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By June 4, 2020June 21st, 2020No Comments

The events of the last few weeks have created a massive wave of open conversations, broadening perspectives, calls to action and to education, and have put the spotlight on the ongoing racial inequalities that permeate American society.

A conversation that has been reinvigorated in Hollywood is addressing the disproportionately low numbers of minority working in TV and feature writing. According to the WGA West Inclusion Report of 2020, while POC make up 40% of the US population, only 20% of working screenwriters are POC, and an even lower percent are showrunners.

Over the last several days, we’ve seen a slew of writers, executives, and showrunners offering to read or boost the work of Black writers, and I’ve listed the ones we know about below. WeScreenplay will continue retweeting opportunities like this from our Twitter account – please let us know of others we might have missed! *Note – these are not affiliated with WeScreenplay – click through the photo in order to connect directly with the person offering.

  1. This open group for writer accountability will be highlighting creative projects from Black writers for all of June!
  2. Here is an entire collection of writers/producers/executives/managers committed to reading both Pre-WGA and WGA writers  –
  3. Get read by Sheryl J. Anderson, showrunner of SWEET MAGNOLIAS  –
  4. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Co-Producer and TV writer is offering long-term mentorship  –
  5. Add your work to this thread for the opportunity to find mentorship –
  6. Do you write animation? Get notes from a working TV writer! –
  7. This Development Exec at Paul Feig’s company is offering to read!  –
  8. This TV writer is reading and boosting Black writers’ work! –
  9. Sign up to get free feedback! –
  10. If you’re a newer writer or college student, this reader is offering to give notes for free! –

I hope writers are able to get scripts read, questions answered, and are given opportunities that will help you break into the industry!

*EDIT – Since this article was posted, another major opportunity is making the rounds on social media – attend a free webinar on Sunday, June 14th at 3pm PST to participate!

I also wanted to put on your radar that our next round of the Diverse Voices Lab is opening for submissions on July 15 and WeScreenplay is offering 150 free entries for people of color. Availability is on a first-come basis. Writers can sign up for their free voucher here.

And of course, don’t miss these upcoming studio fellowship deadlines: 

  1. Nickelodeon Writing Program – opens on July 1st! 
  2. Walt Disney TV Writing Program – due Tuesday, June 30th by 11:59 PST (previously June 5th)

Happy writing, everyone!


Sarah J. Eagen is a comedy/dramedy writer and actor based in Los Angeles who is a member of the WeScreenplay team working to support writers. She was recently staffed on the sci fi audio drama anthology The Veil from Voxx Studios, was a 2019 Semifinalist for the Humanitas NEW VOICES program, and she appeared on The Big Bang Theory (see Mom, I am using my Neuroscience degree!). You can learn more on her website or get in touch with her on Twitter!

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