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WeScreenplay 2017 Short Semi Finalists

By April 20, 2017No Comments

Thank you to all of the writers who entered the WeScreenplay Shorts Contest. Your hard work, talent, and dedication to storytelling shines through in the entries we received. We're so honored to be entrusted with your work which is why every entry is read at least twice and we make all scores transparent to the writer. Reading everyone in the Quarter-Finalists was so exciting, but will also make it very difficult to narrow down.

This year we're advancing the top 38 entries to the Semis round for a 4th read. If your script is advancing it means that your first three judges agreed that this is an excellent screenplay that deserves to be produced – we can't wait to award our $10,000 production grant. Crafting a script that impacts multiple readers is a very impressive task, and we're so excited for these writers!

However, there are excellent scripts that didn't advance. Just because your script isn't on this list doesn't at all mean that our judges didn't enjoy the read – in fact, we're certain that certain scripts not advancing will bring their writer success in the very near future. Thank you for entering your script and always keep writing.

And now, the WeScreenplay Short Contest Semi-Finalists:

Ava Swanson is Dead written by Colin Korbelas
Bailey Makes Three written by Chris Courtney Martin
Before Dishonor written by Travis Opgenorth
Black Doves written by Jonathan Machado
Body Blows written by Colin Scott
Borders of the Imagination written by Benjamin Friedman
Conviction written by Anju Andre-Bergmann
Cul An Ti (The Back Of The House) written by Emma Pyne
Death & the Widow written by Gregory Fishwick
Don't Let The Monster Out written by Josh A. Edgerton
Emily written by Kristi Simkins
Ewe Stew written by Dorothy Irwin
Fade To Red written by Tom Radovich
Feel No Evil written by Rebecca Benzell
Final Determination written by Miranda Wilson
Flop written by Nick Coleman
Ghosts of Sable Valley written by John Broadhead
Head in the Clouds written by Josh McDonald
Holding On written by Alex Jones
In The Silence written by Kristi Simkins
Interference written by Robin Rose Singer
Isle written by Lyndsay Doyle
It It Happens Again I'll Kill You written by Lisa Jay
It's… written by Nelson Torres
Medicine Show Blues written by Jeffrey Howe
My Stardust written by J. J.  Hillard
Red Line written by Salieu Lamin-Sidique
Riverment written by Shayla Spann
Season of Sacrifice  written by Nicholas Jones
Shopping written by David Gilbert
The Caller written by Kristel Taylor
The Fucking Tree written by Andrew Wood
The Grim Story of Maus, Byrd, and When the Thing Got Wurst written by Thaddeus Awotunde
The Illusion of Pain written by Carroll Brown
The Light written by Alan Brooks
The Secret Club written by Kelly Lamphear-Dash
Thirteen Is Just A Number written by Sean Bode
Twinkie written by Mary Westcott