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2020 WeScreenplay TV Contest Finalists

By December 15, 2020No Comments

Thank you to all of the incredible writers who entered WeScreenplay TV Contest this year! Your hard work, talent, and dedication to storytelling shines through in the entries we received.

WeScreenplay strongly believes that the best way for writers to grow is through feedback, which is why WeScreenplay provides free, written feedback with every single competition entry. We are glad to hear from so many of you how helpful the notes were! We’re always excited to see WeScreenplay writers improving their craft.

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We are thrilled to advance entries to the Finalist round for another read. A huge congratulations to every writer advancing.

We also want to acknowledge all of the strong scripts that did not advance. If your script is not on this list, it does not at all mean that our judges didn’t enjoy the read – in fact, we’re confident some of the scripts not advancing will bring their writers success in the very near future. Thank you for entering your script and as always — keep writing.

Without further ado, the 2020 WeScreenplay TV Contest Finalists can be found on Coverfly here or below.

Time Janitors Ryan Manns, Jocelyn Manns
A Guide to Good Ceasing Eric Thompson
A Little Race-Ish Ursula Taherian
After D!sney Jenny Gorelick
After School Aaron Barrocas
Alexandria Evyn Williams
All About Mimi Tyler Seecof
As Dead As It Gets Bruce Kalish , Mackenzie Kalish
Bad Hombres Filup Molina
Barbary Haley Bartels
Bedlam Holly Holstein
Black-ish: Gentrification is the new Black Angel Hobbs
Blind Mice Sal Ciolfi, Guido Cocomello
Bloodlands David Guthrie, Emma Carter
Brother, Mine Amalie Brinck
Chaos in Paradise Jay Smith
Co-Signed Tyler Coates, Jill Pangallo
Crippled Brian Kettler
Cured Calvin Perez
Deadshot Girls Heidi James
Debbie Matt Thomas
Desmond and the Devil Sydney Dire
Drug Lords Jacob Andrews
First Responders Ellie Guzman
Fort Francis Maxwell
Forward Family Tyler Ellzey
Fragrance Tanmaya Shekhar
Fräulein Schreiber’s Mixtape Nathan Dame
Game On Allison Waxman
Gold-e-Locks Tom Hartig
Golden Gate Holly Holstein
Good Housekeeping Alexandria Bigelow
Graphic Jeff Perreca
Ground Control Elvira Ibragimova
Heavy Collette Legault
Hissy Fit Laura Germano
Hole in the Donut Justin Neal
Homeboy Landis Stokes
I Need Black Friends Kelechi Urama
In the Name of Jamie Wakefield Lenny Pinna
Lottery Timothy Mason
Migrant Mothers Ashley Rebecca Farley
Monstrous Andrew McAllister, Aaron Strongoni
Must Have Accessories Shawn Dempewolff
Nightingale Dhruv Kanungo
No Quarter Travis Kehoe
Not Dead Yet Leah Bognanni
Nudge David Crosman
Paradis Reclaimed Becca Davis
Just Tattoo of Us Annaliese Eisenstadt
Phojo N.P. Kuiper
Quash John McCarney
Rangers Timothy Mason
Royal Flush Rob Mellinger
Salvador Dolly Brandon Burkhart
She Rides in the Smoking Car Barbara Nunberg
Sherwood Evan Dwyer
Shift Michael Riesen
South China Sea Yancey Wang
Special Toys Benjamin Lewis
Squad Tevin Knight
Sun Woman, Moon Man Lyndal Simpson
Telemedicine Patrick Tierney
The Academy Brit Cowan
The Brothers Sun Byron Wu
The Gravity Well Tom Fisher
The Long Con Alex Ovadal
The Mad Queen – “No One Trusts A Traitor” Cindy Matta
The Memoir Elissa Aron
The Rez Danielle Stratton
The Scumbags of ’83 Alex Estrada, John Sartori
The Unit Finola Waller
The Unordinary Justin McLachlan
They Listen Debora Bottino
Through Violet Eyes Stephen Woodworth
Token Idiots Matthew Lutz
Union Made Rikki Bleiweiss
Unlimited Breadsticks Erica Lane
Voice of America Adam Klugman
Walk and Roll Lesley Hennen
Welcome to 2025 T.J. Peters
Wing Night Saj Pothiawala
Worst Case Scenario Raymond Ford
Wrestlers Ryan Wolin
You Can’t Win Danny Bernardo

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