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Spring 2021 Diverse Voices Semifinalists

By November 15, 2020No Comments

Thank you to all of the incredible writers who entered Diverse Voices this year! Your hard work, talent, and dedication to storytelling shines through in the entries we received.

As you probably know — WeScreenplay believes that the best way for writers to grow is through feedback. That is why WeScreenplay is providing free, written feedback with every single competition entry. We are glad to hear from so many of you how helpful the notes were and excited to see WeScreenplay writers are improving all the time!

If you are interested in hearing the next time this competition opens, subscribe for updates here.

We are thrilled to advance entries to the Semifinalist round for another read. A huge congratulations to every writer advancing.

We also want to acknowledge all of the strong scripts that did not advance. If your script is not on this list, it does not at all mean that our judges didn’t enjoy the read – in fact, we’re confident some of the scripts not advancing will bring their writers success in the very near future. Thank you for entering your script and always keep writing.

Without further ado, the Spring 2021 Diverse Voices Semifinalists can be found on Coverfly here or below.

(Dis)Connected Jaime Osnato-Rosario
(UN)Claimed Carolyn Ratteray
1885 Ayra Arshad
9/22 Michelle Farley
A Christmas Cheer Clint Ford
A Revolutionary Act Lisa Russell
A Semi Serious Time Marissa Lessman
ABCD Laurie Lamson
Acid Trip Pilot Kendall Brezinski
After Saint Marks David Scala
Ain’t My Type of Hype Tanisha Lynn Jackson
Alaska Baakal Geleta
Almost There Azan Kung
Altered Shea Brunson
Alto Pictures Archer Miller
American Infamy Takeo Hori
American Psyche Richard Nguyen, Vinita Mehta
Amir Jibrael Younes
And There Is Fight… Kent Faulcon, Julie Su
Apache Street Sal Baldenegro
Aphrodite & The Apocalypse Stacie Gancayco-Adlao
Around Town Michael Choi
As You Wish Suhashini Krishnan
Astrological Kabir Chopra
At Home Marissa High
At The Displeasure Of The President Brian Cohen
Aura Yaminah Mujahid
Baabul Ronika Merl
Back to the Go-Go Travis Houze
Banana Gina Song
Barefoot in Bengal Abhi Kumar
Beards Katy Erin, Lucia Towers
Beyond the Veil Michael Mortimer
Bitsuie Brandon Bitsuie, Krystal Dominguez
Bitter Root Robert Frankel
Blind Love Tsu Shan Chambers
Blood, Sweat & Heels Ep. 1 Snow Bunny Laura Day, Arielle Rodgers, Darilyn Burtley
Blue Comedy Vincent Accettola
Blue Veil Shireen Alihaji
Body Parts Ryan Simantel
Bonejack Logan Shaw
Bright Side Maria Eliades
Bubble Trouble Derek Siow
Burn Philippe Bowgen
By the Book Noelle P Wilson
By the Code Victoria Renee Bell
Cairo Ahmed Siddiqui
Camp Brave Michael Rodriguez
Captain P.O.C. Daniel Contreras
Carpe Diem Peter Gazdag
Carpet Arms Nas Saraei
Challenger Skye Emerson
Chère Amie Rosemary Griggs
Chokepoint Tamra Teig
City Spirit Warren Clarke
Cleopatra In Rome Jon Davis
Coconut Confidential Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen
Code Switch Quamé Hamlin
Code-Switch Eric Myrick
codeswitch Sasha Kai Parker
Coexist Jude Arthur
Coming Home Corey Prince
Coney Jesse Klein
Confessions of a Las Vegas Phone Girl Aimee Adell
Cottonheads Alexandria Mitchell
Crescent Edward Worthy
Cretaceous Enigma Heather Parra
Cricket Song Evelyne Tollman-Werzowa
Crickets D Harding
Cry For Me Michael Gaty
Dai-Lo Hymnson Chan
Dark Shepherd Abraham Marcos
Dating Abril Carpio Marion
Dawn Of The Apocalypse Bret Grafton
Daydreamers Soma Helmi
Deals Monica Levy
Death Doula Gaby Purchase
Deep East Texas Rachel Liebling
Demon Chasers Barbara Good
Denham Fouts Michael Johns
Desmond and the Devil Sydney Dire
Dethroned Aleksandra Milanova
Devour Jasper Chen
Dog of War Katterina Powers
Dogfall Nifemi Madarikan
Dragonfly Barbara Ward Thall
Drama Kings Brian Ezeike
Dregs Kate Scarpetta
Ectogirls Elena Perez
El Vals (The Waltz) Alycya Magana
Elephant in a Safeway Bag Roderick Stevens
Emblems Danny Van
Emergency Break Danielle Schwartz
Enjoy Every Minute Cindy Lee
Fairy Vic Mackenzie
Fallen James Delio, Billy Mac
Family Planning Alyson Pomerantz
FET 12 Gia El Aynaoui
Fight Like A Girl Joe Villanti
First Responders Ellie Guzman
Flares Shruti Tewari
Flock Ariel Mahler, Easton Angle
Flying Bird’s Diary Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
Forever Damned Julius McCullough
Forged Patricia Prozzi
Fresh(wo)man Arianne Binette
Friar Akono Kamau
From Afar Andrew Guerrero
From Nepal, With Love Eva Acharya
Fuckboy Melisa Monts, Shereen Younes
Garfield Park Sean Farley
Gaybies Keshia Coe
GeriOsity Barbara Ward Thall
Glitter Box: Same Shit Different Show Jennifer Le Roux
Golden Age Jon Davis
Good Mother, Lavender Vine Stacey Pierce
Grad School Rejects Saurav Pattanayak
Gus Todd Bird
Happy Reparation’s Day Sharon Nash
Harrington’s Crossing Candace Patrick
He’s a Winner Warren Clarke
Heavy Flow Paige Wood
Hell’s Kitchen Jake Delaney
Hello I Must Be Going Sara Hallowell
Help UnWanted Skye Emerson
Heo Quay Tea Ho
Hey, Wait A Minute! Michael-Leon Wooley
Hijabi Nora Hawari
Hinge Kelly Turner
Hoodz Christina Brandon-Gomez
Hound Warren Jones II
How To Snatch A Crown Dan Hass
How We Roll Katey Clausen
Hustlers Anonymous Peter Gazdag
I’m With AIDS Warren Wagner
If I Didn’t Love You Melinda Maerker
Infinity Plus One Stefani Fink
Inheritance Jake Lockett, Sean Kurzweil
Into The Midnight Sun David Zuckerman
It Ain’t Over Elise D’Haene
Jade Eris Qian
Jakayla J. Gabriel Ware
Jingi Nicholas Pangilinan
Jiyan Daniela Saioni, Mazdak Taebi
Jocko Leo Finnie
Judgement House Alan R. Baxter
Judgmental Loic Pichot
Kamikaze Blue Sebastien Tobler
King of Lesotho Amadou Diallo
Koi Doua Moua
Kyle Jena Kaplaniak
La Familia Spike Morales-Westlake
La Luna Maritza Flores
Lady Reporter Michael Lucid, Michael Lannan
Leap Douglas Spaltro
Little Bit Long Way Sophia Riley Kobacker
Little India Raj Balu
Living Hell Tina Louzon
Locked From Inside Jessica Johnston
Love Always, Undying Allen Davis
M-Cap2 Sarah Granger
Made Guy Grace Foster, Christopher Vallario
Maestro Arianne Villareal
Maplecove Manor Melissa Sahagian
Michiyu Royce Wilmot
Mid-Youth Crisis Mekhai Lee
Mike & Rita Kim VanDenBerg
Miserable People Jeff Hindenach
Miss Dickpuncher Emily-Anne Mikos
Missing Mandy Jordan Lavender
Mixed Bag: The Pilot Justice Whitaker
More Or Less Glenda Braganza
Mourning After Rikki Bleiweiss
Ms.Guided Mason O’Sullivan
Murder Ballads Jennifer Dunn
Nevertown Megan Weaver
Nice to Meet Me Tyler Martin
Night Of The Purple Moon Scott Cramer
No 3 Hollythorne Cottage Denis Crampton
No Mercy Erin Williams
No Thank You Brittany Kelly
No Traveler Returns Randall Thom
Noise! Juli Del Prete
Normal Liesl Wilke
North Beach Christian Canterbury
Off Color Owen Thiele, Haley Daniels
Offstage Secrets Laurie Lamson
Omega Station Kristiana Roe, Mike Roe
On the docks Selina Akhtar
On Thin Ice Laura Ranney
One Small Visit Jo Chim
Ordinary Humankind Rishad Olpadwala
Original Tru Adam Huss
Pages From the Green Book Janae Green, Aileen Natalia
Paradis Reclaimed Becca Davis
Passionfruit Kristian Holland
Pearland James Shippy
Penitent – “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” Teresa Jusino
Philly Boys Kevin Giles
Piney Ridge La’Chris Jordan
Pink Moon Sal Bardo
Playing With Matches Dana Sutherland
Please Please Please Renee Swindle
Poe Allison Chaney
Pond Scum Sye Mac
Positive Lee Dale Winton, Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen
Pricked Jessica Jacobs
Pride Ronald McCants
Pride Patrick Sherman
Primos Scott Lopez, Jesus Jauregui
Prince of Lavendale Street Bev Chukwu
Prisoners of a Dark Night Timothy Bryan
Private Lives Cate Holahan
Pulp Tales! Daniel Contreras
Put Out This Fire Sade Corneille
Quarter-Life Antonello Velez
Quarterback Jack Steeley
Queen of Newburgh Lisa Cole, Veronica Moody
Rahul’s Arrangement Akhil Vaidya
Rebel Rebel Kirsten Chen
Rebirth Alfonso Rodriguez, Carlos Hiciano
Renaissance Kwame Granderson
Righteous  Desiree Elder
Ripple Heather Faris
Running Nina Kentsis
Saigon Song Stephane Ly-Cuong, Marie-Christine Courtes
Saving Face Jeannie Bolét
Scoundrel Amir Mosallaie
Secret Sun Christian Maxwell, James Clark
Seed of Knowledge Eleonora Mignoli
Seven Pines Germain Collinge, Lisa Antonecchia
Sham of a Marriage Audrey Knox
Silver Lining Shalishah Franklin
Society of Strays Christopher Chou Slomiak
Sojourn Christopher Murray
Sojourning Lamar Lewis
Soul to Squeeze Alex Arabian
South China Sea Yancey Wang
Spank! Rey Rinehart
St. Agnes City Michelle Hsu
St. Marie’s Brandon Hines
Star of Siam Eda Benjakul, Marisa Marchitelli
Starting Six Naomi Lambert
Steam João Dall’Stella
Stop!: A Horror Anthology Chris Wiltz
Strange Desires Doug Allen
Straw Curtis Adair, Jr.
Stray Dogs Alyse Kane Riley
Street Lights Terrence Thompson
Street Safe Briana Cox
Sunday Morning Tears Keith Zivalich
Surviving Eden Lisa Gonzales
Switch! Brent Lewis
Take Care Leah Hulgin
Take Me Home Jack Taylor Cox
Teacher’s Pests Hannah Lewis
Terminal Squad Eric Roberson
Test Kitchen Katie Melody
The Air in Verona Mick Z. Hunter
The Amen Sisterhood John Doble
The Art of Selling Yourself Gavin Cutter
The Art of Small Death Sevyn Cole
The Baby Shower Mike Peters
The Big O Rebecca Gant
The Butter Street Hitchhiker Chris Hicks
The Chocolate Kandinsky Suzanne Griffin
The Choice Image Richard Winzeler
The Cleaner Cara Loften
The Dog Pack Katy Erin
The Farrell Girl Lyndal Simpson
The Fear Lane Bachelder
The Fierce Urgency Of Now Doug DeVita
The First Martian Dani Milton
The G.O.A.T. Sid Patwa
The German King Adetokumboh M’Cormack, Matt Feit
The Golden Dragon Timothy Eng
The Grove Richard Nguyen
The Harvest Doua Moua
The Heartbreakers Club Lexi Nicholas
The horned God Alessandro Guarino
The Jewel of Africa Immanuel Dube
The Last Black Man on Earth Joseph Harold, Joel Harold
The M&M Boys Gino DeMarco
The Mama Cho Show Quincy Cho
The Nut Farm Warren Clarke
The Other Side Nonie Shiverick
The Pandora Window Ray Chambers
The Perfect Life Aladen Gulmohamad
The Queen of Night Seda Anbarci
The Real McCoy Tyler Ham Pong
The Red Fort Shyam Popat
The Rival Poet Arlynda Boyer
The Scholarship Kelvin Ho
The Show Patrick McGrath
The Song & Dance Man Alford Daley
The Step Down Reni Papananias
The Stroll Miki Mosman
The Theory of Moral Relativity Elisa Manzini
The Three of Us Janna Jilnina
The Turn Daesha Lynn
The Untamed Olga Holtz
The Waiting Room Karsyn Jarrett
The Wash Sterling Macer
The White Girl Renee Rothstein
The Wolf Spider of Seattle Gabe Braxton
There Goes The Neighborhood Asha Walker
This Is How It Ends Melia Gabriel
Those We Leave Behind Will Stewart
Those Who Wander David Neal
Through the Veil Peter Macaluso
Tierra Paz (A Pacified Land) Eugene Michael Santiago
Tiger Burning Bright Eris Qian
Timebound Gaurav Seth
To The East Ambika Subramaniam
Trokita Bernardo Duran
Troop Mulligan Betsy Morris, Venessa Solen
Two Fluid Ounces Rebecca Semik
Undertaken Jamie Severson
Unpunished Muhannad Quteish
Vindicated Victor Simone
Violet, Violet Rachel Leyco
Voice Levi Buchanan, L. Kris Gowen
Walk and Roll Lesley Hennen
Waves Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller
We Said Forever Levi Buchanan
We Were Never Meant to Survive Charlotte Daniel
Weekend at Bernie’s III Craig Miller, Pete Johnson
Well, I Guess This Is Growing Up Brian Cheng
What is Love, For the Reason I Love Daniel Fisher
Whiteness of Bones Melissa L. White
Will & Kate Daniel Grove
Window Audrey Rogers
Work the Rooms Sanjit Patel
Yogini Maria Niglio
You and (A)I Sharmini Kumar

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