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Announcing the 2018 WeScreenplay Television Winners

By November 16, 2018January 14th, 2020No Comments

Thank you to all the talented writers who submitted to the 2018 WeScreenplay Television Competition. We received over 1,000 entries that made us laugh, cry, and read on the edge of our seats. Most importantly, so many of these projects had such important messages about the world and the human condition.

We want to send a special congratulations to all of the finalists. Whether your script was chosen as a winner or not, you should know that the judges and jury were blown away by the quality of the writing.

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After at least 5 reads from our readers, the top scripts were read by our incredible industry jury that included:

Daniel Wolfberg at Comedy Central

Jen Ray at Heroes and Villains Entertainment

Ian Morrow at MANAGE-MENT

And our jury has chosen the winners for this year. Past winners have gone on to sign with managers and staff on shows, and so without further ado, The 2018 WeScreenplay Television Competition Winners:

One-Hour Category

Honorable Mention


At the start of World War II, decades before he created gadgets for James Bond, a young mechanical engineer is unwillingly recruited into Britain’s first secret agency, solely created to disrupt the Nazi war machine and assassinate Adolph Hitler.

Third Place Winner


After becoming an enemy of the Syrian government for treating Aleppo war victims, a former medical student seeks asylum in the United States. Risking her future, she treats undocumented immigrants and others who need care while struggling to outrun her past and avoid attracting the attention of the law.

Second Place Winner

H8 by Faisal Azam and Erica Velis

When minority children start going missing in a small Southern town, two exceptional FBI agents with colliding world-views are called in to investigate. What they uncover reveals the heart of hatred in America and a vast, sinister conspiracy.

Grand Prize Winner

RUST by Justin Moran

While trying to scrape a living in the asteroid belt, the members of a mining ship pick up a survivor from an old shipwreck, which launches them into a world of bounty hunters and a mammoth mining conglomerate.

One member of the jury described this script as, “Uniquely original, exciting, vivid, and contemplative all at the same time.” A massive congratulations to Justin and all of the winners!

Half-Hour Category

Honorable Mention

SUPER DRUNK GIRL by Julia Wackenheim-Gimple and Ryan Gowland

Stacey, a photographer stuck in a dead-end job, starts to realize that something life-changing is happening during her late-night partying.

Third Place Winner

YOU ARE SPECIAL by Jess Hendel

An awkward loner teams up with her rock star neighbor to pursue her dreams—and save both of their lives. 

Second Place Winner


After losing their owner, Sprinkles and Buttons must roam the unforgiving world on a perilous journey back to their home.

Grand Prize Winner

GUTS ‘N’ GLORY by Kat Sieniuc

Just when a successful female lawyer wins a controversial sexual assault case and poises herself to become the next attorney general of New York, she faces a showdown with the only legal mind who could tear her down and ruin her aspirations: a legendary attorney who also happens to be her estranged mother. 

One member of the jury said, “This is a compelling, well-paced, relevant script with strong characters and extremely sharp dialogue.” A massive congratulations to Kat and all of the winners!

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