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Writing the Wider Human Experience

By January 13, 2017No Comments

At WeScreenplay we strongly believe that stories from all different perspectives, worlds, and walks of life are important. The world is becoming more and more global and Hollywood should be reflecting that. Encouraging all voices to be expressed in film is the core mission of Diverse Voices.

We asked all our finalists about their unique voice and why diversity in entertainment is important to them. We had some amazing, insightful, and powerful responses and we want to share a few (witht their permission) here:

As a writer on the wrong side of forty, I hope to leverage my life experiences and writing odyssey to compel Hollywood to consider diverse storytelling that is both commercially viable and socially impactful. Call me an idealist, but I believe that it is indeed possible to entertain while edifying, to engross while changing the culture. Accepting diversity means embracing inclusion, and if ever our nation needed to do both, it is now.

My stepson has advanced Muscular Dystrophy. His bravery taught me he is not a victim. Likewise, MD afflicts the title character in [my script], yet he chooses to not be a victim … and learns something even more valuable in the process: Physical handicaps can't be erased – and some can't even be contained. But there are other, more destructive handicaps we inflict upon ourselves.

Growing up, my mom would often say "as a black woman, you have two strikes against you, so remember Chloe you need to work three times as hard for what they got.” Embracing my diversity allows me to craft complex characters in unusual worlds.

I’m thankful [that a] writer created a queer role so unapologetic that it compelled my father and I to react. As invisible as I felt in the back of that van, a playwright had shown me I wasn’t.

While there is a long history in American cinema of films with Native American characters, these are often played out as sidekicks, aggressors, or victims. They may contribute wise advice, stellar fighting skills, or opportunities for political debate but they are almost never the central hero/heroine with a compelling narrative.

I know what it’s like to have a belief system shattered, to rebuild a worldview, and to self-determine a faith in myself.  This script provided me the opportunity to prove that my voice is worth hearing, that my self-destruction has led to self-creation, and that my personal brand of crazy is the mutation necessary to survive in this industry

Because essentially, we all share the same basic needs and desires regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or orientation.

We want to thank all the writers who submitted this season. Your scripts were incredible – touching, funny, unique, bold, and so much more. We're very excited to announce the winners in a few days, but want to highlight everyone for your push toward telling stories about the wider human experience.