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The Jury

Dave Green, Director of Earth to Echo and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, which hit theatres in summer 2016. His advice and insight as a visual director will be invaluable to writers of all genres.

Juliet Berman, is a Creative Executive at Treehouse Pictures (ALL IS LOST, THAT AWKWARD MOMENT). From award-winning dramas to star-studded comedies, Juliet has worked on a wide range of feature films and knows the industry from the indie-level all the way up to studio films.

Le’Ander Nicholson is a literary manager at BelieveLand who signed the 2016 winner Kenlon Clarke. He specializes in developing writers and has a broad network across the industry having worked for production companies and top 5 Hollywood agencies.

Melissa Azizi is an executive at Pretty Pictures (THE DANISH GIRL, KINSEY). Melissa has worked as an executive in the industry for years and is now branching out to produce and develop films of her own.

Six Rounds of Scoring

Guaranteed Reads

Every submission will get at least two rounds of reads, with finalists getting up to six.

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Every score you receive from judges will be available by logging into WeScreenplay.

Judge's Notes for Finalists

The Top 25 will receive 1-2 pages of notes on their script, in addition to any notes or coverage purchased during entry.

About the Contest

The WeScreenplay Feature Screenwriting Competition is about providing screenwriters exposure to get their stories told. Only feature scripts are accepted. There are over $20,000 in prizes and the top three winners will be promoted across several platforms.


Grand Prize - $3,950 ($1,000 in cash, $2,500 in prizes) + Mentorships + Distribution
2nd Place - $1,560 in prizes + Distribution
3rd Place - $1,150 in prizes + Distribution
4th and 5th - $630 in prizes each
Finalists (Top 25) - $550 in prizes each

Deadlines and Fees

Regular - October 20th, 2017 - $49
Late - November 17th, 2017 - $59
Final - December 15th, 2017 - $69


Quarterfinalists - January 12th, 2018
Semifinalists - February 2nd, 2018
Finalists - February 23rd, 2018
Winners - March 30th, 2018

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Get additional feedback

WeScreenplay is an industry leader in writer feedback, providing thorough and affordable script coverage to writers around the world. For an additional fee, you can upgrade your contest submission and receive additional feedback on your screenplay. The additional feedback is returned to the writer within 3 weeks.

Judges' Notes

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Add 1-2 pages of a judge's thoughts and notes for just $39.

Basic Coverage

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5 pages of detailed notes, including Character, Plot, Structure, Dialogue, and Concept Analysis
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Full Coverage

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Everything from the Basic Coverage plus a 3-4 page synopsis to show how your plot points are perceived and more.
Normally a $99 value!

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Standard Entry


+ Judges' Notes

add $39

+ Basic Coverage

add $49

+ Full Coverage

add $79

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