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Our script coverage starts at $69 with just a 72-hour turnaround--unparalleled by competitors.

Fast, reliable turnaround time

We'll have your coverage back to you within 72 hours (or less than 24 hours for an additional fee), even on weekends. Most of our competitors, on the other hand, take at least a few weeks. Our proprietary platform, built by a team of software engineers over the course of several years, enables us to distribute incoming scripts to readers quickly and efficiently, and we pass the time savings on to you.


Quality, detailed notes

Our coverage isn't just two pages doubled spaced. You get pages of detailed notes on character, plot, structure, marketability, and other elements from professional readers who are decked with experience in the industry and really know their stuff. The quality of our coverage is the single most important thing to us--check out the numerous testimonials below attesting to the strength of our coverage and our fast, helpful customer service.


Great prices. Your money goes to the reader.

It's hard to find (read: impossible) anyone else in the industry that can match our prices, let alone our turnaround time and quality. We were founded by writers, for writers, so we understand that affordable, detailed feedback on your screenplay is of the utmost importance, whether you're a screenwriter just starting off or you're a production company evaluating hundreds of scripts. Thanks to the technology we've built that's more akin to that of a Silicon Valley startup than your run-of-the-mill script coverage company, when you purchase coverage through us, more of your money is going to the reader, not some administrative middleman.


Prices so good, it seems like magic.

All coverage packages include a 72-hour turnaround time at no additional charge.

$ 69
Basic Coverage
5 pages of detailed notes
Character, Plot, Structure, Dialogue, and Concept Analysis
A Pass, Consider, or Recommend rating
An overall impression that will highlight extra factors like voice
A score from 1-10 so you can compare progress within ratings
72 hour turnaround time
$ 199
Premium Coverage
Everything from the full package plus...
In PDF notes on every page
Specific suggestions for detailed changes in your script
Dialogue, slugline, and action recommendations on the PDF
Included follow-up questions (normally $25)
72 hour turnaround time

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