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Some people want pats-on-the-back or for someone to tell them how good their work is, I needed someone to kick me square in the balls and give me an honest critique. I had others read my stuff but I got nowhere near the feedback you provided. I would say I got more than I expected and that’s a great thing.
Writer of O, INC.
Fantastic, great turnaround! The best I've had yet and the price was right on the money. The service was great and the notes were very helpful - more so than the Tracking Board coverage I purchased for the same script.

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Our script coverage starts at $65 per script, the most affordable in the industry.


Our coverage isn't just three pages doubled spaced. You get pages of detailed notes on character, plot, structure, and other elements that sell screenplays.



Our analysts get your coverage back to you within 72 hours, even on weekends. You spend less time waiting and more time writing.