of Hollywood operates based on “who you know.” That’s where WeScreenplay’s labs are designed to help. We craft each lab to focus on your script format, support your career goals, and use your competition win to create opportunities for YOU. By connecting you with the industry, facilitating high-profile generals, and building community to provide opportunities to learn from one another and collaborate, WeScreenplay labs are invaluable for screenwriters looking to move the needle.

We’ll Let the Successes Do the Talking

But don’t take our word for it! Here is what some of our lab winners have to say: