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Diverse Voices Fall 2017 Semifinalists

By November 15, 2017December 6th, 2017No Comments

The mission of Diverse Voices is to provide a contest that is purely focused on promoting and encouraging diverse voices and stories. The contest’s hope is to find stories that are told from perspectives – through the author and/or characters – that are often underrepresented in Hollywood today. We’re so happy to say that once again the response to this contest was unbelievable.

This Diverse Voices contest has brought together so much amazing talent and so many incredible stories that we’ve increased the size of our semi-finalist group to 140 scripts, because it was impossible to cut down the list any further. However, there were still so many extremely talented writers who did not advance. The competition was fierce and just because a project may not have advanced doesn’t at all mean that it isn’t a fantastic story. In fact, we’re certain that some scripts not advancing will bring their writer success in the very near future.

We also want to extend a sincere congratulations to everyone advancing. If you are advancing it means that after two reads, your judges agreed that this is a stand out story that needs to be told.

And now, the Diverse Voices Semifinalists:


Alex Reid The King’s Crossroads
Alvin Chua Polycarp’s Place
Amanda Bermudez The Face of the Earth
Amanda Keener Patchwork
Ann Rosen Mother Tongue
Arla Bowers White Coyote
Ashley Ohana Watershed
Bandar Albuliwi A Brotherhood
Beth  Curry Moonflower
Bo Shim Enfect
Brad Vance A Little Too Broken
Candela Echenique Children of Pan
Carol Kalusek Bernie’s Wish
Christine Inserra Loving Out Loud
Cindy Kitagawa Hielera
Colin Campbell The Sound Of Fear
Dani Milton Trinn Begins
David Lykes Keenan Crossing The Cowhouse
Davina Kotulski Behind Barbed Eyes
Dennis  Escobedo Advice for Teenage Outcasts
Dorothy Kozak The Laundromat (“La Lavandaria”)
Dr. Stephen Curran The Music Box
Edith Cheng Dark-Skinned Girls
Eileen McAuley The Hunt
Erica Tachoir Scattering Jake
Erik Miguel Gervais American Folklore: A Midwife’s Tale
Gemal Woods Knife to a Gunfight Script
Gil Hizon Run to Your Soul
Goldie Jones Lenore
Harrison Fowler High School Loser
Holly Sereni Molokai Channel
James Craig In Hell Before Night
Jesus Celaya Chico Grande
Jillian Lauren The Great Pretenders
John Pisano-Thomsen Pride & President
Jonas Tintenseher Sylvie Supernova Forever!
Jordan Dale Wrath of Angels
Josephine Bezzina From God And Family I Descend
Joshua Bartolome The Crossing
Karolyn Carnie Gold Medal Domination
Kathie Scholl Reckless Notion 99
Kathleen Rakela Rise
Katterina Powers A Better Place
Kelli McNeil Daruma
Kevin Karp Touch the Fire
Khalil Sullins The Disease
Kiki Shaw Burt’s Wormhole
Linsen Oyosa The Rogue Assassin
Ludvig Wiegner Hussy Among the Lost Girls
Lukas Hassel Silhouette
Lynn Esta Goldman On the Wing
Mads Feldballe Judy
Marc Moody Rumspringa
Matt Clemons Dirty Back Road
Matt Williams, Andrew Griffiths Dannemora
Melanie Martinez Sunny Gardens
Melissa Emery Cowboy Bob
Michael Barnard Everybody Says Goodbye: The Story of a Father and Son
Michael Choi Estevan the Black
Michael Kenney, Diane  Burrell Hot Rod Monsters
Nancy Frazen Welcome to the Real World
Patrick Byrne The 405
Paul Clarke Leaky
Pearse Lehane The Lean
Pedro  Fernandez Californio 
Phineas Fiske The Pysanky Connection
Quincy Ledbetter Alieu the Dreamer
Rachana suri Dukkha
Raymond Anderson Centenarian’s Birthday Party
Rebecca McElroy Absolute Priority
Ren Hanami Ninja Mom
Robert Axelrod Hopeful Soul
Robin Smith Elote
Roderick Stevens River
Ruben Bush III
SCOTT LIAPIS Hunters Pointe
Shay Ball Cherry Hill Blues
Shupiwe Suffolk Copper Bullets
Siovonne Smith The Polish Medallion
Sojean Peou Catfish and the Crabs
Suzanne Guacci T-11 Incomplete
Tom Nolan Mr. Big Hero
Toni Ann Johnson Gramercy Park
Viv Mansueter Best Self
Wade Wofford Urban Ed
Waylon Baker Puppy Play
Wendy Melchior Brown
William Gammon Ghost Writer
Winnie Khaw Dream Rehearsal
Yvonne Paulin 13 Minutes
Zachary Clark Little Warrior of Manzanar


Alexander Major Buffalo Nation
Bethan Marlow The Fence
Brandon Botta & Casey Tollett Botta Spitfires
Capucine Berney Hazmat
Cara Winter Evolution 
Carlos  de los Angeles Dreams…in the Key of C
Chris Taylor The Flying Dutchman
Chris Crane Division I
Chris Phillips A Consuming Fire
Christine Shin Transcendence
David Sullivan Devil River
Deron Albright Molineaux
Ehsan Knopf Witness
George Perez The Life Episode: “Another Day in The Life”
Hank Isaac Kyla’s War Episode: “Snow Angels”
Jace Lacob Connection
Klaudia Morawa, Bradley Carter Black and Blonde
Kristen Twomey Blue Lace
L.M. Harter Lavender Panthers
LeAnn Erickson & Seabright McCabe Top Secret Rosies Episode: “Pilot”
Leslie Linder Boston Marriag Episode: “Rallying Cry”
Lora-Ellen McKinney Old Lady Dilemmas Episode “Vaginas”
Michael Lee The Natives
Nkosi White The 51st State
Oliver White Bars
Onil Lad Ubiquitous 1.0 Episode: “Karmic Slip”
Richard Sharrah Creator of Chaos
Rickie Castaneda Welcome to Storyville
Saiya Floyd Days of Infamy Episode: “Pilot”
Stephanie Arapian Waystation
Victoria Grace Walden The Prophet


Alana Branch Private
Brittany Worthington Mark Time
Dwayne Conyers Sandwich Man
Ellen Gerstein The Adventures of Ronald and Edgar
Eudie Pak Phineas
Kelsey Cressman Holier Than Thou
Meg Favreau The Value Shopping Network
Sasha Feiler Bitches in Season
Tiffany  Bratcher Syd


Corey O’Connell The Other One
Gretl Claggett Stormchaser
Jaclyn Powell The Last Shred of Daylight
Jamel Northern Midnight
Jonny Pasvolsky A View From The Sea
Kaz Cai She Who Rises From the Ashes
Lillian Lu Great Minds
Rachel Troche Newsworthy
Sam Henderson & Ryan Romine Con Alma