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Announcing the Diverse Voices Fall 2018 Finalists

By December 15, 2018May 16th, 2019No Comments

Thank you to all of the fantastic writers who entered. Together, we raised $2,874 for the ARRAY! Founded by Ava DuVernay, Array’s work is dedicated to the amplification of independent films by people of color and women filmmakers globally. Since Diverse Voices has launched in 2016 we’ve raised $15,000 for charity.

We’re thrilled with the finalist scripts advancing — the stories have made our judges laugh and cry and gasp. A sincere congratulations to these writers. If you are advancing it means that after three reads, your judges agreed that this is a stand out story that needs to be told.

There were also so many talented writers who did not advance. The competition was fierce and just because a project may not have advanced doesn’t at all mean that it isn’t a fantastic story. Even if you didn’t advance, know that making the semifinals speaks to your strength as a writer.

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And now, the Diverse Voices Finalist:

1% Happy written by Dani Fernandez
A Little Too Broken written by Brad Vance
A Town Called Eden written by Amechi Ngwe, Nnamdi Ngwe
APACHE  written by Cameron Barsanti
Between Two Worlds written by Aimee Dansereau
Beyond The Bench written by Georgette Long
Brute written by Charlie Tidmas
Bull Comb Blues written by David Warnock
BURNER written by Mukilan Thangamani
By the Hands of Wally Vine written by David Warnock
Castle Island a/k/a Southie – “Sins of Our Fathers” written by Marie Flaherty
Confessions of a Las Vegas Phone Girl  written by Aimee Adell Johnson
Converted written by Dana Quercioli
D.B. Cooper and the Last American Mystery written by Colleen Butler
DAUGHTERS written by Shannan E. Johnson
Days of Infamy – Pilot  written by Saiya Floyd
El Punk written by Tony Cammarata
FLOWERFIELD written by Mukilan Thangamani
FREEDMAN Pilot written by Bryan Frank
Gyopo written by Christina Ye Rim Jun
H8 written by Faisal Azam
I’M WITH AIDS written by Warren Wagner
Immigrant Son written by D. Wilmos Paul
Insurrection written by simon Bowler
Jaggers written by Greg Nye
La Pared written by Gabriel Vallejo
Lady Killer written by Ali MacLean
Life After written by Emily Harper
Little Girls: One Hour Series written by Elton Loud
MOTHER NATURE: FLOOD written by E. Napoletano
Mother Tucker written by Steve Holbert
NATURAL DISASTER written by Warren Drummond, Lawrence Christmas
North Amerikay written by Elizabeth Dwyer
North Star written by P.J. Palmer
On Probation written by Sergio Cámara
OUTSIDE THE WIRE written by Valerie Brotski
People Of The Dawn written by Kathleen Caslin
Plan C written by David Ngo
ProcrastinAsian written by Pauline Yasuda
Pulpo Paul written by Rebeca Melara
SHANDA written by Jillian Lauren
Starchart written by Gino DeMarco
The Countess written by Irina Rodriguez
The G.O.A.T. written by Sid Grey
The Girls On Madison written by Annabel Haddad
The Gospel of Zoe written by Ruthie Prillaman
The Last Librarian in Raqqa written by Laila Ujayli
The Last Wild Indian written by Heather Ragsdale
The Manifestation written by Alexander Rose
The Operator – WeScreenplay Diverse written by Huey Pham, Jessica Petrucci
The Out Crowd written by Brittany Ashley
The Queen Of Caspary written by Laura Solow
The Way We Look at Horses written by Meghan K. Lees
Things That Fall written by Sy Huq
Where the Ground Touches the Sky written by Brittney McCallum
With A Gentleman written by Lizzie Hartree
Word Over Word written by Tonia Davidson
You Are Here written by Katie McMillan

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Congrats to all these fantastic writers! All placements have been updated on Coverfly.