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WeScreenplay Feature Contest Finalists

By February 17, 2017No Comments

Thank you to the nearly one thousand writers who entered The WeScreenplay Feature Contest in 2016. Your hard work, talent, and dedication to storytelling shines through in the entries we received. We're so honored to be entrusted with your work which is why every entry is read at least twice and we make all scores transparent to the writer.

This year we're advancing the top 26 entries to the Finalists round for a 5th read. If your script is advancing it means that your first four judges agreed that this is an excellent screenplay that deserves to be seen. Crafting a script that impacts so many readers is extremely impressive, and we're so excited for these writers! They're on the path toward amazing mentorships with the Director of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the VP of Development for Morgan Freeman, and a Director of Development for Brookstreet Pictures. Not only that, but we're giving away over $20,000 in cash, prizes, coverage, and more.

However, there are excellent scripts that didn't advance. Just because your script isn't on this list doesn't at all mean that our judges didn't enjoy the read – in fact, we're certain that certain scripts not advancing will bring their writer success in the very near future. Thank you for entering your script and always keep writing.

Finally – we'd like to encourage everyone to check out the Diverse Voices Competition presented by WeScreenplay. This contest's winners have signed with management companies and optioned scripts, plus $3 from every entry goes to the Books for Kids Foundation. This contest's missions is to provide a platform for promoting and encouraging diverse voices and stories.

And now, the WeScreenplay Feature Contest Finalists:

3D At The Palace written by Kent Wilson
The Grocer written by Michael Bierman
Cold Abandon written by Matthew OConnell
Red Moon written by Jesus  Celaya
Race Music written by Mark Herder
Becoming Bessie written by Paloma Martinez
The Falling written by Martin Blinder
The Lean written by Pearse Lehane
Darlings written by Aaron Yeung
Titus Maxwell's Last Case written by Brendon Slee
Shelter written by Adam Foster
The Poacher written by Travis Opgenorth
Ash Wednesday written by Michael Grogan
Caliber written by Kenlon Clark
Forged written by Kenlon Clark
Guns and Grace written by Odin Ozdil
The Last Execution written by Tom Vecchio
Diminuendo written by Paul Gross
Spoon Fed written by Nicholas Jones
Gamble written by Kyle Mumford
Mesa 1966 written by Orson Scott Card
Little Hell written by Amanda Norman
Blue Sky and I written by Dumford King
Angel Quake written by Terry Hayman
The Black Cat written by Chris Bancel
The Flower Hunter written by Danny Sheehy