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New from WeScreenplay — Script Coverage by Format!

By May 12, 2021May 13th, 2021No Comments

Since WeScreenplay launched in 2014, we’ve provided the industry’s highest quality, fastest, and most affordable feedback on screenplays. We offer pages of detailed notes on your work in just 72 hours, and we do it at a price that no one can come close to. And now, we’ve created additional format-specific feedback options to help writers even more.

We’re always working to make our offerings better. To see the changes we made to our Coverage offerings at the beginning of 2020, click here.

New Format-Specific Coverage Options

WeScreenplay has developed coverage options specific to different screenplay formats. You’ll notice some similarities and some differences with these new options — most notably, the GOAL options for our Bespoke Notes are specific to that script’s format. We know that your goal of writing a short is likely different than when you write a TV pilot. That’s why we designed custom Marketing Blueprint options that can help you with specific questions. Whatever your career goals, WeScreenplay feedback has you covered!

Take a look at the pages for our Feature, TV, and Shorts coverage.

Prices Reflective of Script Length

WeScreenplay is known for our detailed notes. But let’s be honest — no one needs 4 pages of detailed notes on a 6 page short script. That’s why we’ve broken out our coverage to be reflective of both the length of the script format and the amount of feedback received. From our lowest prices for shorts coverage to notes on every single page of your feature, WeScreenplay wants to ensure that you’re getting the most value for your money.

Readers with Specific Experience in Your Format Type

We know that some readers are Feature fanatics, while others are thrilled by TV, and still others are stirred by Shorts. That’s why WeScreenplay is now pairing our professional readers with specific format expertise to corresponding scripts. They get to read more of what they love, and you get notes from someone who can give insights that are specific to your format. It’s a Win/Win! 

The Same Great Variety

WeScreenplay now offers Classic, Bespoke, and Comprehensive notes specific to each format! On the new coverage pages, you can see exactly what the different options look like. If you’d like a refresher for what each of these offer, here it is in a nutshell:

Classic Notes

This coverage is great for new writers and anyone who needs a little help finishing or improving their draft. It includes:

  • Character, Plot, Structure, Dialogue, and Concept Analysis
  • A Pass, Consider, or Recommend rating
  • An overall impression that will highlight extra factors like voice
  • Qualitative scores to help compare your progress

Bespoke Notes

Includes everything from Classic Notes, plus a Marketing Blueprint based on 1 of 3 specific goals for each format. You choose which goal you’d like to have your reader focus on, and they’ll answer questions specific to your intention for the script.

Comprehensive Notes

Includes everything from the Classic and Bespoke packages (including the Marketing Blueprint), but it also includes a follow up question ($25 value) and something that very few script coverage packages provide: In-script notes, with specific suggestions for changes or highlighting moments that really work within your script. 

For more about the specific Classic, Bespoke, and Comprehensive offerings for each format, visit our coverage pages.

We hope you find the new options even more helpful in your writing journey. If you have any feedback or questions about our new offerings, please reach out at


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