The Diverse Voices Fall 2016 Semi-Finalists
By WeScreenplay, 11/16/2016

Before we announce the semi-finalist, we're very excited to announce that Diverse Voices and WeScreenplay raised $1,533 for the Books for Kids Foundation!  Thank you to everyone who entered for helping this cause; we're extremely excited to support this amazing organization. We encourage everyone to check out this program and all they're doing.

The mission of Diverse Voices is to provide a contest that is purely focused on promoting and encouraging diverse voices and stories. The contest's hope was to find stories that are told from perspectives – through the author and/or characters – that are often underrepresented in Hollywood today. We're so happy to say that once again the response to this contest was unbelievable.

This Diverse Voices contest has brought together so much amazing talent and so many incredible stories that we've increased the size of our semi-finalist group to 120 scripts, because it was impossible to cut down the list any further. However, there were still so many extremely talented writers who did not advance. The competition was fierce and just because a project may not have advanced doesn't at all mean that it isn't a fantastic story. In fact, we're certain that some scripts not advancing will bring their writer success in the very near future.

We also want to extend a sincere congratulations to everyone advancing. If you are advancing it means that after two reads, your judges agreed that this is a stand out story that needs to be told. Please make sure to congratulate these writers on the Facebook announcement -- they deserve it!

And now, the Diverse Voices Semi-Finalists:

'Til We Meet Again written by Russell Chan
Freeman written by Brian Mcdonald
The Rise and Fall of Robert Johnson written by Jeffrey Abelson
America 1979 written by Lila Yomtoob
American Jesus written by Monis Rose
And They Call Us Bananas written by Nikhail Asnani
Angel on the Wall written by Lynn Esta Goldman
Arthur and Samson written by Jeza Belle
Audra-Ann written by Todd Rhys-roosevelt
B.F.E. written by Chad Alexander
Bad Deeds written by Barbara Soares
Believer written by Justin Green
Bird Brain written by Barbara Albers Jackson
Black Star written by Eric Glover
Bluebirds written by Simon Wilkinson
Carjacked written by Quincy Ndekwe
Chamber Music written by Jackie Thornton
CITIZEN ROSE written by Anne Kruse
COOLER HEADS: Pilot written by Dave Chan
Coping With You written by Jen Troy
Creed of the Crook written by Alexander Fraser
Cult of the Tiger Mom written by Shawn Chou
Cursed written by Britannic Zane
Darling written by Lea McCormick
Division One written by Ken Giavara
Don't Look Away written by Lisa Gonzales
Donald's Block Party written by Matt Rhoden
DORY MOON written by Vivian Celeste Wenzel
Double Play written by Jacqueline Bircher
Egbert written by Paul Mahoney
El Viaje written by Donna Bellorado
Evangeline written by Elizabeth J. Musgrave
EZEKIEL SCROOGE: An American Christmas Carol written by Bob Canning
Fallout written by Bronwen Clark
False Face Society written by Myriam  Nafte
Fighting Johnny O'Brian written by terry lynam
FLY! written by Dave Chan
For What It's Worth written by Charlotte Cameron
Generational Curses written by Kenya Branch
GILFs written by Kristen Bartlett
GLIMPSE written by Glenn Acosta
Glitches written by Kelly Byrnes
Going written by Brian O'Donnell
Going written by Brian O'Donnell
Guardians of the Damned written by Natasha Hall
Guns and Grace written by Odin Ozdil
Heidegger in Ruins written by Jeffrey van Davis
Hick written by Marianna Moneymaker
Home written by Gabriele Toresani
Immaculate Pilot written by Colleen Scriven
In A Flash written by Michael Peterson
In One Split Second written by Chloe  Owens
Inked In Blood written by Paul Corricelli
Insurrection written by simon bowler
Jackalope written by Steven Lankenau
Kight Hood written by megan metzger
LARPING written by Josh Bartolome
LEAP written by Doreene Hamilton
Lies Jake Ryan Told Me written by Jennifer Jackson
Like and Death written by Russell Nichols
Little Hell written by Amanda Norman
Log written by Alison Parker
Love, Pandora written by Elizabeth Dwyer Sandlin
Luna Falling written by Carl Pettit
Male Delivery written by Paul  penley
Masks On written by Keren Hantman
MATTIE MOON written by Cheryll Crane
May Days written by Kay Zimmer
Mercy written by Amanda Norman
Metal Girl written by Judy Sandra
Neighborhood of the Gods written by Sahar Nikakhtar
Never Leave Your Vehicle written by Paul Clarke
Ollie written by Jim Corona
P.O. Box 1142 written by Lillian  Wang
Persuasion written by Susan Hippen
Phoenix written by Natasha Hall
Pissy Pussies written by Anna Alaimo
Portalgate written by Ella Roby & Zahid Gamieldien
Queer Tales written by Daryl Busby
Red Velvet written by Tom Radovich
Release written by Stacie Shellner
Rico Como Julio Lobo – Rich Like Julio Lobo written by Gianpaolo Pietri
Roman Nights written by sudanya kirk
Rough Trade written by Howard Casner
Run! Run!  Run! - The Lives of Abbie Hoffman written by Michael J Shapiro
Saint Chloe written by Stacie Shellner
Section 504 written by Melissa Emery
She Changes Everything written by Sue Marlan
Sister-Hood written by Shelley Krawchuk
So You Want to be Korean written by Joy Regullano
Social Work written by Nancy Nyman
Station 96 written by Kat Hudgens
Strange Bouquet written by Nandita Ghose
Sweet Dreams written by Dianne Janis
The (Beautiful) Game written by Chloe Weinberg
The Art Of Color written by Bossou Twa Kòn
The Art of Death written by Jade Syed-Bokhari
The Bella-Donna written by Anthony Leone
The Borderlands - Pilot written by Kathryn Shaw
The Captain written by Marcy Kelly
The Declaration written by Josh Bradley
The Experiment written by Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel
The Factory written by Jon Davis
The G.O.A.T. written by Sid Grey
The Game-Changer written by Patrick Sherman
The Johnson Mash written by Sid Grey
The Last Bookstore written by Brooke Purdy & Colette Freedman
The Lazarus Effect written by Graham Parke
The Lean written by Pearse Lehane
The Living Water written by Romeo Ciolfi
The Old States written by Lain Kienzle
The Pink House written by Trish MacEnulty
The Poacher written by Travis Opgenorth
The Reckoning of Billy Barnes written by Jeffrey Cotton
The Sacrifice written by Sherilyn Watkins
The Stone Puppeteer written by Ben Orlando
The Stuff of Us written by Anna Alaimo
The Unveiling  written by LaDarrion Williams
Tipping Point written by ALAN PORTER
Titus Maxwell's Last Case written by Brendon Slee
Uptown and Downbeat written by Denise Meyers
Viva Los Muertos  written by Michael  Rodriguez
Wake Up Call written by ALAN PORTER
Wayfaring Stranger written by Stephen McLean
White Like Me written by Rudy Salo
Wilma Deals written by Virginia Shaffer
Wraith written by Eric Obame
Xavier's Folly written by Tom Seidman
XXXposing Ruth written by Elizabeth J. Musgrave
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