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Spring 2023 Diverse Voices Semifinalists

By January 4, 2023No Comments

Thank you to all of the incredible writers who entered Diverse Voices this year! Your hard work and dedication to storytelling shines through in the entries we received.

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We are thrilled to advance entries to the Semifinalist round for another read. A huge congratulations to every writer advancing. Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on February 1st!

Without further ado, the Spring 2023 Diverse Voices Semifinalists can be found on Coverfly here or below.

After Jacob Cerina Aragones
Apocalypse On The East Side Chello C. Houston
Astro Abbie Rosenbaum
Bahar Jibran Ahmed
Bitter Jesse Hughes
Buraku Stephen Nolly
Bye Bye Body Mage Lanz
Chewed Up Danielle Monique Brown
Colorful Josiah Edwards
Crescent Sun LaDarrion Williams
Dating Emily Park Kelsey Jones
DELPHI Juli Crockett
DEStination Desmond Ngai
DO OVER Sari Earl
Don’t Tell Anyone Rena Patel
Dope Friend Matt Ferrucci
EDDIE Eddie Leavy
El Bandolero Daniel Albino
Everything in Its Right Place Williy Lau
Finding Mordechai Desmond Ngai
Invisible Jodie Anders
Mitra Pranali Kamble
No More Allies. Pierce Livingston
Picture Us in the Light Justin Brenneman
Pistol Latasha Mercer
Rise of the Hearts Antoine Bonner
Roadkill Harrison Hamm
Role: Model e.e. Thorsen
Sign Me Frankie Hilari Scarl
SIMORGH Farzin Farzam
Sweetwater Insurrection Harry Locke IV
T.R.U.T.H, Denise Jaxon
THE AGE OF DESIRE Suzanne Griffin
The Coup D’etat Leqi Kong
The Cricket Gabe Berry
The Helmsman Tod Brilliant, Dr. Sydney Savion
The Knocking at the Marsh Gina DeAngelis
The Light at the End Arun Croll
THE PARKS Grace Rowe
THE RECIPE Mac Garnant
The Rise of Zorro Jonathan Uriel Lopez Cruz
The Rival Poet Arlynda Boyer
The Seven Sutherland Sisters      Des Burnison
THE SILVIA SHOW Alfredo Rodriguez-Allen
The Village People Michael Busza
The Woman Who Knows Alicia McClendon
Thirstygirl Alexandra Qin
Tricolor Sara Bresciani
Undersurface Patrice Williams Marks
What Doesn’t Kill Me Anna Khaja
Windfall Kalena Ranoa, Jason Director
박 (Gourd) Marcus Lux

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